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  1. 3 hours ago, XcelsiorBoii4888 said:

    These are one of the first test screens that the MTA used. These are called Strategic (Version 1 in the MTA Screens/Announcements thread). They were used on the first B46 SBS XD40s, 73xx-73xx. They were so bad the MTA didn't install them on other buses, so these are currently OOS. Eventually, they might get replaced with Clever Devices (Version 3), since the other 2015 XD40s are receiving those screens as well. 

    I've seen these used on the recent New Flyers. Would be great if they can get the right tech in there to implement on the older ones as well...

  2. 50 minutes ago, King Transit said:

    My problem is, that sometimes I take it from the C train station on Fulton St. Getting form there up until the 3 train station/passing thru it really feels like riding the B41(being restored). With heaviest bunch and the crowding on the interior of the bus scares me. 

    Yeah. If I'm trying to get the (3) from there. I would stay at the (C) flip it for the (S) and then the (3)...

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  3. On 5/29/2019 at 9:47 AM, Future ENY OP said:

    Just spotted a B47 with a Flatlands Avenue short turn sign. For as long as I’ve lived in Canarsie-East Flatbush the 47 never short turns anywhere. 

    Still, the route needs to be split. The southern part of the route covered by Flatbush and northern part by Grand. 

    Yeah...the 47 is a hectic route. From KP to Bed-Stuy. Yeah they need to split it up again...

  4. From the idiots who brought you the (R) Train, introducing the skip-stop <5> train :D


    Came back from church (86th) on the train. It skipped Hoyt, Eastern Parkway Museum, President (because of repairs), Sterling, Winthrop (because of repairs). I believe we skipped the others because there was ANOTHER (5) behind us. Made for a very fast trip back to Flatbush :D



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  5. 16 hours ago, Bay Ridge Express said:

    I think Bay Pkwy would be better, seeing as that route has higher usage and would avoid the whole traffic jam on Kings Hwy. It could also even be extended to the (D) at 71 or even 13 Av at its fullest potential, but factoring in the fact that the B9 should be left unchanged.

    Maybe via Quintin and then turn left to Bay Parkway and end at the station. Not too sure how they'll terminate tho

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