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  1. It could be some runs have operators who just fail to show or the buses are starting to break down after a few months of heavy use. There's many reasons the buses may have gaps outside of traffic causing such gaps.
  2. I don't see the big deal. Its not like Quiil is keeping them when the Electrics come. They only got the XD60s as placeholders to have all the current SBS routes be wiif/usb. Now that they added the M14 they need more buses.
  3. Flatbush already has their alotment of new buses in the new scheme. It makes sense for them to get the NGs from KB because they already house and maintain a fleet of them. Folks who live along the Flatbush routes pay taxes, but if you want true unfair treatment, consider the MTA bus division which minus the artics, has no new scheme buses at all. You may complain about buses being 10 years old, but folks in jackson heights, and jamaica are riding buses that are 12-14 years old.
  4. You may be right. Others mentioned Hudson Link which I completely forgot about.
  5. Cuomo expedited the rollout, the new scheme was created by MTA..
  6. The longest bus route is the S78 at about 19 miles, for express it might be the SIM8 (it was the X17 to tottenville but obviously not anymore)
  7. They probably will once they get some more C40s done.
  8. Maybe there was a train in front of yours leaving the station.
  9. Ill go one step and say they can cover the gap using electric buses assuming they can get en-route chargers and depot chargers in. Since the fleet is going electric may aswell
  10. OR it can be Ulmer last since Flatbush can take in NGs

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