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  1. Sorry, don't remember. Probably sub-500.
  2. Each graded exam will be valid for 1 year. For the upcoming classes, the wait time is typically 3 or 7 months after Basic Skills until you start Book of Rules (granted you pass Basic Skills and the interview).
  3. You don't have to stare at the screens or model board all the time. As for breaks, you can ask the operator for a break while you're training but when you become qualified you'll have to figure out when to use the bathroom (usually there's some kind of gap between train movement). You'll be eating while working. If you're at a tower that has more than one operator, then you can just ask someone to watch over things while you use the bathroom or prepare your meal. You can be forced to qualify as a Train Dispatcher. It depends on the needs of the railroad, which is to eventually have a centralized system of just Train Dispatchers. As soon as you finish posting all the necessary towers, you can bid for an open Block Tower job, Director job, or the Movement Bureau Training to be a Dispatcher. After your 1 year probationary period is over, you can move to another department but you probably won't be able to return as a Block Operator or Train Dispatcher.
  4. Each person handles stress differently. Most of the time it won't be stressful. You'll handle stress better as you gain more experience and understand how to handle various situations. Most towers are a one-man operation such as Lead, Queens, Nassau, Brook, West Side Yard, Babylon West, and Babylon East. Babylon Tower is shared between the East and West operators, so you aren't truly by yourself. West Side Yard and Brook have a yardmaster. The railroad is looking to centralize their operations so many of the towers are being integrated into the JCC Theater. Queens tower has moved already and in the coming months Nassau will also be there. The job becomes monotonous after a while. After you become qualified, you can find other things to do while working (only if you're confident enough to not mess up). It's basically a desk job that involves looking at train routes/timing on screens or a model board, deciphering that information, and making decisions via mouse click(s).
  5. The Aptitude test isn't something you can prepare for. Just try to answer as many questions correctly as you can. February 15th is most likely the Signals & Definitions Overview. You will receive a packet to study. Memorize everything. On the exam, you will have to write out randomly selected definitions verbatim. As for the signals, you will have to know the Name and Indication for each signal. Good Luck.
  6. Thanks. I won't be applying for the position as I'm already employed by the LIRR.
  7. Just got Notice of Result in the mail. List #: 1XX
  8. Just got Notice of Result in the mail. List #: XX
  9. Received a second Pre-Employment letter on Nov 27. List #: 18XX
  10. All of us passed the exam, though one of us failed it the first time and had to retake. Also, there's no verbal exam after the written exam. It's just a short discussion on what questions were mostly answered wrong and what the correct answer is.
  11. Congratulations. Be sure to go over your Signals & Definitions and pretty much all the rules up to the 700s. Book of Rules class was about 5 weeks and the final exam was on July 26th. Right now we're posting the block towers. There's a specific amount of days you have to work on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. Then you have to demonstrate that you can work each shift on your own. Afterwards, you then go to the next tower and repeat. There are 4 block towers and 3 director towers that we have to be qualified at before ultimately becoming Train Dispatchers.
  12. Not sure. It's kind of crowded in the towers at the moment.
  13. Most likely has a lot to do with East Side Access. There were S&D exams for Assistant Conductors and Block Operators recently. And a new Section was created for Train Dispatchers.
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