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  1. what does WAA mean/stand for?
  2. "Catches you in the hallway", well technically speaking....you have to be in the hallway to get into the classroom. How else are you going to get inside the classroom? What you're trying to say is that he doesn't want you in the hallway hanging out? ( That I understand) The cell phone thing I understand.
  3. what do you mean ''anything in their background'', what do you mean? ( As in Tickets, Arrests, etc.)
  4. You're welcome, please don't forget to keep us posted how things turn out.
  5. I believe so, so in the mean time keep your phone nearby and check your email along with the junk/spam folder. If you don't mind me asking what list number are you? ( please don't forget to hide the last digit or two for privacy reasons)
  6. ok, how about an MTA phone number?
  7. Excuse me, does anyone know the phone number for this bus operator exam No. 7612?
  8. Excuse me, does anyone know the phone number to call for the Conductor exam 6601 list?
  9. Can someone please answer my question?
  10. 1000, where did you hear of this? 1000 officially hired?
  11. I thought that at 17 inches or above that they would put you on medical hold?
  12. Congrats, and I'm going to private message you.
  13. Me too, they sent me a letter in the mail to take a pre employment drug test in February 2019. My list number is 26xx. Does anybody have the phone number to call for the Station Agent list?

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