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  1. The highest that may ever go to is 15 Miles but the first thing they would have to do is recalibrate the timed homeball after the switch, that clears around 5-8 miles.
  2. Timers (2 shots) after that sweeping curve & downgrade past Houston Street, after the curve if I remember correctly there are 3 automatics before time control begins. I take the first set of 2 shots at 33 mph, others I see are already doing it around 25 or even 20 mph through the first set! Then timers get more restrictive as you go through passing Canal you have to drop your speed into your early twenties around Franklin St until you are down into your teens around X30 Ball then you have the hooligan in Chambers St all 2 shot grade timers through that area. The timers that I hate are going into Park Place they are set for GT15 yet you have to crawl really really slow at them until they clear which slows things down.
  3. One top of the cutting page in the manual it says "The procedure of uncoupling, or cutting, cars MUST be performed in the correct sequence. Prior to uncoupling, the entire consist must be inspected." Also in the R62 portion it states "Pilot valves must be checked by charging the train at each end and all potential operating positions."
  4. Its in the download section on the bar at the top of the page
  5. They give it to you when you as a physical copy when schoolcar starts but they have it on this site for download
  6. Old School IRT signals been phased out for a while now, only few more signals you will be learning for A Division are the Gap Filler Signals. Depending on your instructors some may prefer the guide or rulebook which may differentiate. Gap Filler Signal: Rulebook & Signal Guide, major difference! Some might say both is okay but its better to go for the rulebook which is very direct & clear.
  7. That's done by seniority, after schoolcar when you are released to the road you are "extra" so you will have no choice in picking what jobs or lines you want to work on in your subdivision. A couple of years in title you can start picking jobs that suit you and days off, but to have RDOs on S/S (weekends off) it takes way more time since those are gone fast by people with higher seniority.
  8. Transit also had plans years ago to retire the R32 by 2000...
  9. Old School Safe Train Operation Guide & a lil something from A Division
  10. When you have a red signal with the stop arm in the tripping position (let's say a red automatic signal) keying is a procedure that allows you to pass the signal without getting tripped. This can only be done when the Rail Control Center authorizes it, it can also be done without their permission ONLY IF there is a sign that reads "AK" on which stands for authorized key by or if the signal is in a yard or storage track. You first stop before the signal which would generally be 15ft or at the IJ marker on the 3rd rail. Call control then if they allow you to key by you move up very shortly past Insulated Joint stop then observe the stop arm go down. Lots of automatics are equipped with 10 second key bys which takes 10 seconds for the stop arm to clear. After that you proceed with restricted speed and extreme caution. It's easy just 2 things to remember, sure you have permission to key when necessary & be careful creeping onto the IJ that you don't take too much power and bang the signal.
  11. Public Lewdness as well. He flashed himself many times to females on the train, even when surfing in the back of it!
  12. Damn that seems rough, hell even the first time going down the road in schoolcar, stuff like this makes people really think if they wanna come down here and do this for a living, there are way too many 12-9s lately.
  13. Conductor gotta dezone & change positions so the new position can already be established for the opposite direction.
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