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  1. Very good jgood very good

  2. Delays Posted: 08/05/2013 8:09PM Due to signal problems at Cortlandt St, northbound trains are running with delays. Allow additional travel time. Service Change Posted: 08/05/2013 6:00PM Due to signal problems at 42 St-Grand Central, some northbound trains are running on the line from Nevins St to 149 St-Grand Concourse. Allow additional travel time.
  3. Guess I better be more focused on what I post.... 18 St 96 St Brooklyn Bridge Woodlawn Sorry about that!
  4. I know this is a stupid question but what are the names of the Tunnels that the use to get into/from Manhattan into/from Brooklyn?
  5. Alright Guess I Go, Brooklyn Bridge City Hall 18 St Woodlawn 96 St Which one doesn't belong?
  6. Is it Just me , or is the MTA Starting to Lose Its Ridership? Example: Montage Tubes Closed , MTA Loses Ridership On and get more Ridership on Buses which causes long wait times , crowded buses and well I think you all get the idea...
  7. Aw Man. So It's To Deal With The Chaos of the And Trains or to Deal With Train Traffic on The Manhattan Bridge. Maybe I Should Stay Home From Work till they Fix The Tunnels....
  8. Do you mind making me an R160 Sign Saying - Welcome Aboard Coney Island The Next Stop Is Times Square - 42 St 12:03 PM Stand Clear Of Doors Thank You!
  9. Next: A broken Water Pipe Floods Times Square , Affecting The and Trains. Repairs will take about two Months.
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