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  1. Jsunflyguy

    QBL CBTC: I need an explanation...

    18th Isn't a long term solution with the express eventuality, so 2nd Ave would be it. As far as the running 26tph all the timetables show 21 TPH and in a quick skim of old timetables I haven't seen any example of anything above that number being utilized but I welcome any information you have. The is also an example of how important physical infrastructure is, the 3rd rail system certainly counts in that regard since it requires new equipment, power lines, generators etc. If you mean physical rails the Pocket Track in Myrtle (which turns ~30% of the trains during rush hour) was put in service in 2004 during CBTC installation, so the gains of CBTC weren't purely signal related. I'm not saying to build the IND 2nd System but things like moving the crossovers closer to the platform at JC, a crossover west of 71st so the / can go local and come back express when it's hitting the fan without having to use the local platform at 71st...things that can be done within the existing ROW just as Myrtle Ave was.
  2. Jsunflyguy

    QBL CBTC: I need an explanation...

    I left out the words per hour purposefully. I mean these will add a handful of trains, and won't be cost effective until other improvements are made as well. Consider QBL, the / won't be adding trains, the 71st fumigation and relay rodeo barely works as it is. The to JC won't be getting them because, in the last 30 years we never got around to making it a proper terminal. So as you point out it will be the (or more 179th St trains) that will add trains, but back to the earlier problem, when Coney Island was rebuilt in the early 2000s we, again only built a terminal for 12 trains per hour which is why King's Highway turns 30% of the trains already, so how many more trains can be put on QBL? As many as Kings Highway can handle. If we're lucky we'll get a few more 179th trains. In the end a lot of smoke, not a lot of fire.
  3. Jsunflyguy

    QBL CBTC: I need an explanation...

    You have reached the stumbling block, some of it doesn't work until all of it works. ALL needs to include better capacity terminals, which is nowhere on the horizon, so it'll be 2-3 trains here and there. It's the same issue we have coming in aviation with NEXTGEN, everyone is pushing it as the solution but it doesn't alleviate the limiting capacity factor, which is runway availability. Enroute Capacity needs to be uniform for these things to be effective, and terminal capacity needs to be sufficient to take advantage.
  4. Jsunflyguy

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    The Agency had every line under a GO for 4th of July and last XMAS IIRC, don't think that stuff matters to them.
  5. Never seen them flat out say struck by a train.
  6. If the SAS ever leaves Manhattan it would be to join the Fulton Line at Court St/Hoyt or the SIR in St George. Getting the line up the Williamsburg Bridge requires land and space that, at current, I don't think is plausible to attain.
  7. Governor Murphy better get on PR for this. I know he's stuck holding the bag for the past few years but this is one of those political killers that the public will tar and feather a POL for.
  8. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    S&D was 8/20. I will add that to the post when I get back to the desktop.
  9. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Interview 9/12 Phase1 10/10
  10. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    The ZONE A will be on there.
  11. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    My interview is tomorrow but my S&D was 8/20. The good news is if you haven't heard you failed, it ain't over.
  12. Jsunflyguy

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    I applied as soon as I became qualified in 2012; and to hear the current employees tell it, they can't get their kids in for blood nor money.
  13. Bringing in my Aviation perspective the public doesn't digest the word "Emergency" very well and considering the relative frequency of the occurrence (some events which cannot be prevented by the MTA). I can just hear it now "you know MTA, if you have an emergency everyday maybe you're the problem". It's a PR door best left closed in my opinion.
  14. Jsunflyguy

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    It's very amusing, the way Transit construction or destruction is always expected to pay for itself with increased revenues elsewhere depending on what's politically convenient.
  15. Jsunflyguy

    Subway tunnel levels - G Line

    This is a scale drawing, though difficult to read. This is what a 'typical' IND construction of the era was like. https://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/Jay-Smith_Street_and_Fulton_Street_Subway_(1934)


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