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  1. I guess the MTA missed another r179 deadline (ALL r179's delivered by this month), but at least progress is still being made.
  2. To make sure that the train is working properly before entering service. It is a safety hazard to put a brand new train in service without being tested first.
  3. Enjoy this clip that I found on YouTube.
  4. Check out the latest r179 delivery video that I found on YouTube.
  5. I'm glad the MTA made the decision of increasing local service along CPW, instead of limiting local service. The reason I am saying this is because there has been weekend where the C has been running express (one way), while cutting service on 1 train past 96th street. There shouldn't be any track work done along CPW, while track work is being done along 7th avenue and viceversa. Also,I think, since ENY still has a surplus of 8car r179's and r160's, that the MTA should consider a possible permanent weekend M train extension past Delancey Street. What do you guys think??
  6. Exactly. I was referring to the C. Although, I was surprised to see all those r160 M trains running on CPW. I'll be in back in NYC. Will the M continue to run along CPW in future weekends? Also, thanks @mine248 for sharing the latest update on the 10 car r179's. How many 10 car r179's are in total. (delivered plus testing/in service)?
  7. I found an interesting r179 video on YouTube. I left NYC a few days ago (summer vacation) and I'm still out of town and I found this r179 video with the M trains running on CPW?? That's kind of odd. Lol!! Anyways enjoy the clip.
  8. For now. It's unlikely that the A will get r160's at the present moment. However, things will change once the r211's enter service. There will most likely be major fleet swaps along the B division (with a few exception) 2 to 3 years from now and anything is possible. The A will definitely be 100% NTT'S by 2022-2023. The question is with what.
  9. I rode an r179 A train uptown. This time it ran faster between 59th Street and 125th street. The r179's are capable of running as fast as the r160's. I guess we just have to give t/o's time for them to get comfortable operating the r179's.
  10. We know and this is related to the r179's. The fact that the r42's are still running may be indication that the MTA and/or ENY don't have a clear idea of what they are planning to do with the surplus of 8 car r179's and r160's. They can't have the NTT'S just sitting in the yard.
  11. What about the train of many metals? It has the slants, r38's, the "million dollar" car, etc, but does it have r42's?
  12. I doubt that the r42's will remain in service in 2020. ENY has a surplus of NTT'S, but I think the r42's won't be scrapped immediately after their retirement. I wouldn't be surprised if the MTA preserve some r42's as museum trains and perhaps even be used to replace the redbirds that are still running on B division garbage trains.
  13. I'm actually surprised that the r42's are still running at this point considering that ENY has all 8 car r160's and most 8 car r179's. Perhaps, the most logical reason is that the ENY r179's are still having issues.
  14. I'm off in regards to the number of 10 car trains that are in the A, but I found a video of perhaps the 5th or 6th (correct me if I'm wrong) 10 car r179 train being tested on the A.
  15. Thank you guys for clarifying the information about train speeds. I agree 100%. As a subway commuter (Lol!!!), I do wish for better subway service. But, I do believe safety is #1 priority for everybody. In fact, I posted a video a while ago about the Williamsburg Bridge crash that happened in 1995. I know many of you weren't born at that time (Lol!),but I remember that terrible accident and trust me guys we don't want a repeat of that.

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