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  1. Having read some of the rules regarding work trains I'm surprised any of them make it through a river crossing. Let alone if there are any mechanical deficiencies.
  2. The Broad Street Layup tracks, the switches to the Montague Tunnel and a few odd routes in that vicinity were sped up; Marcy Ave to the Middle track was also increased slightly. Only one of these really directly applies to revenue trains
  3. Recently a few areas had in the BMT East had their timers replaced with electric timers and higher speeds in general but mostly in areas that do not affect revenue service directly.
  4. There's always someone willing to say things are ok, especially when the worst consequence of their error is a stern talking to, at best. The kind of people that think their willpower and interests are more important than the people on the receiving end of actions that they take so flippantly.
  5. This isn't the case, exclusive use shuttles do get run on tracks that are not reverse signalled. Trains proceeding in the unsignalled direction have an absolute block, meaning they can be the only train between two nominated points with this authority being granted by a Baton (or possibly the directive of a TSS at each point, not quite sure about that). CBTC would make it easier to set this up anywhere, but the problem is more of an operational one, using the Crosstown for an example the last Southbound location to turn a train is Bedford Nostrand. Beyond this point you are limited to single train operation which starts getting into 30+ minute headways per direction (in addition to possibly needing to pin stop arms and other unusual signal alterations).
  6. I feel like people approved of the fix because Cuomo stuck it to the and now that he's using that same unilateral authority for his own political convenience (as was the case before) a lot of the ole same folks are getting a taste of the ole Albany boot laces.
  7. Yes, all the way into the 80s they had searchlight type signals among the catenary.
  8. Yeah but we're not *JUST* talking about rush hour, if we're talking about a wholistic Transit solution then the fact that half the seats will disappear is relevant to the offpeak ridership as well, or are we improving off peak service in the hopes no one will ride the train. Also I bring up the people factor because---as they are wont to tell me when any inconvenience occurs---the customer is paying $300 a month for a peak ticket, with the expectation of sitting. If you tell them half the seats are going to disappear, a significant number of this people will go into the 'screw this im driving' category, or change their commute to lines that do have seats if they can. As far as being too crowded, yes the LIRR doesn't seat everyone during rush hour even though nominally all but 1 train does have enough seats for everyone. Some of that is load distribution and someone of that is the fact that counts are averaging out the peak days of peak trains, that being said if we have fewer seats we're forcing people to stand closer together which is going to suck a lot harder, especially since the Class 700 just has less physical volume for a similar amount of people, why would the public perceive that as better?
  9. Following your logic if people don't want the middle seat out of reluctance to sit near anyone and latent fears from COVID, then wouldn't a 2-2 configuration just encourage a 1-1 sitting arrangement since there would be no physical buffer, in addition to seats seeming narrower on the UK trains, but maybe that's the fat American talking.
  10. Why are you comparing the seated load of an M7 to the seated AND standing load of a Class 700? Also with roughly half the seats per car I'm sure New Yorkers will not be entertained by this 'efficiency'. They already complain about 'dangerously crowded' trains when people are standing in general. So doubling that is surely a political non-starter.
  11. M9s are back to being exercised now that Kawasaki is working. No revenue runs thusfar.
  12. Well no, not at the second the picture was taken, but he got there somehow and the police are on the tracks to deal with the situation so the distinction is immaterial.
  13. The last trip I went on, the primary thought in mind was 'somebody needs to shower'.
  14. This is such an American problem, no one can comprehend an issue unless it has makes a huge explosion. If states hadn't put in place stay at home orders those who were infected would roam freely to infect states that took no precautions. New York had to shutdown the soonest because we're such a nexus of travel and trade, but we hemmed and hawed, all in fear of the economic impact and "overreacting". The price for that is very obvious now. I'm imagining an NBA game in Texas, with everyone packed in and one person can spread it like wildfire.
  15. Well, the trip cock tends to run into things when the wheels go on an adventure so it's very possible for the train to dump and not realize it's because the train derailed until you put your boots on the ground.
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