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  1. It was 1000% the TO, name and face is known. The stories are conflating the Conductor of the burned train and the rescue train which is muddying the waters.
  2. Ow my arm, the mean Conductor closed the door on me. It hurts. And even with local recycle a drag is still possible so there'd have to be some mitigation before that could be implemented
  3. Conductors, no. As far as OPTO t/o aren't trained and sight lines in certain stations are questionable as it pertains to safely operating the doors
  4. Yeah doubt it, any scenario that doesn't result in us all dying will allow you and others who are inclined to apathy to declare victory. If the curve does get flattened cases and deaths will be low and a lot of ignorant people will simply say 'see, it wasn't so bad'. A majority of people will not be tested even after known personal exposure and the correct constellation of symptoms, so the known case number is already artificially suppressed; of those people that pass not all will be attributed to the virus. But feel free to post how you think things will play out with some metrics if you're confident in your position.
  5. Someone did the math about who the previous Tw/O had been in contact with a reckon.
  6. Frankly, the MTA spent too much time doing the opposite when they were compelling people to work when they were sick, preventing people from taking precautions to protect themselves or making employees work in areas inhabited by people that had positive results. Just because people aren't dropping like Flies doesn't mean the risk isn't serious, Italy had that same attitude in regards to not 'panicking' over 'slight' illness...and right now their country is melting before our eyes. If this is what it takes to prevent my neighbors from suffering the same fate then so be it and if a few dozen people have to take the Q112 from Rockaway Blvd then OH WELL, BOO HOO.
  7. Then people will just cry that they're being herded in like cattle during Corona virus.
  8. I hear dwell times have been phenomenal lately.
  9. Jamaica, being built as a short-line location and not a terminal cannot support and , in fact during the Rush it can't even support all the service, partly the reason for the Hillside . Also New Yorkers have a well documented history of the express train-dive, all the Hillside people forced onto the will simply run over to the and pack those trains making them even more crowded. There is also the matter of putting all of the East Queens Riders onto the local will cause a ridership shift on the Buses which may not be absorbable by the current surface network and is generally an election loser for anyone within a 3 vote radius of the idea. Things that raise capacity: 1) Loops 2) Adequate crew facilities 3) Cooperative ridership 4) Low-conflict routes for trains entering/leaving service. 5) Reliable enroute service (no brainer) 6) Resilient route structure, for example the QBL should have a crossover for Exp-Local & Local-Exp so that one intransigent passenger doesn't nuke service. There are enough a**holes in New York that this is a persistent vulnerability.
  10. Don't be so sure, between GCT, NYK, HPA and 4 electrified tracks at LIC it's not beyond imagination that through service to ATL will be done.
  11. For the low-low price of an east end Diesel facility, 4 extra tracks in Speonk yard, double track to Smithtown you can bring the Diesel Branches to half hourly services. Write you Senator, checks in an unmarked envelope please.
  12. There is no out east spare factor to speak of, generally the Railroad doesn't have extra crews and cars laying around. In order to even have the equipment to do such a thing you would essentially be stealing from scheduled trains. Given that Speonk would be the nearest Diesel terminal there are no crews on duty except the ones for regular service.
  13. Because people who live out East will have a conniption if they get any hint that "those" people are getting fare cuts to ride "their" trains. Americans need to feel like they're getting ahead and doing better than somebody else, so the idea of someone paying less for the service they rely on is anathema.
  14. The opposite of it is, 'I can tell you to do anything, of course you ran that for me', or more disappointingly...one hand washes the other but when it's time to reciprocate suddenly there's no soap.
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