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  1. I'm not saying that Christians are stupid. I'm saying that these particular Christians are being annoying and not using thier brains. Police were involved. There was a Q65 that turned onto the bus stop when the parade suddenly appeared. The police was like, nope! You're not going till these people are out (which took like 10 minutes).
  2. Where is this? BTW I saw an R188 with broken rollsigns. CORONA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  3. Nope. And neither does anybody what a shot on mine.... SMH.
  4. Kissena Blvd was a COMPLETE MESS this afternoon. Some stupid Christans think they can just gather up to do a parade and clog up buses and important streets. 7 buses bunched up. Neither the dispatcher or the B/Os knew what to do. Took me one hour to get home from Main St to Melbourne Av when it should've took 15-20 minutes.
  5. Would you like to volunteer? We will also have you donate all your money since it was your idea.
  6. It's been over 24 hours. Moving on. 86th St Church Av 7th Av 36th St Ditmars Av Hunts Point Av
  7. Meet some Hunter kids who live in Queens. My classmate is one of them. He got in and entering next year.
  8. I got a better idea. Have an be held while an AND an train 2 minutes away passes in front.
  9. Pack the passengers in a suitcase, throw on a train and your work is done.
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