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  1. Those YouTubers are gonna stockpile on Red Bull now trying to catch them 😂🤣
  2. Probably makes sense during rush hour but I can't see that being used a lot during other times...
  3. It would be safe to assume that it'll use the 3 train as a blueprint tho Could be an interesting route as it runs through Eastern Parkway (B71 memories??)
  4. How about we focus on getting a bus here to LGA instead before we even bother with EWR? 🤣😂
  5. Where the hell are the police and/or towaways? Are they still hung over from last night? 😂
  6. Oohh. That'll help the normal B44 out a lot at least.
  7. What the f*ck? Blast from the past, I guess. I remember getting into an RTS with such a number font but only inside the bus

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