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  1. Hey i just spoke to Mrs Watson from MTA. She said that they do have vacancies at the moment. She told me that if you got the call than you should've gotten an email too and to check the spam. So i did as she said and yup it was in my spam. The email have a copy of the application so print it out just in case you dont get in time for Friday. I truly forgot to ask her about the classes ughh.
  2. Thanks, I'm going to get my printout tomorrow or friday. I still have the packet from the last time i went in for pre-employment.
  3. Okay so if all things go well you should definitely be in the next class. Whenever that should be. Mines is 146* so i still have a lil wait. Hopefully not a long wait. I'm wondering how many classes they approved and how many ppl they're looking to hire asap. Goodluck and keep us posted.
  4. FYI everyone!!! I just got a call from MTA an automated message saying i should receive a letter in the mail soon for pre-employment. My name has been reached on the list. It Also said if I do not receive the letter I should still report to MTA Thursday January 23rd to start the process. Yayyyyyy
  5. How is that possible? I thought once you got hired and didn't passed your probation it was over. So if you get terminated and the list still active you can just jump back on the list in front of everyone or what? Plz explain if you don't mind. No disrespect but how is that fair to the ones still waiting to be called for the 1st time?
  6. Hmmm I guess no one is sharing new info anymore or no one from this forum has been called back
  7. 347-643-8210
  8. Good to hear. My list # is 14** and I waiting to see when they will call me for another drug test. Has anyone been called back yet for 2nd drug test?
  9. True but unless a it's a mass retirement they wont get to 10K. It's been over an year in half and they are close to what list #? Like I said b4 anything can happen, but let's be realistic. What list number are they up to and when was the list establish exactly again?
  10. Realistically if they keep the same pace with hiring I say 4000-5000. It also depends if ppl retire or promote to other jobs. Anything can happen but getting to 10K won't happen
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