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  1. I suppose I did leave that inference open; I simplified because I was getting ready to hit the rack, here's the scoop: The extra time exists to meet at JS and Wyandanch (it's a hold over from a project last year that was completed during the COVID service reductions AFAIK). The times cannot be changed because Queens to Divide is scheduled for single tracking overnight and the 4:50 train is timed to meet a train at Divide (8006). In summary: the time was stretched for an old meet with 5300 and the time cannot be removed now because of the planned single track in another area without running the train so much earlier that it would be useless (since the EQ trains is holding up the section Queens to Divide in front of 8006).
  2. It isn't stupid just because you don't know the reason. There's overnight track work so 4:50 train has to be timed to meet an eastbound equipment train in a single-track section.
  3. My understanding is all of the plausible builds infringe on an obstacle clearance zone for one of the runways. If that is still the case, then no.
  4. As I said, the '8 conductors' isn't really a thing outside of a few narrow circumstances where multiple collectors are riding the one reverse peak train that gets them back somewhere useful.
  5. No, it isn't. Even the Cannonball is only scheduled for 4 Collectors making a total of 6 (including Conductor and Brakeman). There are a handful of trains that exceed that number, but this consists of getting collectors on a Reverse Peak train so they can run back and collect another peak train. Given the MNR/LIRR are set up as peak commuter operation this inherently puts a lot of Collectors in one place. That's not really a symptom of a blunder in scheduling, the route network forces these things if you want the Collectors to have a high amount of productive time. Police are more expensive than Conductors. Also, I'm not sure where you're sourcing that 70% number, without publishing internal docs, the farebox hovers around 50% for all modes. https://www.gothamgazette.com/politics/130-opinion/8182-lirr-s-heavy-subsidies-and-the-coming-debate-over-mta-funding Yes and no, the Collector (Assistant Conductor) position is an unqualified position meaning they are not required to be qualified on the rules of the operating department or physical characteristics, anyone how is qualified on those things gets priority in being assigned to a Conductor position. You do have Collectors and Brakemen who are qualified because there is a mandatory promotion, but for the most part the people you see punching tickets are in a 'journeyman' position, and if you are qualified but 'work down' you take a 20% pay cut. It's pretty common for the Conductor to be the only qualified Trainman in a consist.
  6. Simply arranging a crew deadhead from Rockaway Ave at say, 2am would ensure a high cost threshold.
  7. Is it even possible for that consist to be serviceable?
  8. In a way Budd kind of over-disrupted the market. They sold a reliable, virtually indestructible car that essentially left no market. (aside from post WWII auto-boom)
  9. You may say otherwise working an evening shift that ends after the last train home leaves.
  10. Some places in the Greater NY/NJ area did have these and they have been disabled....for obvious reasons.
  11. I can't imagine the closure rate on vandalism was very high before Cops decided to 'take a knee'. I can say I've personally given names, video evidence and in some cases an address, never heard back other than that it was forwarded to detectives.
  12. Having read some of the rules regarding work trains I'm surprised any of them make it through a river crossing. Let alone if there are any mechanical deficiencies.
  13. The Broad Street Layup tracks, the switches to the Montague Tunnel and a few odd routes in that vicinity were sped up; Marcy Ave to the Middle track was also increased slightly. Only one of these really directly applies to revenue trains
  14. Recently a few areas had in the BMT East had their timers replaced with electric timers and higher speeds in general but mostly in areas that do not affect revenue service directly.

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