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  1. @B35 via Church @BM5 via Woodhaven It is now on the MTA website: https://new.mta.info/coronavirus/overnight Overnight service frequency will be adjusted to 60-minutes on these express routes: BxM4, BxM7, BM2, QM17 Service will start after 6 a.m. on the X68 Overnight service frequency will be adjusted to 30 minutes on the Q102 and B45 Overnight service frequency will return to pre-pandemic levels on these local routes: B24, B48, Q46, B1, B36 Weekend service frequency overnight will be adjusted to between 30-60 minutes on these local routes: Bx28, M2, M3, M4, M7, M20, M60-SBS, M102, M104, B45, B62, Q4, Q22, Q43
  2. Yes. It is funded as a Sandy mitigation from the 2010-2014 program. Design is on track to be completed in December. I don't know why the project is taking so darn long though. http://web.mta.info/capitaldashboard/allframenew_head.html?PROJNUM=et070311&PLTYPE=1&DISPLAYALL=Y
  3. I got an email with the following update: To make better use of our limited resources in these challenging financial times, we’re reallocating resources across our overnight bus routes to improve the reliability of all overnight bus routes. To make this possible, we are reducing overnight service on some local and express buses with very low ridership. These changes will take effect beginning the morning of Wednesday, August 12, as follows: Routes with reduced overnight frequency: BxM4, BxM7, B45, BM2, QM17, Q102 Routes with overnight service discontinued: X68 Routes returning to original overnight service frequency: Bx24, B1, B36, B48, Q46 Routes with reduced overnight frequencies on Saturdays and Sundays only: Bx28, B45, B62, M2, M3, M4, M7, M20, M60-SBS, M102, M104, Q4, Q22, Q43
  4. We must also keep in mind that the line would have been closed without the work of neighborhood activists and the Straphangers Campaign. The MTA did not want to keep the line open, and it is honestly a miracle that the line was even rebuilt.
  5. @RR503 This could be a game changer. This is one of the things considered in the December 2019 study on speeds. This is some of the best news in transit I have heard in some time. I wonder how much travel times on the Culver express would be reduced.
  6. The Broadway Line south of City Hall is capped at 21 TPH due to the curve. Whitehall terminal is capped at 15 TPH. Montague is good for 30 TPH with Nassau trains in the mix.
  7. The stop spacing improves further if you move Marcy to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza.
  8. A line along Northern would be up there, but you would need to construct a new trunk line for it. Unless the MTA can rein in construction costs, there will not be any major expansions of the system within our lifetimes. Having a transitway along Northern Boulevard would be transformational and would bring a lot of the benefits of a subway. In terms of easing capacity on the , how about actually using the full potential of CBTC? 29 TPH run on the , and yet other systems operate 36-40 TPH with CBTC. Investments such as a short extension to Murray Hill for a new terminal, and expansions in station capacity, including additional exits, wider transfer facilities, and wider platforms, would do the trick. As Alon Levy often says, operations before electronics before concrete.
  9. Triboro would have to change for OPTO to be possible.
  10. Second Avenue Phase 2 is a long-term project. I am so tired of all the utterly unrealistic subway expansion proposals here. All of us will be dead before Phase 3 is ever built. There is a pretty clear list of projects that would be in line if more funding was available (SAS, Utica Avenue, Hillside Avenue extension, Nostrand Avenue extension, and a few others). Anything past that list is fanciful. I really wish we had more discussions of ways to actually improve service, like strategic interlocking fixes, adjustments to stations to increase capacity, or other operational fixes that would have bigger impacts.
  11. We do not have billions to spend. A subway under 34th Street would easily cost $15 billion as you would have to deal with tunnels for the Lexington Avenue Line, the Sixth Avenue Line, the Eighth Avenue Line, the Broadway Line, the Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line, city water tunnel No. 2, PATH, and the tracks to/from Penn Station. Maximizing the use of our streets is the best thing to do.
