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  1. If you saw the SIM10 during the early days you would have your answer lol
  2. The sole purpose of the bus is supposed to get you from point A to B. If you have an actual job and bills to pay you're more concerned whether the bus shows up and you getting fired or not. If they cared how a bus sounded the 2011 XD40s would've never got modified and most of the LFS would probably have the Allison transmisison.
  3. So long as Lincoln Tunnel traffic is using 42 St the M42 will be a victim and no amount of SBS will do anything.
  4. Or farebeating in the bronx has become worse lol
  5. The buses I believe have become more costly to maintain than MTA anticipated (though I am uncertain but it would make sense given age)
  6. Truth be told there's no need for a dedicated fleet since they used regular buses now anyway
  7. Or they could also have issues with the 2011 and or 2015 fleets so they need newer units to lessen maintenance burden for a lil bit lmao
  8. I wouldn't of bothered to watch the video lol
  9. They will be repainted at some point but some were repainted already.
  10. MTA Bus. NGs only run there during special cases.
  11. And if you think Hylan Blvd is any better for buses I have a bridge to sell you...
  12. The day you own a bus depot in NYC is the same day I pack up my sh*t and leave NYC for good
  13. The only "detriment" will be boardin at that stop. People will just goto the next stop and not pay. Lets not act like social media doesn't add to this. As a matter fact just recently I seen a post on facebook that warned SBS B46 riders that they were posted at Eastern Parkway and Utica.
  14. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking eventually TA will have to find other revenue streams to decrease fares (this is probably unlikely but a man can dream). MTA kind of did this to themselves by having bus drivers still move the bus even without fares being collected. Years ago the bus wouldn't move unless all the fares were paid, but now bus drivers have been pretty much rendered as b*tches who have to sit there and say nothing. The eagle team also need to change up strategy. In the world of social media word gets out that the eagle team has setup shop in one location and just allows people to board at the next stop.

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