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  1. You need to chill with that insulting back-talk dude. Maintain a healthy level of maturity on here or ignore what you don't agree with and move on.
  2. That's NOT the point. The said they would lengthen all trains to support the displaced passengers from the train, but they accomplished nothing. If only the governor didn't pull ideas out of his ass at the last minute...
  3. I haven't seen a single set of R46s on the for awhile now, and I frequent the line often. It seems everything went back to normal with the R32s being the 's workhorse and the having a stronghold on the R46s, as usual. Way back when, we relied on the higher ups on here for verification with respect to any fleet swaps, but they've abandoned discussing this topic entirely.
  4. SMS is an acronym that stands for Scheduled Maintenance System, not "Special Maintenance Service." The R179s are the newest subway cars in the entire system! Why the hell would the spend hundreds of millions of dollars only to retire them when they're absolutely needed to support the modernization of the subway system?!
  5. What they could do is keep them in storage, just so they're available if they're absolutely needed—for example, if some defection is found on the 8-car R179s that has a few sets taken out-of-service for inspection and repair that warrants a few temporary substitutes. They'll most likely be kept around (not necessarily for passenger service) until the R32s are scrapped.
  6. Do those single line diagrams take into account the route's curvature and topography? The relationship between timers and stopping distance/speed restricted-areas is clear, however, the timers in question appear to be counterproductive in their placement. About 500 FT before you enter Broadway Junction, the slope of the track bed sharpens, naturally reducing speed.
  7. So, as far as I'm concerned, the R32s will be remaining at 207th Street Yard for / service for the remainder of their lifespans. When it comes to the R42s, I predict they'll see a similar fate on the out of East New York Yard.
  8. Can someone verify that the timers coming into Broadway Junction on the Manhattan-bound tracks of the / lines as being necessary?
  9. When you're sworn in to work for the MTA, NYPD, FDNY, NYCDOC, or SDNY, it's under the condition that you will forfeit your life and enslave yourself to serve the public. A job title with any of those city agencies will pay you, but you will pay the price in the end. You will consistently struggle to get adequate sleep at night for decades because of the inhuman expectations of those in charge of your schedule who think 8 hours between jobs is "enough." You will constantly be under such an unhealthy level of stress every single day that it'll prize you with a hefty diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or even both. You will miss your children's birthdays, family BBQ's, prevent any friendships from forming (let alone being able to maintain), your wife will distance herself from you because you're never home to provide her with the companionship she's with you for, and to top it all off you will shorten your lifespan every year you suffer working in an environment that you so desperately want out of. There are people who enjoy working for transit, but the majority of those are miserable there, and the only reason they drag themselves to work everyday is because of a pension they're promised towards the end of their careers. ("lifetimes") No amount of enthusiasm I have for buses and trains will convince me to auction away my life. Keep looking for a more meaningful path in life. Your persistence will pay off.
  10. The reason they've decided to add the driver license requirement for the qualifications to become a T/O is because they want to know if you've had any kind of accident record that would indicate reckless driving. They don't want anyone whose been involved in numerous vehicle collisions to be at the controls of a subway train carrying hundreds of passengers. It's a job where you cannot afford to have any bad habits.
  11. This is really starting to become an issue. @Lance attempted to trim these kinds of off-topic discussions from this thread as they hold little to no relation to the R179s whatsoever. It's actually irritating to come here looking to find relevant updates on the R179s only to find things like this.
  12. That's not truly the reason why. It's actually due to the fact that the cars are not regularly washed consistently enough. This provides grime and dust with the opportunity to solidify on the exterior/interior of the cars. In general, it takes a toll on the cars when upkeep is postponed.
  13. While it may be informative to select users on here, it actually detracts from the topic proper, causing the domino effect. When I click on the "R179 Discussion Thread," I know most people would prefer to see content relating to the R179s, not the number of trains the Williamsburg Bridge can run per hour or the kinds of signals located just before entering Essex Street.
  14. There was a bit of clarity in the wake of the counterattack phase (14th Street Tunnels Closure), but now, much is uncertain. No one expected Cuomo to curveball the fate of the mitigation efforts so close to the actual shutdown. Regardless of the expertise these academics possess (Consultants from Columbia & Cornell), I am NOT convinced whatsoever that this patchjob will hold up for even half as long as the original work would have. I'm saying it now, the MTA is going to regret their choice on this one. Watch, in 10-15 years time or even less, I can almost guarantee that some structural defect would be found that threatens the integrity of the tunnels. For the life of me, I can't understand why the MTA went naive so quick. Talk about beyond gullible... As for where the R42s will end up? Only time will tell. I know that's not the answer you were looking for, but no one can tell you off when you see it with your own eyes. We had sort of an idea where things were being moved around to in the beginning, but most of it went cold. I can't even remember the last time @Dj Hammers commented on this topic either.

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