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  1. I know. I was asking because I have been seeing more r160's than r46's and since ridership has been gradually increasing I was wondering if the MTA added more trains on the A, which right now has better headways than it had a month ago. In other words, the number of temporary r160's on the A is much higher than the original 10 car r179's.
  2. How many r160's are currently running on the A? It seems that they are dominating the A during off peak hours.
  3. Also, a few years ago the doors of northbound A train opened while the train was moving. I don't remember the exact year, but I do remember it happened during overnight service in Brooklyn.
  4. Exactly and if it weren't for the pandemic this headway would mean serious overcrowding due to the C currently being low on cars and the r32's won't do any good because it is summer and the C runs entirely underground.
  5. Yes, we do. If it weren't for the pandemic the A and C would be jammed packed with the current headways. Also, keep in mind that is summer and it has been very hot. Why do you think that the small portion of r32's are running on the J/Z?
  6. I agree. Ridership is still low. Also, the temporary r160's are holding down the fort on the A.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the test train is not delivered this year.
  8. Thanks for sharing the information. As the days go by, I feel confident that those r179's will return like a "phoenix bird", strong and more reliable. I am really glad that the MTA took advantage of the low ridership to meticulously inspect and address any issues that the r179's have.
  9. Thank you. Yes. The MTA should never scrap or reef cars immediately after retirement. They need to be preserved as an emergency fleet until the new cars are running in optimum condition. It did happened with the redbirds, but it didn't happen with the r38's and the slants.
  10. Let's not get impatient. This long wait is actually a good thing because it will ensure a strong and triumphant return of the r179's. It's a matter of when, but they will be back, no question about it.
  11. It depends on ridership. I doubt that they will run all 8 sets. Probably, they will keep some r32's as spares. We'll have to wait and see on Wednesday. Also, the MTA didn't provide info on what protocols would be used to protect conductors on the r32's since they have to be switching cars.
  12. Confirmed by the MTA. The r179's are being thoroughly inspected by a panel of experts. I think it's an excellent move from the MTA to take advantage of the low ridership to take their time to inspect and address any additional issues with r179's. This move will help r179's return to service as a much more reliable car fleet. Let's cross our fingers. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2020/06/29/mta-to-replace-r-179-fleet-with-oldest-subway-cars-in-the-system-
  13. I guess that since ridership is still low, the MTA is not in a big hurry to put the r179's back in service. It does make sense for the MTA to take advantage of the low ridership to meticulously inspect all r179's. Lets be patient. The r179's will most likely be back in service some time next month when ridership will be much higher than it is now.
  14. I just hope that the budget issues that the MTA is currently facing doesn't affect the number of r211's purchased. The MTA cannot continue to have car shortages on B division. Ridership will eventually go back to how it was before the pandemic. https://www.amny.com/news/facing-massive-10-billion-deficit-mta-stalls-major-capital-plan-scrambles-for-answers/
  15. What is an SRO? According to the MTA ridership is expected to increase up to 40% during phase 2. They mentioned this in a webinar on AMNY. https://www.amny.com/news/transit-news/mta-expects-majority-rebound-in-ridership-by-the-end-of-phase-iv-reopening/
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