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  1. This still a problem with the local scheme buses. You ride 7649/50 on a local B46 and they people think its an SBS.
  2. Not for nothing, but I don't think you should post something like this considering its not paint. I would only mention what buses are wrapped for the local scheme imo
  3. This is one of the things I take issue with. Why some ops create opportunities to enable fare evasion is beyond me.
  4. I want to bet it has something to do with the amount of buses hale can hold but who knows.
  5. It isn't, but the sign is garbage and is glitched to red.
  6. Thats funny because I rode that same bus with working announcements on the M42 aswell as a another 42xx on the M11 with working announcements.
  7. Too many damn stickers on the bus anyway lol
  8. Its probably gonna have the boxy screen the S79 and Bx30 used.
  9. Lets be realistic, with this agency 2 year old buses look run down lol
  10. Problem with that is that even after these buses come, we will STILL have relatively old (not 15 year sold old, but not new either) buses in service. The oldest artics are from 2010 and the oldest diesel 40 foots are the 2011 buses. A fleet as big as our will never have an all new fleet.
  11. I wouldn't say the whole route just yet (although I wont be surprised if it ends up as a full conversion)
  12. This was a bus from fresh pond and more than likely has ver 3 as thats what the rest use.
  13. It is also possible people may have gotten numbers mixed up (like you think you saw 356 with a screen but maybe it was 456 or 355 and etc).
  14. Probably to put the models under different operating environments (Castleton with the hills in some parts, Brooklyn and Queens with heavy loads, Queens and Staten Island deadheading and etc). Someone with more knowledge may be able to shine light on this better though.
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