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  1. 2 hours ago, BM5 via Woodhaven said:

    With all the SBS routes in Brooklyn, they need to start changing the map colors on the routes colored in dark blue that are not SBS. It's starting to look like mess in Northern Brooklyn, and its already one SE Brooklyn. Also, IDK why they did not separate the B82 local and SBS like they did for the B46. That contributes even more to all the dark blue through the area.

    They got lazy it seems and rushed an edit in on the maps.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, JeremiahC99 said:

    Easy if you live along the route. If not, that would entail two transfers that would cost riders another $2.75 going in one direction. Better to have it run via the Belt Pkwy, and modifying the pkwy to have HOV lanes for them.


    The purpose of the B82 extension to Gateway is to make it easier for those who live in Southern Brooklyn to get to that mall with one or two buses. Having people transfer from their origin bus route (such as the B74) to the B82 then to the B83 will cost them another $2.75. That plan saves the riders money, which could then be used for their shopping adventures there.

    That's too bad for them. You can't get ANOTHER bus on Belt Parkway especially with that traffic. Those people better think of alternative routes quick if they don't want to pay another 2.75. Not my problem. And certainly not worth the (MTA)'s time in extending a route for those people.

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  3. 3 hours ago, East New York said:

    Correction. They do have enough. The remaining buses on EN's delivery list are for local service from what I am being told.

    It only went to the vender to get 7650, which was actually 2 weeks ago now.

    Yeah, they have enough. Even if they need more, they can just borrow from FB. But the orders were sufficient it seems

  4. 5 hours ago, RTSTdrive said:

    All of the exact unit's numbers I forgot about but here they are

    1997-98 RTS: B47 and B6 Limited

    1999 Orion 5 CNG: B103

    1999 Orion 5 Diesel: B47, B60, and Q20A

    1999-2000 C40LF: B8 and B35

    2000 D60HF: M101 Limited

    2003 Orion 7 CNG: B100 and B103 (Funny enough I was actually by Flatbush Junction at around the same time someone took a video of one on it's second to last day of service)

    There are too many to list so I won't even bother :D

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  5. 23 minutes ago, BrooklynBus said:

    You can't say two routes on 7th Avenue is overkill because no extra service was provided. By moving the B69 to 7th Avenue to accompany the B67, they cut B67 service in half destroying that route. They figured people would take which ever bus came first to get to Downtown Brooklyn. How many along 7th Avenue actually use the B69 for Downtown Brooklyn. My guess would be very few. I agree that they should return the former service to 8th Avenue and Prospect Park West. No one lines the new routing except the MTA because it means fewer route miles. 

    That's pretty insane they did that and sent a few more B67s to the Navy Yard. It makes no sense there. But then again, it is the (MTA): They never make sense :D

  6. I'm not too sure if anybody thought about this but having 2 bus routes running along 7th ave (B67/69) is a bit overkill. I would prefer that the B69 returned to its original routing pre-2010. It makes no sense for it to go straight on 7th ave, right on Flatbush, and then to that circle of death that is Grand Army Plaza to Vanderbuilt. The routing on 8th Ave and Prospect Park W made sense to me, IMO

  7. On 9/10/2018 at 12:07 PM, j express said:

    Any delivered subway car takes time to hit revenue service. You can’t just put the train in service right away off the flatbed truck. They have to do through testing and inspection before hitting revenue service. Give it time. 

    Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the R32s and R46s but they'll have to stay for now. Patience is key. Soon, the (A)s will have the NTTs. Not now, tho

  8. 3 hours ago, B35 via Church said:

    Between bustalk, subchat, and RD back in the day, I remember several people claiming that the B17 shot across ENY (av) & up Troy (instead of turning off to fill that service gap b/w the (then) B47 & the B46....

    The B44 SBS was routed onto Rogers to make the route from end to end more DIRECT....

    Turning Utica av into a 1-way street NB to run the SB buses on Schenectady would make the B46/SBS more INDIRECT - Regardless of the fact that buses would serve Utica av subway at the Schenectady entrance....

    Using the argument that there are other routes that run on 1-way streets through Crown Heights is absolutely & completely irrelevant; it does squat to support the foolish re-routing of the B46 onto Schenectady.... People have been complaining about the lack of local bus service on the B46, and you want to make people's commutes that much more worse by prolonging them, heading in that direction....

    Go to bed.

    HAHAHA. Making utica ave into a one-way street. Wallyhorse would be jealous  :D

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  9. On 9/12/2018 at 5:57 PM, trainfan22 said:

    Glenwood road is now a two way street near the Rock Park (L) station, traffic lights installed both ways, yellow lines and SBS machines on both sides of the street.

    Nice. Thank f**k that weird loopy thing is eliminated. That was a complete waste of time for southbound B6/B82

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  10. On 9/6/2018 at 3:34 PM, S78 via Hylan said:

    Since I’m bored, I’ve decided to list multiple  bus routes with the same terminals (or very close to one another), but have different destination readings:









    B70: SUNSET PARK 39 ST-1 AV




    Q35: Brooklyn College Flatbush Ave Sta

    B11: Midwood Flatbush Ave

  11. 20 minutes ago, LaGuardia Link N Tra said:

    I don't get why the (MTA) can't just say that (J) trains are suspended between Crescent and Broad and have (M) service cover for lost (J) service south of Essex. Wouldn't that make more sense?

    It's the (MTA). They never make sense! :D

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