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  1. Thats why they came pre prepped for the SBS. At the time they were looking to replace the RTS while also making the SBS have wifi/usb buses.
  2. That's a combination of banging into shit (cabs, fences etc) and the fact that they are no longer new lol
  3. Artics coming in, buses goto Quill and Flatbush. Buses are sent to the Bronx to then move XD60 to Grand and then those hybrids retire OGs in ENY.
  4. A friend of mine complained about them being hard on the knees (not sure if other ops feel the same way).
  5. The B67 doesn't have enough ridership for that to happen.
  6. Ive seen regular XD40s on the 82 SBS few times along with 7649 local scheme on the 46 SBS lol
  7. A BXM7 ride from dreiser loop to Midtown becomes alot more time competitive when you consider the other buses in co-op suck dog meals. Not to mention the comfort offered is something I wouldn't want to trade vs a packed local bus ride.
  8. I can personally confirm all the OMNY stations have the OMNY bases at every entrance.
  9. Someone doesn't have bills to pay I see....
  10. They don't want a system that is buggy implemented quickly. Its better they work out the logistics first....
  11. Don't know if its just me, but I have rarely seen people with luggage on the Q10. I've seen more airport workers on that bus then travelers.
  12. Yeah I might have mixed it up with another bus (damn lol)

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