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  1. Does a color photo exist of the BMT Green Hornet experimental subway car?
  2. Is there any surviving design information (specifications, blueprints, renderings, etc.) or did it not make it that far in the process?
  3. Actually, TMNY only has one PATH 9/11 Car. Shoreline Trolley Museum in Branford, CT has the other.
  4. Isn't the LIRR regulated by the FRA, and therefore mandated by law to have 2 person train crews, an engineer and conductor?
  5. The Trolley Museum of New York (upstate) was open this past season, I was there in late August. If they have hours, you'll be able to go into the car. Website is www.tmny.org . Also, the Shore Line Trolley Museum in Connecticut, if it's open, offers an excellent tour of their trolley barn, which is where the car is located. Their website is www.bera.org . I haven't been there since COVID though, so I don't know what their restrictions are. Hope this helps.
  6. Is the bus designed like that or is it an unintentional problem?
  7. Agreed. But if you're trying to tap into the South Brooklyn market, you're gonna have to make things faster than they are now. And it seems that the is (at least pre-COVID) , IIRC the Bay Parkway- Flatlands- JFK corridor was listed as a priority for something (maybe even SBS) not too far back.
  8. Nah, even for a limited I doubt there's enough ridership. People would just use the B6 LTD and B15, which works fine as is. I do wonder about a B15 LTD, Bed-Stuy to JFK, which could attract more ridership by speeding the trip to JFK- Though it doesn't seem like there's much ridership to go around anyway with air travel being down like it is.
  9. Is that the end of the "Take One" era on buses?
  10. So I've been going around Brooklyn today and I'm seeing a lot of buses with the new OMNY payment stickers.
  11. Couldn't agree more. His "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please" was legendary.
  12. When is Spring Creek's turn? Also, what happened to 1301, is it still in Plattsburgh?
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