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  1. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    In the test today we were told it wpuld be a 3 month cycle starting in September.
  2. I imagine the DMs fail because they are trying to draw current for the traction motor and generate the HEP for the entire train through two contact shoes?
  3. Jsunflyguy

    The Jamaica Line (8-1-18)

    The should be the Myrtle Express East/South bound, it would remove a conflict at Myrtle.
  4. They just remembered that they planned to shut down the tracks a few weeks ago and now they just pulled the rug out from everyone. It's a really pathetic showing. https://ny.curbed.com/2017/1/20/14337226/n-train-tunnel-shutdown-repair-nyc-subway
  5. Probably realized it was a bad idea to encourage the train load of people to try to take the bus.
  6. Transit documentation discourages the use of buses to supplement a subway issues in similar circumstances due to capacity disparity, that may play a role.
  7. Anyone know how long challenging a disqualification letter takes. Mailed mine last month, radio silence.
  8. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Same number and I was in the Monday overview.
  9. I got beaten within an inch of my life with a metal pipe and robbed in front of an MTA bus in '07. Freakin' Bloomberg...AND the Driver asked me to pay when I escaped onto the bus...
  10. Run them over I guess?
  11. Jsunflyguy

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    It's not a question of can't...it's a question of how fast the sign will be destroyed or unsync with the network and not be fixed for 6 months...🤨
  12. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    What day is the test associated with that overview? That works a lot better with ny RDO
  13. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    S&D Overview 7/14 Good luck guys!
  14. That's what I thought as well 46 buses feed the 7am Ferry with as many as 3000 people plus a few hundred more on the train. You're pushing the limits of what older ships like the JFK (with a 3500 pax capacity) are capable of, so if you have 5-10 buses run hot and dump the 715's pax on the 700 things may get dicey if one of those little boats is out for the Rush. I know getting parked sucks, but we can't complain about how the MTA isn't on time then criticize them for running to schedule. Even if the bus does get in per usual at 658, can the average pax make the 7am boat doubtful. Is the 7am cast off time or doors closing time?
  15. Jsunflyguy

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That's fine, we'll see. But nothing precludes CBTC from doing commanded speed drops in place of timers. Although some timers could be removed if the MTA's odd signal policy such as having timers that protect switches even in their normal position---which is frankly insane---is revised.


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