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  1. It’s weird because I go to the MTA employment website and there is a new posting for locomotive engineer trainee again. I immediately emailed my recruiter and she said she will let me know when there is a class scheduled. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. Any idea when that’s going to be over?? I was supposed to start engineer class for Metro North at the end March and of courseeeeeeee it gets canceled. 🤦🏽‍♂️😯
  3. BUMP So did you guys qualify yet?? You guys just left the thread in limbo. I just called the BSC to schedule for my attention test. Can anybody give some insight?
  4. How long is the test score valid for??? Is it a year too?
  5. I always look for those other positions but never seem to see them posted.
  6. Now that I'm thinking back I did have a moving violation that is still pending but I think there was a question like if I had any moving violations and I put no so maybe??????? idk.
  7. There wasn't any real clear reason. They said they decided to go with other candidates. I passed the test and i felt like I did well on the interview guess that wasn't good enough ehhh. I did put I was terminated from a previous job so maybe there it goes right there which isn't fair but who am I right? I wont give up though this is what I want to do.
  8. Got my rejection letter today...best of luck to those who made it.
  9. Some did... I went and haven't received any word yet on my status. Still in limbo I guess.
  10. Right crossing my fingers. I don't know if I should apply again to the posting thats out now.
  11. Did you get a email for the background check before they told you about coming in on the 29th?
  12. Anybody that went to the recent orientation passed?
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