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  1. Just resplit the B47 to begin with. B40 - Williamsburg Bridge to ENY (Liberty Ave Station) B47 Brownsville (Sutter Ave Station) to Kings Plaza
  2. The is coming soon but I do wonder why there has been no plans to add a <R> or ?
  3. That girl was looking for trouble it looks like
  4. Any chance we see any of these on the BMT Broadway lines? Maybe after the R211 comes over?
  5. I've seen these used on the recent New Flyers. Would be great if they can get the right tech in there to implement on the older ones as well...
  6. Hmm... (Saw these on the 2015 New Flyer BTW)
  7. This was from yesterday. What the f**k?
  8. Yeah. If I'm trying to get the from there. I would stay at the flip it for the and then the ...
  9. True. I would rather have FB handle that route if they can't split it...
  10. Yeah...the 47 is a hectic route. From KP to Bed-Stuy. Yeah they need to split it up again...
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