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  1. Ok, which borough did you conduct your Day 7? Which depot and which line from that depot?
  2. Uneeke, what goes on during day 7? Which borough did you do your day 7 qualification? Does the Superintenant make you do the pre-trip on Day 7?
  3. Once we take a BOSS exam do we have to take another BOSS exam....or is it good for the rest of the list life?
  4. If you don't mind telling us....what's your list number? Please do not show us the last two digits of the list number or, hide the last number of your list number. Is this your second time going down to 180 Livingston street?
  5. Wow, well good luck and keep us posted!
  6. So, this is your second time going down to 180 Livingston street?
  7. Ok, how about if you failed the BOSS for exam 7612 but passed it for exam no. 9618?
  8. How about if you took a BOSS exam for lets say exam no. 7612 and you passed that one. And lets fast forward to this exam no, 9618 if you took BOSS for this exam and you failed the boss for 9618.....which one counts? Exam no.7612 or 9618?
  9. +Young+, I'm going to private message you...is that ok?
  10. Is the vision exam the ishahira test or a different type of colorblind test? How is it conducted?
  11. what BMI and neck size is considered to put you on medical hold?
  12. Alright Congratulations! Where was Day 7 for you? Any tips you could tell us?
  13. Tomorrow is your road test?
  14. Whats the phone number for the Conductor exam, anyone know?

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