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  1. This YouTube video posted by DJ Hammers is proof that r179 A trains have gone to Rockaway Park. Keep in mind that once all r46's retire, the Rockaway Shuttle will have to use either r179's or r211's, unless the MTA decides 4 or 5 years from now to run all A trains to the Rockaways (splitting the line after Broad Channel), and the C being extended to Ozone Park. The latter plan won't work in the present moment, but with some signal adjustments and track work in the Rockaways plus correct distribution of subway cars on the A/C it may work in the future. Additionally, there is a lot of real estate construction in the Rockaways, which will lead to increase ridership on both sides of the Rockaways in the future.
  2. I found a YouTube video of an r179 C train running to Leffert Blvd due to A train delays. How do you guys feel about a future (post r211) C train extension to Lefferts Blvd with the A going to the Rockaways??
  3. I'm surprised that there are still r42's running on the J. ENY has all 8 car r160's plus most of the 8 car r179's. How many trains do the J/Z need versus how many 8 car trains are available for the J/Z??? I just hope ENY doesn't decide to have NTT's just sitting around in the yard getting dust, when they can be used in other lines.
  4. It seems that the r46's are still making occasional appearances on the C. Here's another r179 clip:
  5. Probably some confusion in regards to train length and perhaps the MTA's decision to "postpone" the plans for making the C and G full length trains until the r211's.
  6. Nope, the C has been running 8 car r179's and r32's.
  7. I guess it is normal for new trains to be taken out of service very often during the first few months of service to inspect them and address any issues. It happened with previous NTT'S. It is better to address them now and not a few years later like it happened with the r46's and r68's during the 70's and 80's.
  8. I'm pretty sure that those 12.4 millions that they saved are being spent doing damage control with the r179's and to maintain the the r32's until the r211's.
  9. I guess the MTA will have to admit that the 1 car per day goal is not going to happen with the r179's.
  10. Awesome!! Did the 4th 10 car r179 got delivered??
  11. Yes (I'm assuming). Once the the train gets to 207, the train has go to where the train schedule says.
  12. Saw one of the 10 car r179's at 125th street going uptown, while I was heading southbound on an r179 C train at about 5:57 pm. Sharing the info in case anyone wants to catch it.
  13. Nope, but it is possible that the M may borrow r179's from the J when it gets rerouted to Broadway Junction or if there is an issue with the J in Manhattan that would cause r179's to get rerouted as M trains to 6th Avenue and beyond, which is rare.

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