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  1. They canned all the flip dots (6365?-6489) service wise. The might start retiring the 67/6800s when the new hybrids come.
  2. I think your question should be which buses ARENT running with governors lol
  3. With how garbage the traffic is around the Manhattan side of the bridge sometimes, the route will be even more unreliable than it is now.
  4. Unless someone has a list of which buses have the equipment or bus ops put in some card.
  5. This is especially true for the Brooklyn Division XD40s as I seem to run into less of them without screens.
  6. Or buses from Brooklyn may end up there just like buses from Staten Island and the Bronx did....
  7. The B84 and M12 come to mind as routes that should probably be axed. From what I seen, most of the M12 ridership is along 57 street for when the M31 or M57 dont show up in a certain time (606 w57 residents and the like in that pocket of manhattan coming from/going to columbus circle). The B84 is basically an express B83 to New Lots from/to Gateway center.
  8. Literally the only difference is the outer scheme.
  9. And unfortunately this with old carribbean people with their bags blocking the aisle = get a car
  10. These are the ex B46 SBS fleet before the 7600s took over the line. It was part of of the original group of test buses.
  11. Does 3912 have screens? AFAIK that one doesn't (maybe it does since I last rode it)
  12. Wit the way Flatbush buses get into accidents with all these foolish dollar vans all over the place, its best they keep those artics. Those LFSAs also aren't extra's. They sen't 5300s in exchange.
  13. Waterside is alot more in accessible. Unlike the FDR branch, there's no alternatives. Atleast the FDR you have the M15 somewhat nearby.
  14. It was worse when the initial conversion happened. Every local was going to the bridge and would come back delayed. They have added short turns to Dekalb and other places along the route so its not too bad but buses still go missing.
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