  12. http://tripplanner.mta.info/MyTrip/ui_web/serviceinthearea/Timetable.aspx?PlusSign=plusSign=N&operator=NY&route=BX99&inputDate=08/04/2020&direction=N&type=W http://tripplanner.mta.info/MyTrip/ui_web/serviceinthearea/Timetable.aspx?PlusSign=plusSign=N&operator=NY&route=BX99&inputDate=08/04/2020&direction=S&type=W I just saved these on the webarchive.
  13. You can also use it to get full subway schedules.
  14. There is no need to build crosstown subways in Manhattan when we can just ban cars on streets and have busways like 14th Street. A busway was originally planned for 34th Street before it was killed by NIMBYs.
  15. All cars with WABTEC couplers are being looked at.
  16. The hours of the Jay Street Busway will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/jay-st-busway-tillary-st-livingston-st-cab2-jul2020.pdf Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.13.33 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.14.55 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.15.01 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.15.10 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.15.16 AM by Union Turnpike, on Flickr
  17. John Santamaria, the Vice President and Chief Mechanical Officer, New York City Transit, believes that the R179s will be back in a matter of weeks, not months. This is from the currently ongoing NYCTRC meeting. The video of the meeting should be up within a week or so.
  18. Except 57th and 21st Street were designed to be temporary terminals. The design for 116th will need to be completely redesigned.
  19. I hadn't heard anything about this. Is there any public information on this?
  20. Thank you. The same goes for discussions on transit expansions and operations. A lot of people act as if the transit system is their personal train set, and that the employees and managers in the system should operate as they want. R32s on the B, complaining about the Coney Island subway swap, asking for insider information on subway car swaps, the inside scoop on bus swaps, the bus redesign, and so on. I am not going to name names, but I know people on here who have left or reduced posting due to the reduction in quality of discussions on transit issues on things that are more important than railfanning, like operational fixes to increase capacity. NYCTF and other transit boards have continued to decline as people go to Twitter and Facebook where they can discuss issues with an audience broader than foamers, but also with subway riders and advocates who just want to get to work on time. A lot of people here claim to want to become transit planners or become the "next Andy Byford," but their comments do not suggest that. They get turned off by paragraphs-long discussions on actual ways to improve service, about discussions on the MTA's finances, and prefer to complain about a change in rolling stock assignments or propose asinine and unrealistic extensions to the subway system that do not contribute to any competent and insightful discussion. I get it, a lot of users here are railfans who are in high school and love the rolling stock. I do too, and I have grown past just foaming over R32s, and have learned more about transit operations, and other aspects of transportation planning. I love NYCTF for the discussions with knowledgable people in New York City Transit who have had first-hand knowledge about the operations of the system and who make poignant comments on the state of transit today, and with other passionate people on the forums who discuss issues with the subway and bus system and engage in thoughtful responses to my queries. These discussions have decreased in number since I came onto the forums, and it is very sad. As a result, I have been sending less time on here. I try to bring attention to information from the MTA Board books, the Capital Program dashboard, bus lane changes from the DOT website, and discuss proposals I have, or provide my two cents on an issue. Though I am something privy to inside information, those occasions are rare. There are ways to contribute without having to pretend to be an insider. For a lot of users on here, when you go railfanning, see whether trains are on schedule, think about why that is. Are platforms crowded, are there accessibility issues? Is your train stuck at a location for a long time? If you just want to post here to talk about your observations while railfanning or discus which cars are best, fine. However, realize that the transit system was not made for you. It was made to transport people across the city efficiently and affordably. Don't feel entitled to information which you don't have the right to get. Don't complain or interrupt when people are having substantive discussions on ways to improve the system. I could rant for longer, but I hope that many users her give this a read and think about it.
  21. Except you would need to construct crossovers at 116th, adequate crewing and terminal facilities, storage areas, a dispatchers area, and other requirements for a terminal. Also, you would lose a lot of ridership by not going to 125th. Ending at 116th Street is not a good option. Also, doing that would put federal FTA funds at risk. You either do the whole thing, or none of it.
  22. Do you think it is better to go further into debt to save existing frequencies, or cut service? They are both awful options.
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