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  1. I agree with @Billfrommaspeth and @VIP. The car was closed because it was dirty, (ex: urine, vomit, etc)
  2. To follow up on what you're saying, check out this link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/18/nyregion/staten-island-subway-dreams.html
  3. That's what the MTA said. of course is BS, CBTC should be compatible with all NTT's.
  4. It's an exaggeration. The N/W are very slow subway lines and it has nothing to do with the type of subway car. It's been unreliable with the slants, r68's, r160's and r46's Fortunately, the MTA is planning to install CBTC on the Astoria line, so hopefully that would help increase frequency and perhaps speed on the N/W.
  5. The Astoria line is very unreliable especially during off peak and subway car fleet is not the culprit. Even with the r160's they were unreliable.
  6. True, but the r46's are still needed in the B division and they need to go somewhere between now and the day that the last r46 is retired, which is still a few years from now and if the MTA decides to keep the r46's on the A, F, N, Q, R, W until the r211's, then riders on those lines will have to deal with them.
  7. What is the big deal about the N, Q, W getting r46's?? At least the r46's are in better shape than the r32's and r44's. At least the N, Q, W has gotten NTT's in the past and will eventually get them again, unlike the B, D, G, 1, 3, etc which has never gotten NTT's and BTW last year the A got some NTT's for the first time. Anyways, the NQW will do fine with the r46's until their retirement, which is a couple of years from now.
  8. If the MTA sticks to the original plan, some will retire this year, the rest will retire with the r211's. The MTA has the final say on this.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I guess we have to wait and see what the MTA will decide on the r211 car assignments. But I think that the open gangway trains should operate on lines that have very high ridership.
  10. In the case of F and R getting r211's?? It's a rumor. However, the MTA said in last months board meeting that 8th Avenue CBTC will only be compatible with r179's and r211's, which means that the E will get the r211's since it runs on 8th Avenue.
  11. They will most likely get them. The MTA said in a board meeting last month that Astoria CBTC will be compatible with the r211's as well as QBL and 8th Avenue CBTC.
  12. I guess the MTA doesn't understand the importance of keeping a good number of spare cars in each yard. Look what happened when the r44's retired; a car shortage. Fortunately, we haven't had a major subway crash since the 90's and we haven't had a terrorist attack in the subway system. Nevertheless, the MTA needs to be prepared for different scenarios that could potentially ruin subway cars and could require the use of spare cars to maintain service. And yes, we need to hope for the best.
  13. I agree 100%. Those 120 cars are needed to maintain service on a line that has been having an increase in ridership and needs more service, not less.
  14. Let's wait and see what happens. At the end of the day, the MTA will most likely have to stick to the original plan of keeping about half the r32's until the r211's. Commuters are already paying a very high subway fare and the least thing that any subway commuter want is a reduction in service in any of the subway lines.
  15. The worst mistake that the MTA can do is to have the C run every 15 minutes and on top of that run the A or D local to make up for the gap in local service. If the MTA wants a mixed length C trains, then they should lengthen the r32's instead of putting r46's. Ridership is increasing on the C and the B doesn't run during the weekends. The C needs to be running every 8 minutes during off peak weekdays and every 10 minutes during the weekends.
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