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  1. I know, but given due to covid and if you have all your paperwork in order and what not, it shouldnt take no more than 2 Hours just to pee in a cup.
  2. Im Going this upcoming Monday, August 2, 2021 at 7:45a.m. I just hope its not an all day thing waiting at 180 livingston street?
  3. Hi guys, anyone from this got a phone call about reporting to 180 livingston street On Monday, August 2, 2021. I got a phone call this morning, along with an email, and a text message. Im just wondering if anyone else got a phone call to report on August 2, 2021? Thanks in advance. I have my CDL already, will I still have to during the 10 day training program do the pre trip of the bus?
  4. So, in the event were forced to go to S.I. or Queens....Can we return back to a regular depot in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan?
  5. Why do you say that? There is no other depot to go to?
  6. Ok, but when i called DCAS about restoring my name it said the automated recording that im still on the list for bus operator exam number 7612. And I know that you mentioned exam no 9604, my list number for that exam number is 18xx. And for 7612 it's 20XX, so, I'm sure they're way passed me but they still have names on that list to go through that didnt accept the job, don't want it. etc. So, i guess I'm going to have to call one of the (347) phone numbers and talk to someone from MTA, and even follow up with an Email for that matter. +Young+ thanks again for your time in answering my question. And Thank you about the road test....it was hard but I'm happy I passed it, one less hurdle I have to deal with.
  7. What list number are they up to? My list number is 20xx.
  8. Hey guys, happy 4th of july. This past friday I passed my road test for My CDL class B license. Now, I just have to pass the 10 day training for the Bus Operator, Would anyone happen to have the phone number for the Bus Operator management person thats in charge for the bus department?
  9. Ok, and if you are on restriction, and there is no work to do, you just sit there at the depot until something becomes available while being on restriction?
  10. Oh, so they don't wear a uniform. They're undercover than?
  11. What happens if they're not medically qualified to operate a vehicle? What position do they do then instead?
  12. Congrats, let me ask you, what depot did you qualify out of? Also, do you have your CDL license or the permit?
  13. What list number are they up to on this exam?

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