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  1. All of us passed the exam, though one of us failed it the first time and had to retake. Also, there's no verbal exam after the written exam. It's just a short discussion on what questions were mostly answered wrong and what the correct answer is.
  2. Congratulations. Be sure to go over your Signals & Definitions and pretty much all the rules up to the 700s. Book of Rules class was about 5 weeks and the final exam was on July 26th. Right now we're posting the block towers. There's a specific amount of days you have to work on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. Then you have to demonstrate that you can work each shift on your own. Afterwards, you then go to the next tower and repeat. There are 4 block towers and 3 director towers that we have to be qualified at before ultimately becoming Train Dispatchers.
  3. Not sure. It's kind of crowded in the towers at the moment.
  4. Most likely has a lot to do with East Side Access. There were S&D exams for Assistant Conductors and Block Operators recently. And a new Section was created for Train Dispatchers.
  5. There's a job posting on the website now.
  6. Go to: https://new.mta.info/careers Then click on the hyperlink where it says: See all open positions And on the next page, click on the button that reads: Search Jobs Now You will then have to create an account to apply for any jobs.
  7. No Problem. Good Luck to the rest of you that are in the October class.
  8. I'm not personally familiar with the exam, but if it's anything like the Locomotive Engineer S&D Exam for the LIRR then you will need to know the definitions and everything else verbatim.
  9. Writing by hand or typewriting on the computer for the Definitions. Flash Cards can be used for Definitions (Word on one side and Definition on the other side) too. Flash Cards are typically used for the Signals (Picture of the Aspect on one side and Name & Indication on the other side). For the Signals, it was helpful for me to create a visual description of them as though I were describing it to someone with no knowledge of it. The Definitions have to be word for word, verbatim. It's best if you find out what method is the most effective for you to memorize things. The Signals & Definitions are just preliminary. Everything you do afterwards will require constant studying and dedication (Book of Rules and Physical Characteristics). You should know all of the Signals & Definitions by heart and can instantly recite them. Examples: What is the definition of Interlocking? What is the abbreviation of Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System? What is the indication of Absolute-Clear? Good Luck!
  10. That sounds about right. There was a new class of Block Operators taking the S&D Exam recently, so they will be doing Basic Skills soon. If you are interested, you'll receive a conditional offer of employment in which you must pass the medical exam and background check to be officially hired. Then if you're good, they'll send you the conditional offer again with your official hire date/orientation date. Orientation is 3 days of safety-oriented presentations or classes, followed by 5 weeks for the Book of Rules class. The class is going good so far. There is a ton of material to study and memorize. If you're still up for it, then I recommend memorizing the rules in the study guide from the basic skills class, and going over all the definitions and signals. It's not required, but helps tremendously.
  11. My list number was 18XX for Pre-Employment on June 10th, although I didn't take the job.
  12. Just got the Pre-Employment Letter in the mail for "probable permanent position as a Conductor (Rev Veh) 01-F" List #: 18XX Starting Pay: $22.1446 / Hour Fortunately, I've already accepted a position with the LIRR as a Block Operator. Good Luck to you guys.
  13. Correction: There are 7 in this year's June class.

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