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  1. There's not a lot of ridership between Cambria Heights and Flushing as it is, and the QT73 doesn't serve that portion effectively anyway. For the few that do need it though, it would be a two seat ride, whether from the QT71 or QT73. Actually yeah, I might be overserving northern College Point with my proposal. I have it running from Kew Gardens and going down 71st Ave, but are buses too tall for the LIRR bridge there? Is that why they have it running on Ascan? Also, what's the deal with the private neighborhood there? I think it would be better than the current Q53 running along Broadway and Roosevelt Ave. Unless you don't think the Q53 to Woodside should exist at all, but people were complaining about losing that connection. Actually yeah I definitely agree with this. I saw the MTA's proposal as butchering the Q42 and attaching it to the Q65. The latter I'm leaning towards in favor of, especially now that the QT65 has been relegated to a coverage route, but why completely butcher the Q42? Tbh I have no idea how to best serve Old Howard and Hamilton Beach. Currently, each Q11 branch runs every hour, but most Q11s short turn on Cross Bay Blvd. Are most riders there trying to head up Woodhaven Blvd, or somewhere else? As for service between Crescent and Rockaway Blvd , I thought the MTA had a good reason for proposing it (under-subway bus coverage?) but guess not.
  2. Hey everyone, I've come back from my 5 year slumber to present my version of the redesign. https://app.podaris.com/projects/Yuj4C4c57sLWPDBLc/engage I renamed all the routes so they matched the current-day routes as much as possible. Unfortunately, the viewing interface isn't that great, you can't click on routes to see them in detail and I had to put all of the routes into 5 groups. The best way to view it is to make an account and clone the project. In the Planning mode, on the right side click on the layers tab (the two squares stacked on top of each other) and from there you can toggle the visibility of each individual route. I wrote my detailed thoughts about each route on the map, but here are the major changes: Flushing / Northeast Queens: Francis Lewis Blvd south of the LIE is surrounded by the park, and north of the LIE there's the QT31, QT15, and QT17, which means that extending the QT73 to Flushing brings nothing new to the table. Instead, I have the QT64 running to Flushing via Sanford since the QT49 already covers the northern part of Utopia Pkwy, and giving it a strong northern anchor makes it easier to justify a much needed headway increase. Since the QT64 goes to Flushing, I would have the QT30 run via 164th St and 162nd St to Sanford before dashing to Flushing to cover the vast majority of Q65 riders heading to Flushing. I extended the QT86 up 130th St and 127th St up to 6th Ave to help out the QT15. QT48, QT49, and QT51 should run all day. Not sure if Willets Point Blvd ridership is high enough to justify a purple route. I turned it into a green route and extended it down with the QT16 to Holly Ave, helping out along the busiest section of that route. Instead of having the QT65 go to Beechhurst, it should run to industrial College Point along the proposed QT64 route so that those Q65 riders still have access while bypassing Flushing. Not sure how important it is to have a direct connection to College Point shopping center from Flushing is, but if it is, I'd have the QT64 run up there via Linden and Whitestone Expy. Split the QT81, obviously. QT50 should run straight to LGA from Flushing. Forest Hills / Kew Gardens: Too many routes swinging across between Forest Hills and Kew Gardens. 108th St route should be separate. QT86 should terminate at Kew Gardens QT87 absolutely cannot replace any portion of Jewel Ave service with those headways. It should go through Kew Gardens, it's faster anyway. I think a combination between the Q10 and the Q46 might work, since for how major of a corridor Lefferts Blvd is, it's actually pretty isolated from points east of the Van Wyck Expressway. Not really sure about south Forest Hills. How many Q23 riders would be covered by the new Yellowstone route? What is left for the three stops along Continental? If the answer to that last question is "not much", then I would continue having the QT87 serving that portion, and run the Q64 Jewel Ave route down Yellowstone Blvd to Glendale. And even then the Q64 might have to be one of the few routes that need short turns. If the two branches have about equal ridership, I would have