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  1. I know cold weather plans usually lead to underground express being terminated for layups, but when did they start killing the express...not that its much an express run, but all the same. MTA Service Status Service Change Posted: 03/21/2018 4:43PM trains are running local between Marcy Av and Myrtle Av in both directions because of the NYCT Winter Weather Plan.
  2. The signal system is based on a different braking rate than currently exists. The overlaps between trains are based on the maximum attainable speed, therefore the waya to correct this error is to install timers lowering the maximum speed, increase brake performance or create longer signal blocks...mta has chosen... Do bear in mind the R160 may limit the *propulsion* at speed, that does not prevent acceleration due to gravity so a train could theoretically accelerate. As for timing devices working on which way the points are set, wheel detectors do work in this way only activating when the controlled switch is reversed (or normaled), even diverging routes may activated timers although why some are constantly in force is baffling.
  3. I was out and about all day today and it seemed that morning buses were running with Chains on from this morning, when do the MTA and NYC bus start putting them on? It just seemed odd since the storm wasn't expected until 1am.
  4. With the high wind and freezing rain conditions I'd imagine we'll lose the Rockaway branch at some point tomorrow, and a 45mph wind out of the North East will be sure to add a chapter to everyone's favorite book: A Tree Grows in The Middle of Dyre Ave.
  5. It can't be an filling a gap in service if it continues express...it can only be a blockage...or a wrong lineup, though the train would continue express.
  6. This is true,however the purpose of SAS is to siphon off riders from Lex; so having the station at 7th/8th will attract riders from Alphabet City if/when the line reaches Brooklyn and the Bronx, right now it is a coin flop on whether people should walk to Astor Pl or the SAS stations at 14th/Houston
  7. This routing is in line with the 2nd Ave Elevated which had an express stop at 14th then continued express to Chatham Sq near Houston, I'd estimate the in-between stations were low use hence the relatively long express run in lower Manhattan. Given the profusion of bars, theaters and 2 large apartment complexes I'd acquiesce to an infill stop at 8th.
  8. Conceptually, the rear of a train is protected by two red signals, the red signal furthest behind the train is the only one with the trip arm up. The overlap between the tripping signal and the back of another train is such that a train going at the max possible speed would be tripped and stop prior to impacting the other train (plus a safety margin). This is why when you look at a diagram the control lines of signals will extend two signals ahead, or even beyond that to another track circuit or switch depending on the gradient involved. GT and ST signals can be used to reduce a train's speed and the length of these control lines as they "prove" the train is only going at a certain speed. This is why ST signals allow trains to close in on one ahead, even allowing one to be entering the platform while the other is leaving...in theory. Timers also tend to clear slower than posted so the uncertainty in that regard is actually *decreasing* the stopping distance, meaning the uncertainty really leads to slow operating practice, so a train tripped at the correct speed will stop in the safety overlap at the very least, unless of course the MTA changed the performance of the trains without thinking about it again.
  9. Because no one resists? Its a very big risk to dump on Transit employees who will have no protection most of the time.
  10. Exactly, and not everyone is willing to go around beating the crap out of people as a regular part of work.
  11. The normal shuttle at that hour runs both tracks, both directions.
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The T/O lost credibility when they said running trains into stations at full speed was a safety hazard to customers, which is madness. If someone is going to leap onto the tracks it'll happen even if you're at restricted speed/extreme caution. The T/O in question also doesn't seem to understand how the general operation works, putting down 20 minutes on every train would cost HUNDREDs of trips every day, this in the era where there are timers are everywhere and trains seem to rarely get above 30mph. They also bring up aviation just "missing" trips, which is not true, we do 10-12hr rest periods (or even less) depending on the operation. 16hrs is unreal and frankly insane. Not to mention when one crew times out we don't just sit around and cancel the trips, contrary to common belief cancelling a flight is a significant event that actually has to be justified. Whoever wrote this of course clearly has an agenda an is only evaluating the Railroad from their own, selfish perspective.
  13. Trained? Rumor has it the R179 training is a TSS rides along and says "looks good" and then you do the other half solo hoping for the best. lol
  14. The fact the DA pressed charges with this evidence just reinforces whose side they're on.


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