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  1. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I was thinking the same thing—the 155th Station along the isn't close to the 155th Station along the in actuality. The user @N6 Limited is correct about the IRT constructing stations quite close to each other in certain parts of the system. Nereid Avenue and Wakefield–241st Street on the are like what, 3 blocks from each other?
  2. AlgorithmOfTruth

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    Residents from Douglaston and Little Neck don't bother taking that long ride on the Q36 all the way to Jamaica for the and trains... They drive, use the LIRR, or take the Q12 to Flushing for the .
  3. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I see that you omitted the R42s from your predicted car assignment list to be implemented before the closure of the 14th Street Tunnels. Do you really expect them to be retired at such a critical time when the MTA needs all the rolling stock it can possibly utilize? We're expecting a considerable shift in passenger ridership patterns to mitigate the harsh inconvenience of the closure. As it stands, 5 10-car R42 sets can be assembled and used. At a time so crucial, you need everything you can get your hands on and some more. When you prepare for a disaster you stock up on supplies, not go and throw away the things you feel you won't need. In the event you're faced with a shortage of some sort, (and the possibility is there) you're going to desperately regret tossing your options. Preparation isn't only about what you predict to expect... A big part of it is knowing that there will be obstacles that you can't always foresee...
  4. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I've heard that it's particularly undesirable in the winter when the radiator has a tendency to get so hot that you can easily get burned. Ouch.
  5. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I've witnessed numerous T/O's who operate R32 sets with the cab door open for their entire trips, with and without people standing beside them looking out the railfan window. There was this one time where I overheard a T/O saying he actually doesn't mind conversating with people while he operates, as it speeds up the day. Do note that he was able to safely operate and maintain a conversation simultaneously.
  6. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    It's a shame how this is amusing. Were you expecting more? This is the MTA we're talking about.
  7. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Let it go. Back to the discussion of the R179s.
  8. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    So what if @Coney Island Av is incorrect? You show you care when you invest the time and energy to respond... If there's something posted on here that's controversial, just ignore what you disagree with... The second someone calls you out on something, everyone wants to chime in and take turns beating the dead horse. Turn a blind eye to what you don't care to see. Period.
  9. AlgorithmOfTruth

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Those two violations will not affect you as long as you were responsible by paying them off. I would even bring proof of receipt with you to ensure you don't get put on hold.
  10. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I was thinking the same—such factors effectively prohibit the creation of a subway line within the realm of suburbia. There are cryptic messages hidden in plain sight behind where certain lines go and don't go that can be recognized by simply taking a look at today's subway map. Consider A Division routings. The functions at the 7th Avenue Local, but recall it's termini: South Ferry and Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street. The northern terminal of the is located in the affluent neighborhood of Riverdale in The Bronx—the interest there is to keep passengers from Crown Heights, Brownsville, and East New York off their trains, which is why the does not continue into Brooklyn alongside the and . The same logic applies to the . Apart from it being the Lexington Avenue Local, it's termini are instrumental in shaping where it's route is situated. Pelham Bay Park—the northern terminal of the , is another wealthy neighborhood in The Bronx. Residents there, who are well off like those from Riverdale, will cry NIMBY if the were extended into Brooklyn permanently to a neighborhood of lower socioeconomic class, say Crown Heights, or East New York where the terminates at New Lots Avenue. If you compare the terminals of the , , , , and , you'll see a simple pattern emerge. The starts it's trip at Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College, traveling to Wakefield–241st Street, where the median income level is comparable to that in Flatbush. With the , you wrap the controller out of East New York, travel into the heart of Brownsville through the projects, and end your trip in the projects in Harlem. See? The system is designed to transport those within a certain socioeconomic class while keeping them separated and contained. It's no different with B Division routings. You know how it goes. Choose a line, look at its termini and it's pretty simple from there on out. The starts at Euclid Avenue, makes its way through a few neglected areas in Brooklyn, and ends at 168th Street in Washington Heights, where the residents are hardworking and productive like those who live near Euclid Avenue, but live a struggle in trying to make ends meet. By far the most obvious line that speaks for itself in this regard is the . Not only is it the only 3-borough local we have access to, but it makes its way from the expensive streets of Forest Hills to the elite properties of Bay Ridge. Come on now, this all can't be merely coincidental—this is all deliberate. Like I've said before, where there's money, there's power, which is why our system is the very way it is today.
  11. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    They'll make it to age 60 if they're maintained well enough. They're older than the R42s and in even better shape than them still. The R32s were on the road for nearly 30 years before they were refurbished, compared to 10 years for one of their NTT-counterparts, the R160.
  12. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It won't be a big deal if Lexington Avenue is governed by CBTC and a set of SMEE's from 7th Avenue is rerouted there—the Line utilizes CBTC but R32 and R42 sets have used the many times to head to the car wash at Canarsie Yard.
  13. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    This has to do with a lack of adequate supervision, inefficient management protocol, and uneccesarily restrictive Track Worker safety procedures.
  14. Little by little, I see the MTA inching towards performing repairs on subway infrastructure on live track 24/7—don't think you'll be in the clear just because it's in the heart of the rush hour. Before you know it, there'll be track gangs crippling every corner of the system on weekdays during AM and PM rush hours. Work went from being done on weekends, then add to that weekdays during midday hours, now virtually at all times. I cringed when I saw that blue wall blocking the tunnel from the express tracks—its when you know things have gotten deplorable.
  15. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    In an effort to provide more bus and subway connections for the purpose of improving public transportation between The Bronx and Queens in general, I feel the Q44–SBS route should be moderately restructured. As it stands, the Q44–SBS route utilizes the Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road for approximately 50% of its mileage in The Bronx. Other than providing bus connections to the Bx4/Bx4A, Bx5, and Bx22, it serves predominantly residential neighborhoods located along and around the Cross Bronx Expressway, which I feel is in effort to maintain the "straight-shot" approach to the Bronx Zoo. What I propose may be controversial, but I feel aligning the Q44–SBS route with the Bx36–LTD route starting at the Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road and 174th Street, ending at Tremont Avenue and the Grand Concourse, will increase the number of bus and subway connections, in addition to enhancing the Q44–SBS coverage area in The Bronx. Under the provisions of this proposal, the Q44–SBS would provide passengers with access to the following bus routes (not previously possible) – Bx1/Bx1–LTD, Bx2 (at Tremont Avenue and Grand Concourse), Bx15/Bx15–LTD (at East 180th Street and 3rd Avenue), Bx17 (at East 180th Street and Crotona Avenue), Bx19 (at East 180th Street and Southern Boulevard), and the Bx41, Bx41–SBS (at Webster Avenue and East 180th Street or at Tremont Avenue and Webster Avenue). Also, passengers would have access to the * and subway lines at the Tremont Avenue Station. *Connection to the subway line available during rush hours only. If implemented efficiently, I'd be interested in knowing how this works out.


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