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  1. They sen't buses from Flatbush to GH so i doubt they need 5439 and 5441.
  2. They need to have buses spaced apart better instead of having ops riding each others ass
  3. Shit ain't all that sweet in Brooklyn either...
  4. But serves as an alternative to the B8 cause the B8 is also piss poor. If MTA would run the routes in the area with some consistency it wouldn't be so bad.
  5. Because most don't go back in service right away. The trains largely run end to end all day but the express buses are for the most part peak only.
  6. BMs operate into the early hours of the morning so no. Its added service if service start at 6 am or so.
  7. Problem is there's gaps of up to 35-40 minutes elsewhere.
  8. 7148 already been repainted, so its time.
  9. The M14 will still have the LES residents riding it.
  10. Facts. Some of these people don't read signs and just assume its a select cause the bus is blue.
  11. All boroughs are getting a redesign. What may end up happening in Manhattan is straight up bastardization (cuts of routes to places people don't go, and the complete removal of overs of which the M7 is looking like maybe a possible axe due to duplicating a route on every portion but what do I know.)
  12. Because they don't care when an operator is late, only if he/she is early so they can discipline them.
  13. The batteries on the Orions would probably scrape the side of the tunnels where the clearance is much lower than say the middle of the road.
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