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  1. As a conductor absolutely. There's the obvious of not having to make announcements, along with the local recycle NTT's have, the adjustable seat and there's more leg room along with a bigger window which for me at 6'2 is important. I've banged my head many times on the R46's. With that said the R46's are the best SMEE equipment, or atleast my favorite to work on in the B div they're not terrible trains, but overall I'd take a R160 any day of the week. The R143's are hands down my favorite trains to work out of both divisions.
  2. "Quite a few" is a bit of a stretch. Most of the 160's left at CI are used on the on The other day on the line my partner asked the dispatcher if we would get 'lucky' and he laughed right in our faces. There was nothing but 46's on the road. @MarkGuy Thanks! I'm just as confused as you are it still hasn't sunk in fully haha.
  3. I’ve heard the line referred to Alpha along with Apple on the radio. And the line is referred to as George not Gulf. Random: I was so happy to snag a Siemens 160 on my last half on the Nancy today. I don’t mind the 46 equipment, but it’s nice to get a break on a tech train and they’re so much more comfortable. Well all tech trains except for the 179’s, I’d rather a SMEE
  4. As long as the NOE stated no work experience was required you should be fine. I started at 21 as a conductor with no prior work experience.
  5. As these trains come in road crews will be qualified on them, alot of people who work on the line have jobs on the line aswell. Hopefully the R142/262 fleet and the 7th Av/Lex CBTC systems are cross compatible and I'm sure the engineers behind those projects will look into this. It's almost expected for a train to run via the west side because of an incident on Lex. Looking at the train itself I'm not really a big fan of the mockup it'll probably look better in person, however I'm still ecstatic for these trains and wonder when can we realistically see them built/placed into service. I'm tired of the hot car situation every year on the along with how uncomfortable those cabs are on the way 62/a fleet. They've had their time...
  6. The cabs inside the trains are horrible too, I’ve ruined some of my shirts and coat from placing my arm on the windows.
  7. The train doesn’t have to be cleaned out at Bowling Green. It’s no different than the current setup at BB on the and provided the crew made proper announcements most people will be off the train at Fulton Street.
  8. Man those AM jobs that drop out at Burnside are the ish, those are usually the heavy hitter penalty jobs and the WAA is beautiful lol. Am crews atleast when I worked one of those jobs start up at Woodlawn make a trip down to Utica and on our way back we drop out at Burnside. Midnight crew go from WDL-NLTS and on their last half (2nd trip) from Utica they drop out at Burnside.
  9. More than likely you're going to the B division. Currently there's a shortage of conductors in the B, so much so that they've been recruiting conductors who don't have picked jobs in the A division to come over.
  10. C/R. I start posting on Monday & thanks.
  11. Thanks bro. I volunteered to come over as XX so we'll see, but I'm hoping they keep me AM's like I was in the A. Gotta little "seniority" under my belt so I hope they'll be nice lol. Haha thanks for your kind words, Trainmaster. Yes times have definitely changed, now the B div is the one with all of the dinosaur equipment. Also It definitely is like a big family in the A I've been down here for almost a year and a half now and I've built bonds with some of the crews and supervisors that are stronger than the bond I have with some of my blood relatives. I have to do over three decades until I can retire due to my age so I just want to learn as much as possible and move up. Hoping to retire as a schoolcar TSS. Oh yeah and I'm not even surprised about that story about that Supt making people walk his dogs. Nothing surprises me down here anymore lmao,
  12. Lol that's what I'm worried about, I heard stories about how they get down in the B div lmao it's like family in the A. Then to add icing to the cake when the TSS's were explaining drum switches on the 32's and BCO's my head started spinning. Hopefully stuff will start to kick in once we go into the field.
  13. Start my "A" to "B" transfer tomorrow, I'm a nervous wreck lol.
  14. @TM5 my first time hearing this also. I have no clue why that site refers to it as that however we officially don't refer to the A division as the northern division. We do have two 'districts' within the A div East side GC and West side but that's mainly for job picking purposes. The B div does have a "North" district though. Drifting back to topic, just as I was thinking about drifting over to the B div to work the & lines they want to put that junk back on those lines . Grrr
  15. From our “operational” standpoint it really isn’t much different. A train is a train and an MDC is an MDC at the end of the day.The reporting locations and the fact that I might have to give up my tour/rdo’s is swaying my decision tho... Every School car TSS I spoke with told me the 1 & 6 will make you a real conductor. Them lines almost made me quit lol real talk. Not tryna get too off topic here. I think it may be safe to say that the next few classes that get hired will get forced into the B div though so keep that in mind to you hopefuls who are close to being called.
  16. This is the second notice they’re putting out too. They’re probably going to start drafting ppl from the bottom of the xx list if they don’t get enough volunteers.
  17. I've been AM's with Sun/Sat for a year and some change now and I get decent jobs for the most part, don't want to risk going over there and having my tour/rdo's changed. I called earlier and was told I keep my "seniority" but being XX we're subject to have our tour/rdo's changed on a weekly basis. I've heard that they've been ABD'ing intervals over there due to the lack of personnel. It's crazy
  18. It’s like being in a dungeon. It’s a dark Small cramped room with no cell service, and the AM dispatcher is a piece of work... Sidenote: B division is looking for XX conductors from the A to transfer over. I’m really strongly considering it, but the A div crew office has been treating me amazing.
  19. If he has to have his name put back on the list it sounds like they did more than "kick" him off the road, sounds like he got terminated.
  20. I’m not disputing what you’re saying, however what the other poster is saying may very well be true that person is probably new and we’re human at the end of the day we make mistakes from time to time. When I was brand new a lot of my instructors tried to sway me from relying on strip maps. When you’re being bounced from line to line daily while still trying to learn the job you can slip up from time to time. It happens. I hope that poster has the privilege of making a mistake on their job without the accusations of being drunk.
  21. Usually they’ll discharge the train and then we’ll pick up an RCI (road car inspector) somewhere along the route to see if he/she can correct the issue. If they can they’ll usually put the train back in service again.
  22. The same crew office that assigned me to take a track safety course from 3-11PM, then gave me a 4am road job the next day? Shid lol.
  23. They're running a supplement schedule this weekend.
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