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  1. Guys, does any one know if the employment center is open? ( 180 Livingston street)
  2. Ok great, where was Day 7 for you...which borough?
  3. Did you do you 7 day training for bus operator, or no?
  4. thanks for letting us know moody...keep us posted. where did you hear of DMV opening back up possibly April 17? BTW whats your list number? Thanks in advance
  5. Young, do you think the DMV will allow me to renew my CDL permit after May 17 a second time? ( I already Renewed it). And another thing...do you think they'll let me take my road test with an expired CDL permit? , OR do I have to take the exams all over again?
  6. You figured they would go somewhat easy on the students in a time like this instead of sending them to Day 9, or Day 10 for that matter respectively. By the way, where did you do your Day 7 Qualification?
  7. Congrats, and if you don't mind can you Private Message me the route which you did your day 7 qualification? ( IF you don't mind) Thanks in advance.
  8. Oh ok, well thank you though.
  9. Young, would you happen to know the email to 180 Livingston street MTA NYCT?
  10. Best of luck and let us know how things go. On the other hand how is everyone? So today I went to 180 Livingston street for pre employment but I couldn't do the drug test due to having 7 points on my driving record. However, they gave me a piece of paper to call milisi I think that's how you spell her name. Well she's in charge for this list and that when the 15th comes....call the 16th to set up a day to come in for the drug test. That is all for now...I will keep you guys posted.
  11. Hmm... well ok, well the ticket violation date anniversary is March 15, 2017, were only days away from that date. Now question will they allow me to take the drug test....or allow me to wait and give me a piece of paper to come back at a later date to take the drug test without removing my name from the list?
  12. Also in the letter it says no more than 5 points on my record, but you guys are saying 4 points? So, Which one is it?
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