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  1. Is this related to the welding issues mentioned in a previous post?? If that is the case, then I guess that the MTA is gradually inspecting/repairing the r179's and perhaps that's the reason why the r179's are being shuffled between 207 and ENY.
  2. This video was posted several days ago. This set should enter service very soon.
  3. The B runs during the weekends???? Since when??
  4. This is one of many clips of the r179 running on the Rockaway shuttle posted on YouTube. Enjoy!
  5. Didn't the r160's have issues as well during deliveries?? It's also a good thing that these issues are being addressed now and not a few years later, like it happened with the r46's and r68's during the 70's and 80's.
  6. Exactly. Since the A will have the 10 car r179's, it is expected to see them from time to time on the Rockaway shuttle, not only during track work, but also during regular days. The same will happen in the r211's in the future.
  7. These videos were recorded and posted yesterday by different people. And it's still running on the J/Z.
  8. I saw them running on the C yesterday afternoon.
  9. It seems the MTA is still figuring out how to make more money. Lol!!! Enjoy the clip!! The second clip (posted by DJ Hammers) is in reference to a comment I made about the r68's running on the Q. It's only used during rush hour. Let's see what happens a few years from now. In the meantime, all eyes are still on the A line as we await for more 10 car r179's.
  10. I like the idea. All this going "on and off topic" shows that the r179's play a huge role in addressing many issues that are affecting the B division in a direct and indirect way, such as CBTC, reducing overcrowding on certain lines, increasing service on certain lines, etc. I try my best to keep any off topic comments connected with the r179's, but some people go very deep off topic. The next 3 months will give us an idea on how the r179's can be used to alleviate some of the issues that are currently affecting the B division. Hopefully, the MTA makes the right move.
  11. We have been mentioning CBTC in relation to car assignments and possible fleet swap, which directly involves the r179's, since 8th Avenue CBTC will be compatible with the r179's plus other NTT's, and I think the MTA should consider making the r179's compatible with other CBTC's along the B division to allow flexibility.
  12. Huge misconception!! Lol! I'm glad you clarify that info. As for the acronym typo, it's just saved on my phone. My bad. Lol!! I'll fix that on my phone.
  13. QBL CTBC and 8th Avenue CTBC will be completed within the same time frame and a good amount of r211's will be in service by that time. The R will most likely be 100% r 211's. The A will get a good chunk of the r211's, possibly displacing the 10 car r179's to the C. Kawasaki has been doing a better job with the r211's than Bombardier did with the r179's.
  14. No one is hating on the r68's. Honestly, the r68's are my favorite subway cars. But let's be realistic, the r68's won't be compatible with 8th Avenue CTBC. Lets say the B/D trains keep the r68's until retirement. Lets pretend it's 2023, 8th Avenue CTBC is already completed. The B/D still has still r68's. What would happen if God forbid someone gets hit by a train at 42nd Street - Bryant Park (6th Avenue)?? Where would B/D trains be rerouted?? 8th Avenue?? Nope. Why?? Because only r160's, r211's, and r179's can run on 8th Avenue. Again this is a possible scenario 5 years from now. Think about it guys.
  15. Exactly. The r68's have operated in SAS whenever the W gets rerouted due to track work. If I'm not mistaken, the Q occasionally borrows r68's, or r46's during rush hour.

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