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  1. Here's a scoop....the 8:10 BM2 failed to show tonight at a time when service is hourly....not good.
  2. I was talking about the 2012 LFSA buses...them shits are filthy
  3. The way some of them 5700s are looking I BEG to differ lol
  4. When you consider that the Q35 doesn't really have a long route and traffic is usually around the mall, it's not a shock that it's reliable.
  5. Well that hasn't worked cause they are out there in droves...lol
  6. The M14 A/D is largely the same route besides the extreme ends of each route. The B46 and B41 run nowhere near each other til you reach KP and have two completely different markets seperate of each other
  7. So the dollar van nonsense can affect Utica Ave also? Hell no...that would be a big mistake.. No interlining should be happening whatsoever with SBS routes. Leave them seperate.
  8. It wont bring people who ditched the system altogether because said routes are so slow
  9. Its not like they got a fleet of 60 brand new buses...
  10. Very smart to admit on a open forum. Sure NYPD will be looking in short order....
  11. With all the heavy truck traffic in the area, I am of belief location is a major flaw..
  12. The current M14A/D cannot absorb the ridership the L has (especially during the rush) They probably also realized how bad fare beating is on the route too

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