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  1. Well we heard different from the union when we got hired last month. Union told us probation won’t start until the list is established.. I don’t know why we are getting two different answers in regards to this. Which is the right answer?
  2. You get your metro card & LIRR/MetroNorth pass first day of orientation. It will say either LIRR or metro north on your metro card along with your picture in it.
  3. Not 100% sure, but I don’t think the LIRR to Atlantic runs early at that time. You might wanna double check. I think the earliest LIRR train to Atlantic leaves around 630 and gets there at 655.
  4. The TSS, instructors, recommend that we take public transportation because if there is a train delay you have to get the train car number and give it to them so they can investigate the nature of the delay, thus, you won’t get penalized for being late. However, if you drive in and there’s traffic, accidents, etc, then they hold that against you. Remember 3 lateness and you get fired. BTW parking sucks because of the street cleaning. One more thing to remember, school starts at 7am. let’s say you take the train which is scheduled to arrive at the stop you get off at 645am and there was a delay then you’re covered. BUT, if that train is scheduled to arrive at 659am and there is a train delay, you’re not covered because you would of been late regardless of the train delay I would recommend take public transportation because you won’t have the headache of looking for parking and you’re covered if train is late if you would of made it on time. Besides, you can take a nap or study while you take public transportation, just don’t fall asleep and end up in Coney Island lol.
  5. Btw, I called earlier today in regards to Monday start time for HR orientation at Montague St. It’s 8am.
  6. Yes Montague St. I’m assuming it’s at the same time, 7am, but I will call on Thursday to confirm.
  7. Just received an email of an address change for July 9 HR orientation class
  8. Yea those steel toe tims looks like they weigh a lot
  9. From the website for the boots we have to order, anyone have any recommendations on which boots are most comfortable?
  10. Was there from 7am-4pm.. they check your vision, ekg, hearing, height & weight, urine test for your sugar level, and doctor does a physical on you. Doctor measures your neck size to see if you’re at risk for sleep apnea.
  11. Got hired yesterday.. Did medical & final processing yesterday.. going in for July 9 class
  12. Thanks. I have to choose between MTA T/O & Sanitation.. I guess my deciding factor will be on who has better benefits & pension. Even tho a buddy of mines said that Sanitation is the best city job
  13. Anyone knows who has better benefits & pension. Either MTA T/O or Sanitation?
  14. I also got email for Medical this Monday June 11.. List number low 300s
  15. Oops my bad. I meant to say I went for pre employment on 5/16 & waiting for the medical

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