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  1. DEAD. ON. ARRIVAL. No need for a B47 limited. Plainly mis-management going on with that line. What the (MTA) really need to do is re-instate the B78 and let it work the southern most part of the route. Kings Plaza to Rutland Road (3)(4). Let the B47 work the northern part of the route. St.Johns Place to WoodHull Hospital or Graham Avenue (L) station.

    Hell, I might as well propose a resurrection of the B78 and the B40

  2. If most of the entrances are actually private property, I don't know how much leeway the MTA has in installing equipment in those areas.


    IIRC the MTA actually tries not to install countdown clocks at the entrances themselves, because they don't want to encourage people making that last dash for the train in case they end up tripping down the stairs, hurting themselves and suing the MTA.

    Thats hilarious. As if falling down the stairs isn't your own damn fault :D

  3. I had a dream where I was checking the ridership stats next year and saw that the B82 was 10th in the city. Given the B82 is not a route I have any experience with that dream might have been some kind of omen.


    HAHA. Maybe it'll be with the SBS coming in :D

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