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  1. Exactly my point! I was like, "It's 2019, not 1904!" Not to mention that putting SBS lanes on Northern Boulevard will stress traffic flow even further on a bus route that doesn't even have LTD service! It's not necessary nor justified in my opinion! Having artics on the Q12 should be more than enough.
  2. 1.) For years, I took the Q12 every week from the Flushing-Main Street Station to Northern Boulevard/Springfield Boulevard and walked from there to Queensborough Community College for exercise before my classes. The bus route gets a good amount of ridership, but converting it to an SBS-designated route without it even having LTD trips doesn't have me sold. Unless there's a significant increase in ridership on the Q12, the route should stay as it stands today. 2.) There would actually be a gap in coverage if you had the Q13 supplement the Q12, as the Q12 doesn't reach Northern Boulevard until it crosses Sanford Avenue/165th Street. The Q28 diverges off of Northern Boulevard onto Crocheron Avenue, so you would have to address the coverage gap between Crocheron and 165th along Northern. 3.) The N20 does exactly this, although your idea does hold weight, as NICE service isn't exactly "nice," as their equipment is known to routinely fail mechanically and where "no-show" buses are commonplace. Let's see how the Q12 does running artics. If it's successful and manages to promote an increase in ridership along the route, maybe we can talk about planning a few AM/PM rush LTDs into the timetable.
  3. It wouldn't be possible to construct a light-rail line on Northern Boulevard without, well, getting rid of Northern Boulevard (Extending the isn't happening either).The closest alternative to that would be the Port Washington Branch of the LIRR, but most of it's stations are inconveniently located for Q12 passengers to rely on the line. While there's theoretically less capacity running artics on the Q12 than say, a light-rail line along Northern, the latter isn't an option.
  4. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean that it needs to be changed. Ask for clarification as to why something is done as so. There are no stupid questions on here when it comes to learning about transit operations. A bit of insight: It's not a good idea to lecture a transit vet like @Trainmaster5 about the lines that he made a living on. One's youth should be highlighted as being humble.
  5. I don't see why the R179s should intentionally be kept off those PM rush hour trips to Rockaway Park. They travel to Far Rockaway everyday, so why should it be an issue? Not too long ago an R179 set or two were deliberately assigned to cover the special /between Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway.
  6. From what I know, the mismanagement of funds necessary for deferred maintenance is the cause behind that statement.
  7. You have effectively contradicted yourself on all counts. First, you state that the Nassau Street Line is "lighty" used. Then, you proceed to introduce statistics that actually disprove that. I didn't even read the rest of your post afterwards considering that alone. If you want to get somewhere on here you absolutely cannot afford to be hypocritical.
  8. 1.) The Nassau Street Line sees a considerable amount of ridership. Don't pull opinions out of your head unless you're a frequent / Line rider like myself who experiences it's operations on a daily basis. 2.) Are you kidding me?! The Lexington Avenue Line doesn't have all the room in the world like you believe to alleviate riders from nearby lines. Even with the opening of the Second Avenue Line, people still load the // to the max!
  9. Report it to dispatch at 168th Street or Euclid Avenue. They should take care of that issue. Hopefully some railfan isn't in possession of the keys needed to change rollsigns.
  10. WAIT, did our veteran T/O, @Trainmaster5 just forget his signature ending of writing "Carry on."?!
  11. Remember now, the Bx55 was sent to the cutting block for a reason... If the MTA is looking to save, cutting the Bx15 into two halves will NOT do it! Now you have a new route ("M125") on your hands that will require you to pay numerous B/O's to cover. Like I said before, let the Bx15 be.
  12. That's not the point. The Bx15/Bx15-LTD are delay-prone due to the congestion on 125th Street in Manhattan. This is why the route nearly dies every weekday during rush hours. There's so much commercial traffic in the way on 125th Street (M101 partially to blame) that it kills runtime, which is a reason for the proposed Bx15 reconfiguration.
  13. Leave the Bx15 alone for Christ's sake. If you want to address the congestion on 125th Street you need to send the M101 to the guillotine ASAP.
  14. So I was on a World Trade Center-bound train that pulled into 7th Avenue that came to a complete stop at the appropriate stopping position but the C/R refused to open the doors. The T/O then proceeds to the next station. NO ANNOUNCEMENTS were made at all indicating what happened. I missed the D train and had to backtrack as a consequence. I swear, whoever put out that command without requiring an announcement to be made deserves to be castrated. I can't stand these useless bodies responsible working supervision.
  15. Thank you for sharing your experiences in schoolcar. It gives me (an outsider) a glimpse of what a rookie T/O in training goes through. Do you have a preferred line you'd like to pick once you get the chance?

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