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  1. Hello! Have you heard anything yet? Someone mentioned theres a class in march and there's a #1600's in the class. how does that work?

  2. For final processing its only email or can you receive a letter for that too?
  3. We all in the same boat. We might all be in the same training. Mine is 146*.
  4. Just called and they are up to 1388 for final processing. They are still filling the Feb 17th class. She said they definitely anticipate more classes but she doesn't want to say because sometimes they can cancel it and she doesn't want people to be upset. Saying but Ms. Watson said blah blah blah. So trust they have more classes coming.
  5. PSA!!!! MTA is up to 1315 for final processing.
  6. Good luck! What day do you have to go in for PE?
  7. Congratulations the job is yours! Don't worry about that off the books job, you really didn't have to even tell them about it since it was off the books. They know a lot of ppl work off the books sometimes. Also if you don't mind asking do they have classes for March, April and how many vacancies available.
  8. Left at 4. See thats why i don't play about getting there early. Got there at 6:40. They let us upstairs at 7:00am and was number 12. Got out at 9:40. What's your list #
  9. I think she's not being honest about her list number because when i looked it up its a man with that number. Why lie tho? Its a friend of a friend

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