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  1. That's done by seniority, after schoolcar when you are released to the road you are "extra" so you will have no choice in picking what jobs or lines you want to work on in your subdivision. A couple of years in title you can start picking jobs that suit you and days off, but to have RDOs on S/S (weekends off) it takes way more time since those are gone fast by people with higher seniority.
  2. Transit also had plans years ago to retire the R32 by 2000...
  3. Old School Safe Train Operation Guide & a lil something from A Division
  4. When you have a red signal with the stop arm in the tripping position (let's say a red automatic signal) keying is a procedure that allows you to pass the signal without getting tripped. This can only be done when the Rail Control Center authorizes it, it can also be done without their permission ONLY IF there is a sign that reads "AK" on which stands for authorized key by or if the signal is in a yard or storage track. You first stop before the signal which would generally be 15ft or at the IJ marker on the 3rd rail. Call control then if they allow you to key by you move up very shortly past Insulated Joint stop then observe the stop arm go down. Lots of automatics are equipped with 10 second key bys which takes 10 seconds for the stop arm to clear. After that you proceed with restricted speed and extreme caution. It's easy just 2 things to remember, sure you have permission to key when necessary & be careful creeping onto the IJ that you don't take too much power and bang the signal.
  5. Public Lewdness as well. He flashed himself many times to females on the train, even when surfing in the back of it!
  6. Damn that seems rough, hell even the first time going down the road in schoolcar, stuff like this makes people really think if they wanna come down here and do this for a living, there are way too many 12-9s lately.
  7. Conductor gotta dezone & change positions so the new position can already be established for the opposite direction.
  8. https://abc7ny.com/mta-conductor-stabbed-following-dispute-on-nyc-subway-platform/5262899/ Assaults are never ending in New York City Transit, it is scary having to deal with things like this. These assaults are starting to go up heavily unfortunately.
  9. TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano is warning transit workers of a possible serial attacker targeting women on the job. “Bus Operators should keep their windows closed and Train Conductors should make sure they are wearing their goggles and immediately shut their windows if someone approaches on a platform,” Utano said. “We will do everything we can to help the police catch this disgusting individual and put him in handcuffs.” A female No. 6 train conductor was punched in the face and splashed with a liquid believed to be urine at the Brook Ave. station Friday morning at about 10:40 a.m. A female Bx1 Bus operator was splashed in the face with urine at East 138th Street and Grand Concourse, which is about 15 blocks away. You can see the news report on that incident here. Utano is asking the NYPD to increase their presence along the No. 6 line and bus routes in the area. If the attacker’s image was captured on video, Utano said TWU Local 100 will flood the area with the image along with an appeal to members of the public to call the police if they recognize the individual. “This abuse of transit workers is outrageous,” Utano said. “No other group of workers gets treated like this.” The assailant was described as a black male, about 5-feet-7 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds, wearing a Navy sweatshirt with a hood, khaki pants and red sneakers. http://www.twulocal100.org/story/union-warns-possible-serial-attacker-targeting-transit-women?fbclid=IwAR15Sz9ordom_Plkd0zqWr0KiaZfdTRnU09p7fixpqvCekEt43c1-KGMaRY
  10. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-subway-conductor-pregnancy-suit-20190329-llgkltcbhvhnnomj4k3cslkydi-story.html?fbclid=IwAR0XPGmsbUKlF3wsM4_le-0pDDIpbyhzFqj0AglRyTdjVAyoCcf_ZMVMFnk Messed up but this been going on for years and it needs to stop.
  11. Lmao you should see how C Division is 😅
  12. Ross is a very very great person one of the best from East NY if I may say!
  13. Nice! Good luck on that exam 😉
  14. Mostly depends on where you live since you are in Brooklyn your better off picking the B Division due to most of the terminals being over there and that will make your life way easier. If that doesn't really matter to you then I'll describe the divisions to you. A Division is packed tight with close headways and short running times especially Lexington Avenue It had less equipment and most terminals are in The Bronx. Rush hour is tougher due to HEAVY crowds and many trains running and other scenarios. Also if 1 thing goes wrong your whole trip might be screwed such as a stalled train or gap fillers not coming out at 14th, so generally it pretty tough at certain times. B Division is more laid back with the times between trains and it doesn't stress hard at times like A Division does. It has more trains, lines and routes. It is more old school with towers leaving you to the responsibility of receiving your own line up. Schoolcar is longer here and the routes are longer. In the A Division you only amount to 3 trips max except the 7 line where it has 5 and B Division will have generally have 4 trips. So all in all you can choose any division you feel like if you get the choice but if I were you, I'd pick the B Division for easier travel reasons.

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