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  1. The first iteration was to dump the passengers in Citi Field and take the Q48. Scary thought, and not a good look on a line where the residents suffer through weekend CBTC closures. The MTA can't honestly say its due to worn out parts from the 30s here... I'd be curious to see what the leading cause of switch failures is for the MTA.
  2. A key by is where the T/O exploits the train stop drive-down feature by pulling close to the signal. The signals were designed so that two red signals (with exceptions) are between a train and its follower, the red signal directly behind the train will have the Trip-arm *DOWN* while the rear-most red will have the Trips *UP*. The Double-Red system was adopted in the IRT days to simplify some complexities such as sorting out how a train could pass a signal, replace it (turn it red) without tripping itself, in the traditional single block method. Anyway, because the signal and the track circuits are offset from the signals by a few inches a train can pass the insulated joint and occupy the track circuit in advance of the Signal this activates the drive-down feature and lowers the Trip-arm allowing the train to pass. There are also hooks on the roadbed that allow the first T/O to clamp down the Trip-arm so the next train does not have to inch up to the signal looking for the sweet-spot and can pass at a higher, although still slow speed. As far as actual keying I'm not aware of any automatics that still have this feature, although anything is possible I suppose. On home signals there is a lever where if the signal cannot clear to a normal indication for whatever reason the tower can activate the call-on feature and the T/O would pull up to the signal and turn the lever hanging about a foot in front of the signal (those yellow boxes handing off the double headed signals.
  3. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Same, names were running low when I got the interview. I started wondering If I was called for the Execution Squad and missed it.
  4. I got dumped because I didn't have a NYS license (I work in aviation out of state). Although the rule said "must have a license valid in the state of New York" Which is true of any license as long as NYS doesn't suspend your reciprocity privliges, so I'm going to appeal since it doesn't say it has to be ISSUED by NYS. Wish me luck.
  5. Back in HS myself and a few others were entrusted with the Two-fares since we were on the team. The cards the school had (at least the ones I had access to) were for School events outside normal hours and were accounted for. I was also instructed not to hand out more than one to a person so if those rules are accurate then that likely wouldn't have helped since the you'd need one card to go home and one to get back in most cases. Clearly he saw a scrawny little girl and decided to a super-hero, anyway I hope this guy gets canned.
  6. My bet is to avoid crush loading the with displaced riders. Or the spur is closed, I don't think they stage a ballpark special there anymore so the rail might not be in usable condition.
  7. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    I stand corrected, 92039 is indeed the application from December. Guess they got tired of seeing my name and threw me a bone.
  8. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    I apply to each one so it's tough to say; I suspect this is a call back from the one about a year ago (April?)
  9. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    I'm in the 6/1 open house as well, best of luck to everyone involved.
  10. As I've said if you have a split job that starts in one location and ends in another (which is a lot of the and a good deal of A-Division if you live in Brooklyn you will at best drive to point A and take the subway to point B or vice versa so their the lower end of the seniority still commutes on the subway one way or the other.
  11. As if employees want to be stuck in the tunnel when they have o take a crap and to weigh if caloing RCC is worth a note in your file. And a car doesnt save you when you have a 9hr job where you park at Pitkin and end at 168 at midnight when fast track closes CPW/8TH ave that car does you no good, if anything it's a liability...now you have a 2hr back track plus drive home. Point being employees ride the train all the time. even when they do have cars, you end up driving to a parkable area then taking the train in, unless you have seniority to pick a job with a put in and lay up to the yard.
  12. I took the 7604 exam, when I called DCAS and punched in my social it said nothing was found. Is this because the exam isn't graded or should I be concerned?
  13. EExcellent, thenk you!
  14. Interesting I thought the ASC system qualified as positive train control. Is there no penalty brake for a red signal? Or is it that PTC also has to account for speeding infractions on curves and switches as well?


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