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  1. RapidoNewLook


    Knew about this site for a while, then about a month ago decided to get an account. I have to say, you guys have been very welcoming, so thank you for that! My name is RapidoNewLook, I'm from Brooklyn. Pre-COVID I used to ride transit daily, usually bus but sometimes subway too. I'm kind of a NYC Transit history fan, and have a small collection of memorabilia. My main interest is in the B&QT streetcar lines that once crossed my home borough. Now you're probably thinking "Huh?! What's a streetcar?!" Well you might know it better as a trolley, the reason I call them streetcars is because I'm part Canadian, specifically Torontonian, and that city has the largest surface rail network in North America. So being as most of my experiences with Electric Traction have occurred north of the border, I've borrowed the term that's used over there. Now if you've been reading this from the beginning, you'll know I've mentioned the B&QT streetcars of Brooklyn. Regarding those vehicles, I have a request of all those history-minded forum users. B&QT 1000 was a PCC streetcar built for Brooklyn service in 1936. It was the only streetcar ever built by the Clark Equipment Co., and ran in service with 99 St. Louis-built cousins, all of which lasted until the end of Brooklyn trolley service in 1956. Today, the car is owned by the Trolley Museum of New York in Kingston, NY. I have been in contact with several members of the organization, and it seems as though a restoration had been started on the car. Unfortunately, the one in charge of the process passed away, and the project stalled. My request to you is please, help them finish that job. Contribute whatever you can, whether it's money, time, experience -anything is helpful. Let Car 1000 have the afterlife it deserves! Anyone interested in helping out can DM me and I'll put you in touch with the relevant party. Thank you! RapidoNewLook
  2. @Bill from Maspeth Do you know how the worked it out with the union to get the R32s running?
  3. Saw an SIM33 and several Queens buses with that too, as well as a couple of B3s in Brooklyn.
  4. I thought I noticed that, but I figured I was just imagining it!
  5. Lol I see what you mean, that was pretty funny! What's that with the duct tape on 4747 at about 3:14 in the video?
  6. Yeah I know, I used to ride the route almost daily pre-COVID. But the XD40s serve the line very well, I remember seeing bus after bus in a never-ending stream, and almost none of them too crowded. Who says artic conversion is happening?
  7. Anyone know which of the above the chose?
  8. There's only so long that you can keep people cooped up in their houses, eventually they will start going out regardless of what the law says. And I think three months is so long.
  9. How did they work it out with the union?
  10. There's a picture going around of protesters encamped around a subway entrance near City Hall, they're calling themselves "Occupy City Hall" as a nod to Occupy Wall Street. I wanted to know which entrance to which station is was.
  11. Which station entrance is blocked by the "Occupy City Hall " protest?
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