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  1. I'm glad by reading this some of you are working and seems having a good time at MTA. I'm still in the hotel and passed on the MTA conductor job, got the letter December 22nd last year to report the 24th or 23 rd. No time at all between report date and time I got the mail. However i think I still would've passed on it. I was out of work cause of this pandemic for 8 months. They paid us 1 month during that time. So 7 months on unemployment. I'm back at work thankfully. A lot of ppl in the hotel industry are losing their jobs and in the restaurants etc. So those of you who are working I'm sure are thankful. I just got my full rate today, $37.61 per hr. Put my four years in. I wish all of you well. Always curious how it would've went in the MTA. The road not taken. Happy holidays, all of you.
  2. Probation is 1 yr what kind of union agrees to that??!! That's absurd. Probation is typically 3 mos in most union jobs. I can even see max 6 mos. Be careful at any job where the union doesnt have procedures set up to protect its members.
  3. Just checked real quick that thread out. Wow T/O start at $34 and in 1 yr get to $36. That's a good contract. Kind baffling conductors don't have something similar. Anyway idk why anyone would not go after T/O if that's the case. But I guess you're saying that it if you do Conductor pass the yr and then get the T/O job if you get fired. You can go back to being a conductor. Do you get extra points or preference for being already in MTA and taking what seems like a promotion exam? Do they give T/O exams ever to a just small group? Or always citywide?
  4. I searched and couldn't find the specifics. If you or anyone knows the answers to my following questions, it would be appreciated. 1.) Do you only need 261 road days. Which I'm sure most can do in a year. Because you've transferred from within mta? 2.) If you go straight to T/O I think it said 5 years for max as well. Am I correct? 3.) Is the internal promotion something that is done yearly, or on a need basis? Thanks
  5. You still will have to wait 4 additional years for top pay as train operator no??
  6. I'm in the low1900's and still have yet to receive a pre employment letter. Said last they were up to 1764 being appointed. Called the other day.
  7. I called that number just now. All they do is give you, your list number and if you are on the list.
  8. Agreed https://nypost.com/2019/08/08/mta-worker-secretly-kept-usps-job-in-case-he-didnt-like-new-gig/ What reason should this person be fired for??
  9. Ima pm you. Why I'm leaning towards local 6. I haven't gotten a letter to decide yet. But that should be coming soon since I'm mid 1900's. It's because of pay, quality of life-bathroom breaks, switch shifts, come in later decide day before, seniority, free food-decent to good, overtime after 35hrs. Can use cell quickly almost whenever I want, back of the house. Ima pm you from now on if we talk about this more. I don't want to derail the thread. Just was very intrigued others in my same position.
  10. Speaking of LIRR and Metro North if i was up for a job there. I wouldn't even think twice and take it. They can strike and their union is strong. And they get higher rate of pay and slightly better benefits.
  11. I gotta disagree here. While I understand being in time is vital especially in the beginning. People with options like everything in life weigh those options. There may be 30k +people waiting not even a third of them are getting in. This board member is speaking to local 6 union members and others. Our probation is 3 mos. Sick days are that sick days whenever we want to use. Our union fights for us most times. Our break room is clean and business agent would flip if it isn't. We start at 27 per hr and max out in 4 yrs at 36.75 right now. Ot starts at 35 hrs. It's a tough decision for some. It's good to hear the good and the bad. To render a good decision. No need to get overly defensive. Everyone thinks differently. Respectfully I'm hoping many make the wise choice on what career to pursue.
  12. January 1, 2019, the value of the pension credit for those still working increases immediately from $40 per credit for the first 25 years of employment (and $20 for up to 15 additional years of employment) to $60 per credit. That’s a $1,500 a month pension—a 50% increase for members who retire at age 65 with 25 years of service! And since many members work more than 25 years, the rate of the increase will often be more generous than 50%. That’s because the bonus for years of credited service past 25 has been hiked from $20 per year to $60 per year! As an example, there are quite a number of members with 40 years or more on the job who on January 1 will qualify for a pension of $2,400 per month! That's the new pension structure. It's definitely better than before. However it's not great. I hope you took a LOA just in case. I spoke to my business agent and hr dept. I've gotten a few mos LOA approved in the near future. But still back and forth if I will take the job. The drop in pay is substantial. However yes the pension is the only thing swaying me and we have 8 sick days I believe they have more in NYC transit. Also we have 9 holidays I think they have the same and 3 personal days. Only thing is ive heard someone say that you cant use your sick days when you want?? Which is very strange at a union job if that's true. But it is what it is.
  13. You and I are literally the same number in seniority. Agreed there's usually tons of overtime. I typically bring home over $2100 every 2 weeks. Earned $83k last yr on base rate. Would've been $113k at max pay. I get max pay Nov next yr which will be $37+ per hr. We're fighting for more add ons and mgmt not sure if they're gonna give in but we trying to get another $2 per hr. So that's a huge drop in pay dude. Base pay conductor is $22.75 or something. That's almost a $13 difference and ot starts at 35 hrs for us. Unless you're a tipped employee. My uncle who's in transit says that it's a spot you have to take the promotions and put up with some bs but get yourself in the right spot and you're good. I was all about the pension being much better. But local 6 pension just got better but transit still better. It's a tough choice. Quality of life is another thing to consider. I'm in a hotel relaxed I don't deal with customers. I don't mind working but a lot of things to consider. Anyway good luck. What number are you? I'm mid 1900's. One thing I will say if everyone was as kind as this forum. That would make the decision even harder lol. Everyone good luck. The enthusiasm is awesome on this forum. All the support and positivity is awesome.
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