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  1. Are R32s banned from operating in the Montague Tube?
  2. Why not put it on the paper and digital maps? If the TA is going to update it with more accessibility compliant stations soon, why not kill two birds with one stone?
  3. An XD60 from JFK also has that feature. I saw it on the mobile site of BusTime running on the Q10.
  4. When the Montague and Clark St tubes were being fixed, the paper subway maps printed during that time were altered to show those changes. When the ran overnights to 96 St-2 Av, neither the online nor the paper subway maps reflected that service addition. When the was truncated from CI-Stilwell to 86 St, the online map was revised, but the paper maps that were still being printed DID NOT reflect in that change. Why doesn’t the TA maintain consistency with the online and physical maps?
  5. This reminds me: does 3760 (JFK unit) still have NYCB decals sides and back? Its been like that for years, ever since it was based out of Baisley, and I know it was repainted a while back.
  6. Jamaica ran theirs into the ground (they ride rougher), and this could be linked to the multiple rejects from CI during the fleet swap.
  7. Are there any pics floating around that showcase these oddities?
  8. They looked more fit for the 42s. The salvage gates dont look as smooth as the springs (rigid rod on the end compared to the bent metal that looks more snug)
  9. Its kinda odd and funny that part of the original IND fleet lives on to this day, albeit on the fleet that killed them off from service.
  10. When the R42s were receiving pantograph gates in the 1980s, did they all receive gates from the R1-9s or was it a mixture of brand-new gates and salvaged R1-9 gates?
  11. Not to mention the lack of side destination/route signs.
  12. With the R42s going into refuse service, is it possible that the R33WFs used in B Division refuse service be retired? Or will they be sent back to A Division?
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