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  1. 5 hours ago, EastFlatbushLarry said:

    again, i ask, why isn't KCC being brought to task to provide for their student base? i don't agree with adding an additional ridership pocket to the 44 sbs when it already has "issues" southbound from Roebling to fulton, etc. having 44's (be it short turn avenue X or U trips) sent to the college during their school hours does no good for the entire corridor. Flatbush Depot was very intuitive in my opinion by having wildcat artic runs from the college to sheepshead bay station, utilizing extra list operators who weren't assigned runs during those hours, which made it "easier" so to speak for the 49's who have to run the full line to maintain mediocrity (and that's being polite) all I'm saying is before we overcompensate KCC by pulling resources from the B44SBS in any fashion, let CUNY pay their way. by the way, the purpose of the the avenue x/U short turns is to maintain headway on Nostrand, rogers & bedford... I'd love to have a run where I'm getting slammed all the way up to the bridge from sheepshead, because i have no headway and no short turn leader due to a avenue x/U trip being sent into the college, then it can't come out on time because those students are holding the doors, trying to let their friends on the bus, tying up that run that used to be my safety net. i experienced that crap on the 49 incessantly, and the 44 already deals with the same problems from hudde jhs, sheepshead bay high school, midwood & madison... so let's add KCC to the mix, why don't we? 

    Exactly my point here. B44SBS already has it problems. No need to add on. I think the B49 should have more LTD buses tho going down there...

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  2. 2 hours ago, aemoreira81 said:

    Staying in Manhattan Beach:

    Just a rumination, but what about establishing a pre-payment station at the loop before Kingsborough? It would be used for all routes originating there, similar to the Orchard Beach bus terminal.

    Also, during peak times of class changes, as well as when Goldstein lets out, select buses should be told to start at the second stop to handle other Manhattan Beach ridership. Also, I have to wonder: might a seasonal B44 SBS branch make sense to relieve the B49, in particular? This would be an extension of several Avenue U short-turns. The season would be September to June, excluding the last week of the calendar year, with reduced service when only Goldstein is in session.

    I mean I don't think they need to send down B44SBSs down there. The B1 and the B4 and the B49 should be enough. Don't forget that there is a B49 LTD as well that pops up every morning to KCC...

  3. On 4/12/2019 at 4:28 PM, R68OnBroadway said:

    Forgive me as I am very unfamiliar with the Brooklyn bus network, but is there demand for an express bus to Manhattan Beach? I'd assume most people now take the bus to Brighton Beach, but is there demand for an express bus?

    No, there is no demand as others said. BM3 is not too far away anyways...

  4. 3 hours ago, The Real said:

    Not even close, when I do update the bus roster it takes me almost 2 hours. Because I go through each Depot double checking stuff that's retired, various movements, double and triple checking various information aside from physically typing out the wiki.

    Quite impressive. I wish I could lend a hand but I'm well out of state :D

  5. 7 hours ago, Railfan 007 said:

    Some folks were unable to view the images the first time, since it was required to sign-in with a google account to view them, so here are the same images, but shared properly without the need for a google account. I apologize for the double posting, as it seems like there is a time limit for editing posts (Today I Learned lol)



    Can't you just use imgur, instead? :D

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  6. 14 minutes ago, ibroketheprinter said:

    For any of you transit workers out there in the audience, how fast do the 4 and 5 go on Lexington Avenue? As a passenger on the early morning trains from Grand Central to 86th, i've noticed that the trains seems to be going pretty fast, but I never knew how fast. 

    Depends on a lot of things there (train traffic, etc.)

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  7. On 2/7/2019 at 9:59 AM, B35 via Church said:

    I would split the B8 before I'd give it a LTD....

    Then if the resultant eastern portion warrants an extension eastward somewhere, well that'd make it a little more plausible.....

    Hmm....I guess that could work


    B8 Brownsville Rockaway/Linden to Newkirk Plaza for the (B)(Q)

    and then B88 Newkirk Plaza (B)(Q) to Bay Ridge 95th St Station for the (R) ?



    Could be better than giving B8 LTD service and having the local stop/start at VA Hospital most of the day.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Chris Alleyne said:

    How sad indeed. BTW, who do you guys think will be the last depot(s) to have the RTS's? I'm guessing Flatbush or ENY.

    Could be ENY because of the (L) shutdown, I expect them to hold on to the RTS for MUCH longer than expected.


    Of course, I'm not complaining :)

  9. 59 minutes ago, lara8710 said:

    I once proposed a LTD route from the Kings Highway (B)(Q) station to JFK to serve that purpose, but a couple of people on this forum disagreed with that idea, arguing that there's not enough demand to warrant it and that it wouldn't be necessary, so I scrapped it.

    I'd rather give LTD service to B15 rather than bother with that, TBF.


    Don't want SBS service on those narrow ass roads on Brownsville/ENY :D

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