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  1. You don't get it. They are not swapping ALLL THE SETS by December 23!
  2. Tell me how and when you plan on sending all sets of R46s to Coney Island and all sets of R160 sets to Jamaica. Tell me how many trains a night, how many crews you will need, etc.
  3. You might not always see it, but he does get mad.
  4. It will be very interesting if they follow through on this.
  5. I found this through the Design-Build RFP http://web.mta.info/nyct/procure/contracts/CBX001sol.pdf Key Project Elements Anticipated Project Elements include, but are not limited to: a. Realigning existing tracks and constructing two new passenger tracks along a three-mile segment of the HGL. b. Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing drainage systems c. Relocating and reconfiguring existing interlocking and constructing new interlockings. d. Realigning existing catenary for existing tracks and interlockings and installing new catenary for the new tracks and interlockings. e. Constructing four new Metro-North passenger stations (eastbound and westbound). f. Replacing all or most of the existing superstructure of the undergrade bridges. g. Repairing and strengthening undergrade bridges. h. Upgrading the existing Amtrak AC supply substation. i. Upgrading or constructing additional AC distribution substations in the vicinity of the new interlockings. j. Constructing a new AC supply substation on the NHL. k. Expanding Metro-North's New Rochelle Yard in Westchester County and electrifying certain tracks for Project train equipment storage. l. Providing traction power supply for Metro-North M8 equipment by either installing approximately three miles of third rail and constructing up to two new DC substations or relocating the existing AC phase break from Bowery Bay to just east of Harold Interlocking. m. Upgrading the AC distribution substations at Bowery Bay and New Rochelle. n. Upgrading to a high-density signal system with positive train control overlay between Harold Interlocking in Queens County and Shell Interlocking in Westchester County, including design and construction of four new central instrument interlocking houses. o. Installing new control desk/station/software at the New York Penn Station Dispatch Center (CTEC). p. Improving Metro-North’s New Rochelle Yard and at “C” yard in Penn Station for midday storage. q. Updating and installing new communication systems.
  6. I had to wait about 15-16 minutes for an yesterday morning. The 5 TPH have really made weekends unbearable on the QBL.
  7. @R32 3838 Remember that 1,250 cars in 5-car sets are CBTC equipped and are going to Jamaica. That is 250 sets. There will be 8 additional 5 car sets that will stay at Coney, making 40 cars.
  8. They were separate. My was slow that it got beaten by an between Forest Hills and Roosevelt. The left a minute after the and left Roosevelt about 2 minutes before it arrived. What is up with QBL this morning? Stringline_Southbound_F_FX_Trains_1Hours_12-9-2019_9-00-35-AM-1 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
  9. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery, and thank you once again for your updates.
  10. CBTC is coming. Covered up signs are now up at Union Turnpike: IMG_5680 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr IMG_5691 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr IMG_5687 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr IMG_5683 by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
  11. It's not that. It's that 36 was scheduled, but I don't think that it was actually reached. I need to go to bed, but when I have time, I will post a relevant article that I have mentioned a few times.
  12. You are asking for a source from a well trusted member of the forums who works in Transit and who does not have to share this information with us? Have some respect, please.
  13. Not true! We used to run 33 TPH on the , and 40 TPH can be run with CBTC.
  14. First time R46s are EVER on the .
  15. Well, I'm glad you asked. I had already found a bit for information on it in a Google Books document. I took advantage of the snippets to form this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yV90--vw4e9wnd6sjeO8FWjXRCrHwZpTaf6FfkH7nV4/edit I know that I don't have the whole article, but it is enough to learn a bit about it
  16. I heard that as well from here. How did this get accelerated so much? I look forward to the increased speeds at Rego Park. Do you think it will make much of a difference in running times?
  17. These are the fleet assignments for December, before they just changed for the R46/R160 swap. http://nyctrackbook.com/Images/Updates/P.xlii.pdf http://nyctrackbook.com/Images/Updates/P.xliii.pdf The AM assignment for the A has gone down from 39 to 38, while the AM for the 7 has gone up from 36 to 38, and the PM has gone up from 34 to 37. The 42nd Street shuttle has gone down from 3 to 2. The number of R62As at Livonia has gone up from 20 to 22, and 2 are back at Corona for work service. The number of R46s at Pitkin has decreased from 388 to 356, and the number of R179s is up from 50 to 90. At Jamaica, the number of R46s has gone up from 364 to 396.
  18. @RR503 Have travel times on the trains after the s increased due to longer dwell times?
  19. Haha. We have known this was coming for at least three years. You have had plenty of time to prepare.
  20. There is one glaring error. The unification of the IND, IRT and BMT took place in 1940, not 1942. It takes a simple google search. That one is unforgivable.
  21. I honestly do not know what it would have been like to get from Queens Boulevard to the without the Lex/51-53 transfer. Jackson Heights is fantastic. Lex/63 is underrated. Great when going to MTA Board Meetings!
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