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  1. I think it was damaged in an accident, but I'm guessing it has been, since I haven't seen the bus at ECH recently. (early August 2013)
  2. Great one! Is this the Coach USA Shortline bus garage? Also, it is interesting to see 3 TD925s on the way right there, though I haven't heard of them in service at all.
  3. Wonder what is causing all these D60s to come back from storage... shortage perhaps? (I apologize if I am super late in comprehending this situation) Also, I wonder if more stored D60s will come back; it's so strange to see 1300 and 4705 back, and especially 5392.
  4. Good ones. Wonder what caused that R143 to have the lights off; that must have been an interesting ride.
  5. Great ones of Orion buses (besides last two pictures )
  6. Very great ones! Though some of the pictures seem to have a dark background, the quality is very crisp and the perspectives you decided to take are really nice!
  7. I hear that replacements won't come even then doe.
  8. Great ones from Mott Haven/West Farms & much more from September 4, 2013!
  9. Does that mean 1746-1750 were relocated to a different trainset on the ?
  11. Great ones! Damn, action on the Nassau St. Line can be amazing!
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