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  1. It isn't dirt, it's the plastic breaking down in the windshield itself. It's common on the southside due to sunlighting. I wish they'd find a way to fix the squealing suspension. 8hrs of that will drive you mad...20years of it will drive you deaf.
  2. To be fair the current inspection pattern are below the Federally mandated and/or Manufacturer recommended interval. So things aren't being altered to an unsafe level it is even 10 years on some of these systems is well within the life-cycle of the system and the inspection consist of opening them up to make sure 'nothing weird is going on' in there.
  3. My recollection is that the 62nd St transfer to the wasn't completed until the end of those station closures and the ran CI express for most of that time meaning anyone wanting to go to CI via train had to back ride all the way to 36th and then take the West end or go to the and back ride to 18th St. Crowding becomes an issue in that scenario. I have yet to see exactly what they'll take out of service for the fix and fortify but balancing service with one direction going Super-express and the other direction going local with a single track relay is going to make unreliable service. Service was pretty erratic with the original work, imagine adding on having a single pocket where the train basically has to depart whenever it shows up.
  4. Everyone seems like they're willing to study hard and work hard for the results. Someone recently got caught not putting in the effort. Just remember there is no way to beat the system, even if you make the right scribbles on a test you will be found out elsewhere...there is no way to beat the system, you either know it or you don't.
  5. They'd have to stop filing suit for injunctions for that to happen. Look at how much Floral Park was able to hold up 3rd Main Track. Also EMUs wouldn't gain as much as you think without basically rebuilding the line.
  6. It was late 2001-2002. I'd say an 18 year gap is more than reasonable. Now I will say, the Sea Beach Riders who had to deal with the temporary stations took a decent hit, but this service outage shouldn't effect the same group in terms of Peak Service. Intra Sea Beach ridership will feel it however. The people who will actually get hit by this are Brighton, anyone at CI for Broadway will jump on the which will be fun...
  7. There is only one supplement for since 8/30 that I can see.
  8. I'm aware of that, the person in the tweet however is spreading mis-information. I would hope someone who has 30 years in the MTA would know how to read a sentence and a supplement...*sigh* That doesn't sit right that solely the GTs are the cause, if there are GTs enforcing the maximum speed for an area (not going to debate whether this speed may be technically correct) then it has to be accounted for in the run time, if its a merge close behind another train where the signal may not be readily displayed then that allowance needs to be accounted for. However, what I suspect is the other that leaves Stillwell at 7:23 wasn't held since @CenSin only reports pass 1 train. @CenSin, is this correct or an omission? That I could believe since the GTs would then enforce a lower speed to allow simultaneous approaches to the junction
  9. Inaccurate (disingenuous?) reading of the Subject line. It says Run Time Adjustments AND Inauguration of they are two coincident events not one related event. You can even clearly see the G.O for only supplements 3 lines. Very interested in where he's getting the 'regular interval' number from, I pulled up the Supplement and the base schedule as well as the public schedule dated from June and there have been 6 R trains since at least a year at Roosevelt between 7a-759a and there are 9 at 36/4th so I can't find the same numbers he's claiming, although its ambiguous what station he's referring to for the since he indicates two different ones. Either way 9 trains between 8a-9a in the indicated supplement, you mind asking that guy what exactly he's talking about?? The number of trains in S1087 S01 (which is from April) = Trains in the nominated times in S180, which is the---not related to <F>---Supplement going into effect. Care to ask that guy what he's talking about?
  10. 🙊 Conductor Kidding aside, the M9s are ridden by management as they're still in a test phase. So needless to say the guy got it pretty quick. I don't understand why people get bent out of shape over people taking pics, there's literally a camera to 204 at every station and one in the cab pointed right at you. 🤷‍♂️ Onto a completely unrelated note there are like 2 couples I see everyday, including the one at 9:04 in the video who make out like the apocalypse is coming...I just want to know how its possible to be that enthusiastic about commuting that they need to express themselves so rigorously.
  11. Or maybe some people start at 9 and want their coffee. Or just get to work a little early.
  12. That's more of a value question, is the amount of good you're doing on Culver offsetting the relatively empty trains that will be going from 50th St to 96th Ave. Then the future question, when---eventually---the starts running, will you be willing to have to rescind those trains (OMG ANOTHER NYCT SERVICE CUT) and suffer the consequences of that action?
  13. I think the sentiment still holds, you assigned a moral value judgement over several posts that using PTO was wrong. The Company does not allow a reasonable time off in my opinion, and the incentive for sick days is heavily weighted on the side of using them since unused time gets paid back at a pittance when compared to just calling out at least you got the time off. As for maintaining strength is on the right track. If leadership turns into an ole boys club you effectively dont have a union.

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