both branches run up Jewel Ave and truncate the QT87 to Kew Gardens. Elmhurst / Jackson Heights: Probably gonna be my most controversial suggestion, but here goes. Q53 riders complained about losing access to Broadway, Jackson Heights, and Woodside. Someone from Woodside complained about how it would take three buses to get to Woodhaven Blvd. On the other hand, Broadway and Jackson Heights are incredibly congested and make the Q53 unreliable. My solution is to run the Q53 up via 90th/92nd St and Hampton St, which are kiiiiinda close to Broadway but much less congested. And at that point you might as well just take over the rest of the QT10 route. That would also give any point along Roosevelt Ave an easy 2-seat ride to Woodhaven Blvd and the Rockaways. For the QT82, Q29 riders complained that they now have to backtrack to get to the 7 train. I would have the northern portion run along Eliot Ave to Ridgewood. For the southern portion, the Q29 section feels a bit short, and they got rid of the Q47 along 80th St without any replacement. I would have the Q29 continue up 80th St, turn onto 57th Ave, and then run to Jackson Heights via Broadway. Everyone hates the QT74, just bring back the Q49. LIC / Astoria / Maspeth: There's no need for two routes on Steinway St. Get rid of the QT2. The QT1 should continue up the Q100 route and end at the Q101 terminal. If the QT76 has to swing over to 21st like that, do it via Ditmars Blvd for the and connection. The QT75 sucks, bring back the Q39. The northern portion of the QT80 should be merged with the southern portion of the QT78. It'll be similar to the current Q18, but it runs on 65th Pl north of the LIE and 69th St south of it. The southern portion of the QT80 will be the Q39. I would have the QT77 run nonstop between Maurice Ave and Van Dam St via the LIE, run down 69th St, and then replace the southern branch of the Q38 via Juniper Valley Rd, Furmanville Ave, and 63rd Drive. Industrial Maspeth will be handled by the Q39 alone. My BQ24 is an awkward attempt at filling the gaps in service, covering Roosevelt Island, 36th Ave, 48th St, and the southern branch of the B24. Jamaica / SE Queens: QT33, QT38, and QT39 should not be considered dash routes for running between 188th St and 179th St. There's no reason the QT68 (Q3) should be switching with the QT39 (Q83) to go up Liberty Blvd instead continuing up Farmers Blvd, especially since it goes back up to Hillside Ave immediately afterward anyway. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Liberty Ave pretty heavily used? Not a good idea to connect it with a coverage route along Farmers Blvd. QT41 should be covering all of 120th Ave like the Q84 does now. What does sending the QT73 over there accomplish? QT65 should run via Liberty Ave, 173rd St, 174th St, and Sayres Ave to the current Q42 terminal to cover more of St. Albans. QT88 This abomination of a route deserves its own section. The QT83 should serve Lindenwood and Howard Beach. The eastern branch should replace the QT62 on Liberty Ave. The QT62 should run via Sutter and Pitkin Aves like the current Q7. Anyway, my username sucks, can I change it or something lol
  3. I'm not saying that Christians are stupid. I'm saying that these particular Christians are being annoying and not using thier brains. Police were involved. There was a Q65 that turned onto the bus stop when the parade suddenly appeared. The police was like, nope! You're not going till these people are out (which took like 10 minutes).
  4. Where is this? BTW I saw an R188 with broken rollsigns. CORONA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  5. Nope. And neither does anybody what a shot on mine.... SMH.
  6. Kissena Blvd was a COMPLETE MESS this afternoon. Some stupid Christans think they can just gather up to do a parade and clog up buses and important streets. 7 buses bunched up. Neither the dispatcher or the B/Os knew what to do. Took me one hour to get home from Main St to Melbourne Av when it should've took 15-20 minutes.
  7. Would you like to volunteer? We will also have you donate all your money since it was your idea.
  8. It's been over 24 hours. Moving on. 86th St Church Av 7th Av 36th St Ditmars Av Hunts Point Av
  9. Meet some Hunter kids who live in Queens. My classmate is one of them. He got in and entering next year.
  10. I got a better idea. Have an be held while an AND an train 2 minutes away passes in front.
  11. Pack the passengers in a suitcase, throw on a train and your work is done.
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