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  1. With the R42s going into refuse service, is it possible that the R33WFs used in B Division refuse service be retired? Or will they be sent back to A Division?
  2. I think the IND mezzanine at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av-74 St has this setup.
  3. 6206-6207 was a married pair with 6207 having the hostler on its leading end. But then they were mated to 6152-6153 after that 2017 wreck.
  4. What happened to 3926? Involved in a nasty accident?
  5. Two questions: 1. How many Phase II R32s are left on property? 2. Which R62/A was the single “R142A” from Pelham 123 converted from?
  6. Maybe the TA is doing the old summer swap, with the 32s heading over to the and NTTs going over to the .
  7. Does anyone know all of the New York & Atlantic train symbols? I live near the Lower Montauk and always hear them going past.
  8. When the R62As and R68/As were linked up in the late 90s, why did the MTA paint over the front rollsign windows on the linkbar cars (as well as the #2 end on the coupler cars)? Why did they not paint those on the R62s? (were they linkbarred from the beginning?) @B35 via Church that was hilarious esp. your response to the reasons to ride the subway more frequently after Covid.
  9. Not for a good 6-8 months, assuming people have fears of riding mass transit and decide to take other means (cars). Less ridership = the being temporarily axed.
  10. Does the still print subway timetables? Ive looked all around on YT and the latest that Ive seen was around 2010.
  11. A: Its a train that transports signals around the system thats based out of 207. The “Signal Supply Car” itself a specialty car (contract R74) that carries signals based off of information from www.nycsubway.org. It has the H2C couplers, so it gets hauled around by SMEE equipment. Whats unusual is that the dollies have third rail shoes, from which can be inferred that the dolly has motors, which is unlike any specialty work car. Link to nycsubway page on Signal Dolly
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