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  1. lol just wait 'til this latest hiring binge is over
  2. Congratulations on Phase 1. The last three phase two classes have been the sixth Wednesday after the phase 1 test, so if the pattern holds your phase 1 test will be November 2 with phase 2 beginning December 11. Good luck in phase 1, you control your own destiny now.
  3. It does seem overwhelming in the beginning, but stay with it and eventually it clicks.
  4. According to this Daily News article it does not.
  5. Before phase 1 there's a physical abilities test. After phase 1, you repeat the physical abilities test along with a full medical and drug test.
  6. Awesome! Congratulations! Next up is the panel interview
  7. Phase 1 is not compensated and is Wednesday nights and Saturdays. Do not quit your job until you are confirmed for Phase 2.
  8. That's correct. Background check is between phases 1 and 2 now.
  9. Hey Steven, hows the studying going? As part of phase 2 you will need to memorize and draw the physical characteristics of the entire railroad, including every signal, switch, interlocking, etc. They probably showed you Hicksville at the open house, but if you Google LIRR physical characteristics, you'll get an idea of what some of these maps look like.
  10. You could always take out trip insurance in case you get called.
  11. How did the open house go? Are you moving on?
  12. I would definitely wear the suit. If you pass the two exams they will give you an interview afterwards and you will have an advantage over the many candidates there who will not be wearing a suit....or even a tie.
  13. Have you been in the cab of an M9 yet? I hear they're like Lamborghinis.
  14. Congratulations and see you there! I couldn't be more excited!
  15. He finished Phase 1 testing waited a year and then got a letter??? Oh man, that's rough!
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