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  1. If they are up to 1320 and you are in 1600's I would believe that it's possible you are in a class or two classes after the July date.
  2. All Union jobs are like that. Anytime you're not scheduled to be there is overtime. I'm just a bit confused how the mta union isn't that present.
  3. My name is on the requested for Conductor I'm in the low 1900's. I saw up to 2000 I didn't wanna keep looking all says requested. Maybe all these people will get their first pre employment info not sure. Cause I didn't get an email nor a call. Which I'm glad for because even though I'm probably not taking the job just in case would be better later as I'm going to Colombia & Argentina Next week for 3 weeks.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. Such a shame. There is such positivity on this thread. Perhaps all of you newer hires can change the culture of MTA.
  5. Thanks for all the info. I hope you find some peace and some good outta your day. I work 8-330pm. I'm 3 in Seniority outta 13. I have Thursday Friday off. After 35 hrs is overtime. I get free food, which is pretty good. I could've had weekends off but my gf isn't off weekends so and more ot on Thursdays and Fridays from what I've seen lately. Going to almost $32 in July and almost $38 in December 2020. Just that pension attracts me. And some benefits. I get 8 sick days I can take em whenever I want. Me and a few co-workers are united at work and we'll we don't let shit slide. They missed calling me the other day for an overtime shift. I checked the call log, I claimed and am getting 7 hrs overtime for free. I get 3 personal days and 2 weeks vacation. I think transit also has a few more days than those. My Cousin not close immediate cousin but cousin nonetheless. Has told me I'd be a fool to not take the transit job. But hes a supervisory Electrician. I feel they have more pull and less of the bs. He gets paid very well and doesn't seem to hate his job. I thank you very much for your insight. And no one should give you shit for speaking your truth. Please try and get some help for the way you feel. Perhaps a psychiatrist or family, friends. Life is wayyyyyy too short to feel as you do.
  6. I get not getting mad at the customers. More should think and act like you. However someone who works for the same company as I, it's fine if they reprimand. However it has to be done with respect. No one yells at me nor is disresptful.
  7. Lol I guess I gotta start looking at my bills more.
  8. They should raise the intermediate a bit and lower the amount for people who pay the premium and they should look into overtime for the people who over abuse it. Let's see this contract coming up what happens.
  9. Metro north and LIRR I believe are over priced. They should actually lower the rates on there.
  10. Of course I understand it. However people who don't own a car nor drive. To agree drivers should foot the bill for a public transportation system and not pass the bill onto its customers. Imo are people who want to capitalize off of the backs of drivers. So I will ask you do you drive?? Do you own a car??
  11. Do you drive?? Do you own a car?? I get charged a large amount for registration for insurance. The city tickets driver left and right. This doesn't happen in other cities as often. I'm all for audits though.
  12. It's simply penalizing the people who drive in. Keep it as is. If I want to drive and not take public transportation don't gouge me like they've gouged the people who smoke cigarettes. It's easy for people who don't drive maybe don't even have cars to be for congestion pricing. I do both. I don't think it's fair not one bit.
  13. There's a surcharge of phone bill that goes to the mta?? I know cell phone bills don't have that. I don't have a land-line. Bridges and tolls are supposed to mainly go to the upkeep for the bridges. Ubers you are right. I think people should pay the cost to use the trains and buses. Don't tax me cause I drive to the city that's ridiculous. I also take the trains and I'm fine with paying more. As long as congestion pricing doesn't occur.

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