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  1. I'm scheduled for the June class. Medical Exam is next week.
  2. There were 7 trainees for the 2018 fiscal year which leads me to further speculate that there are only four per class.
  3. Thanks everyone that corrected me. I didn't think about the different circumstances for everyone. I've driven to Babylon yard but took the LIRR to the hillside facility without a ticket. Also, I'm not attending the upcoming open house as I'm in the Block Operator program. Good Luck to you guys.
  4. Interesting. What if the "customer" refuses to pay?
  5. As long as you're getting off at an Employees Only stop or you can prove that you have a reason to go there (email invitation), then it should be fine.
  6. Sorry, I didn't take the job. They sent me quite a few pre-employment packets in the mail for this one and Bus Operator. My list number was in the single digits.
  7. You usually don't get a confirmation email. At most, just print out the email and take it with you (unless you have a smartphone and can show it). If you're taking the LIRR to the Hillside Facility, show the email to the Conductor so you can ride for free. Also, in the past they sent an Employment packet, Invitation Letter, and Directions to the Hillside Facility in the Open House email.
  8. How's the studying going for you guys? Only 7 weeks left.
  9. He told me the same thing. There are two classes scheduled for this year, one in June and one around October. I don't know how many people would be in a class, presumably 4. If we're selected, the next step would be a medical exam and background check. Everyone from the Basic Skills class will likely be interviewed before selections are made.
  10. Thank you @Noob I was sure some other people here passed (16 out of 22 will be at basic skills).
  11. See you guys at the Basic Skills class, if you passed.

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