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  1. I noticed that too and the interior LED lights, which shows the next stop, the time, etc are much more brighter than the rest of the other NTT'S. I guess they're trying to accommodate commuters who are visually challenged, lol!!
  2. I agree. ENY doesn't need all those extra 8 car trains.
  3. Let's see what happens, but once the r211's enter service, the MTA won't have no other choice than to have the C and G become full length.
  4. And the other half of the C fleet will most likely consist of full length trains. I have seen an increase of r46s, which is an indication that the C may be partially full length until the r211s.
  5. I'm estimating a month from now, but it could happen sooner or later than a month.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the second 10 car r179 train is ready for delivery, but is waiting for the MTA/Bombardier to give the "green light" so that the delivery can proceed.
  7. It might be the third question, since the MTA still have to reach a 1 car per day goal with the r179's to accelerate the delivery.
  8. 👏👏👏 I guess all the mods done helped.
  9. It should be the last day today, but since February only has 28 days I wouldn't be surprised if the testing continues for two more days.
  10. True. Also, 8th Avenue CTBC will be compatible with the r179's, r160's and r211's. CPW may be part of the 8th Avenue CTBC, which may lead to the B/D lo possibly lose the r68's. QBL CTBC will be compatible with the r211s as well as the r160's. Therefore, some r211's might also go to the F and R. The NQW will eventually lose the r160's, which might go to QBL and/or B, C, D, while the NQW might get the r68's from the B/D, since a good chunk of the r211's will be delivered before CTBC is completed in QBL and 8th Avenue.
  11. I was fortunate to ride the r110A once and the r110B twice. I was a kid at that time. They weren't aesthetically as impressive as the NTTs, and they perform worse than other trains, including the redbirds.
  12. Are you saying that they reset the clock??
  13. If I'm not mistaken, March 10th will be last day of the 30 day passenger testing for the pilot 10 car train. I wouldn't be surprised if the next 10 car train is ready to be delivered, but is waiting for testing to be completed.
  14. Has it been a month since the 10 car train began the passenger testing??
  15. I think the 8 car r179's will leave the C once the r211's enter service. The MTA made a huge order with the r211's and they're all 10 car trains, which will allow the C and G to become 100% full length. BTW Kawasaki is moving fast with the r211's with the test train being delivered in July 2020 instead of December 2020. And the MTA confirm that r62s will be replaced with the r262's with are going to be CTBC and some trains may be open gangway. Hopefully, the MTA learned their lesson with the r179's and choose Kawasaki for the r262's.

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