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  1. Perhaps they should rebrand it as "rapid" to denote limited stop service.
  2. The local fleet. The SBS fleet is a upgrade.
  3. The SBS scheme is gonna (possibly) be phased out so now buses aren't coming in the light blue scheme.
  4. The Luminators left a sour taste in transits mouth in terms of reliability (see some of the 70xx-73xx with sign glitches )
  5. If the Z can be listed then why not lol
  6. This isn't too bad considering there are in service Ws from Brooklyn in the evening (unless that stopped)
  7. Or you can get your fix riding the M2 and Bx39
  8. I think 4710 is set-up like that too
  9. Maybe they're repainting other fleets (4800, OG, C40s) and don't think they need them yet
  10. Much of none of the drivers in Brooklyn seem to bother (B46, B68, and B35 the drivers could care less)
  11. It does, but now the rest of the bus looks off lmao
  12. A true shame. These new ones now look tacky asf (although safer)
  13. It was on a friends instagram story....If I find it ill post..
  14. 1300 has got to be the most hideous express coach MTA has ever purchased. The front of the bus is alright, but the rear is hella ugly.
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