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  1. The point of charging a dollar was to try to cut down on the piles of metrocards by readers which were out of cash and discarded haphazardly then people would just buy a new one. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you refill an expiring metrocard aren't you given one free of charge or given one free when exchanged at the booth?
  2. MTA has been knocking on people's doors since the 70s or 80s, its survived legal challenge and Union protest for better or worse so I don't think that angle will work. They don't come to discover any medical facts about you, they just knock on your door, eyeball that you 'look sick' and are sufficiently miserable.
  3. That is the case for the Subways and you're required to have medical evaluations to return to a safety sensitive position on the LIRR as well. There is also 'pattern analysis' so 'mental health days' come back to bite you. BTW the 'made sense a century ago' in regards to the comingling is pretty dishonest since it was supposed to have been given in exchange for requiring everyone to qualify on all equipment,reducing the size of the roster and not getting a pay raise (and that wasn't a century ago). Also, I don't think anyone who operates an MP15, and MU and a DE/DM will tell you it's basically the same thing. Would the T/Os on here say that running a Work engine and an R160 are the same 🤔 Oh...also the leading cause for B/O absenteeism are Assaults by the Public and vehicular accidents. So I think I figured out where the problem is.
  4. From the current timetable in relation to the first image. AM Peak 57-60 min, Midday 57-63 min. AM Peak 55-61, Midday 58 min. AM Peak 19-21, Midday 20 Min. AM Peak 45-49, Midday 38 min AM Peak 48-52, Midday 49 min X AM Peak 55-60 min AM Peak 50 min early; 55-58 toward the end, Midday 55 min AM Peak (207-Canal, the nearest timing point) 35-39, Midday 37 AM Peak (BPK-50th) 45 minutes, trains have an additional 6 minutes to make it to W4th, interpolate that how you wish. (I swapped the / times for the terminal flip in 1997. ~24 minutes for both AM Peak 37, Midday 40 x AM Peak 27-29 (to TSQ) AM Peak 33-34+, Midday 39-41 In relation to the it is amazing what the trains have been capable of the whole time, and are finally allowed to do. AM peak 39-41, Midday 38+. That's all I have time for, but that's plenty of material to pontificate on.
  5. Yeah so on the test you'll see Red over Red. The Aspect, or name of the signal, is STOP SIGNAL. The indication (what its telling you to do) is STOP.
  6. Depends, some places where a Block Operator/Station Staff was stationed they could signal the crew. But if necessary you'd have to slow down. There are still some 'flag stops' for employees generally the line of sight is good enough that you can just react in the rare instance someone is there.
  7. Spoke to the September class instructor it is supposed 14 for Phase 2 which will make things very difficult to be sure.
  8. Lets see how you guys do with this one. Pre-holiday, right in the heart of rush hour: A train is disabled in Dekalb crossing from A3 to F1 Southbound, that's the trains regular platform to 4th Ave Local line for those of you who don't have the track numbers.
  9. Yes, but just think...itll reduce those hyperventilating articles "zOmg this Engineer made over $80k in OT". So it'll be a political win. No one really cares about the final pricetag, it's all about covering your own back and being able to say 'it wasn't me I did what I was told, look over there'.
  10. If you're trying to prestudy for an employment exam then ignore that post. The indications are wrong and some of the aspects don't exists. Perhaps they did in the 1950s PRR rule book but it won't help you for the test. As for where you can find the information, you'll receive it at the employment overview, the indications are verbatim so don't try to gain an advantage googling around. You'll end up remembering bad info and that could affect your score. You don't have to know the aspect rule numbers. But later you will be expected to know rules verbatim by number.
  11. Oh that reminds me, there is a spot on the corner Skillman Ave and Thomson Ave near 33rd on the where you have an ok view of Harold Interlocking. Won't get any good video but an interesting show.
  12. As others have said, Woodside, Forest Hills is a good place. Mineola is popular, Valley Stream as well. During rush hour Babylon can be interesting.
  13. Supposedly the next class will be 14. Which is going to be unfortunate given that 12 is crowded for class activities.
  14. One thing I noticed, is that lights have adjusted to now cycle to the pedestrian walk for 2-5 seconds which puts pedestrians in the crosswalk as cars start moving as opposed to the simultaneous change where the first car are two will pass the point of conflict before pedestrians reach the area. When you count the dead time between light cycles it may be time to just go full tilt and make an exclusive pedestrian cycle, a lot of congestion results from being unable to complete a turn during a light cycle which backs up the platoon of cars which trickles back to the next intersection then dominoes. A controlled 15-30 second wait may just do the trick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedestrian_scramble
  15. I know there is a lit of automatic resistance to the idea of racism playing a role in everyday life. But I will introduce an idea to the audience: who is more likely to be arrested an LIRR who boards the train without a ticket fully intending to not pay if they arent caught or someone at Rockaway Ave who ducks under. Id say fare beating is farely evenly split in terms of who does it within the MTA.

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