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  1. Those are what you see the most. You don't see the NG hybrids much anymore on those routes.
  2. And to make matters worse they sent some hybrids down to BK also lol, however grand seemed to clean theirs out prior to starting service. Theres pics of them getting cleaned.
  3. Whenever they start putting screens in artics...
  4. You can't do much with the crosstowns besides send them up or down different streets to the terminal. North and South routes have more room to be messed with.
  5. It helps that the route isn't all that long.
  6. Whatever weed you smokin, I need some of that shit too dawgs....
  7. If you goto the B46 SBS stop at Kings Plaza you metrocard will be demagnetized there also. I made it a habit of avoiding the SBS ever since I found out about those machines screwing up cards.
  8. They have wifi equipment installed on the roofs of the buses, but when they will get activated will remain to be seen,

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