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  1. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    For the purposes of maintaining the integrity of this thread, I'm going to provide you with some constructive criticism, as the misinformation that's being circulated is becoming rampant at this point. "As a railfan having the R32's/42's on the and lines would be cool." You obviously want to see the R32s or R42s on the and lines and that's the form of reasoning that's causing other people to legitimately believe that what you're saying is true. NO ONE HERE, not me, not you, not DJ Hammers, not Fan Railer has the final say in where the remaining R32s and R42s will be assigned, so give it a rest, will you? "But the can run R32's as well as specials and etc." No. The only place you'll be seeing a set of R32s in revenue service on the line is in your dreams. The MTA isn't going to place the cars with the lowest MDBF rate in the entire system on one of the busiest lines that runs 24/7 just because you want to see them there. "If it all goes smooth the R32's and R42's would be off the by March or April." What source did you get this information from? If you can't validate this statement, don't post it publicly–you'll accomplish nothing other than misinforming people.
  2. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What's up with the HVAC units in some of these NTT cars? I was on an R160 on the train on my way back home and it was not as heated as I expected it to be. When I had to make the transfer to the train at Sutphin Boulevard, I was hoping that I didn't get a set of R32s with dead HVAC units, (as much as I respect the aging fleet) as it was frigid that night. Turns out that the next trip out of Jamaica Center was being served by a set of R32s and to my surprise, it was a warmer ride compared to being on the R160s.
  3. Dangerous Conditions at Various Subway Stations

    I had gotten of the train at the Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike subway station and the second I exited the train I slipped and nearly fell due to the yellow platform edge being a hazard, despite that it's INTENDED to be a slip-proof surface.
  4. Which subway car do you prefer?

    Doesn't anyone here want to know exactly why someone is fond of a particular car class? Saying that I love the R32s is just that–a statement. Personally, I prefer the R32s because I get an overall feeling of peace when I hear the Train Operator switching points on the master controller or decreasing brake pressure by thrusting the brake handle forward, resulting in that wonderful hissing sound. You might say, "Well, what about other SMEE-type car classes? They operate in a similar fashion, so what's the difference?" That "difference" comes with the experience of having been on many other SMEE-type equipment trains and feeling that they don't compare to the R32s. If I were born in a previous generation years ago, I might've said that my favorite car class would've been the R9s. To me, operating SMEE equipment is an art.
  5. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    We'll know with certainty where the remaining R42 trains will be placed once they have officially received their assignments and commence service in revenue operation on the lines that we don't know for a fact yet. However, they likely will be placed on the line(s) of priority where they are most needed. Many railfans on this forum become misinformed when they hear someone say that some arbitrary car equipment class will be assigned elsewhere in the system without providing validated proof. Having patience here is everything–wait and eventually find out for yourself where the remaining R32s and R42s end up. Remember, even plans that have been finalized can be changed/adjusted at the last minute to accommodate a more viable solution.
  6. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    With trains being separated to operate in two sections starting tomorrow, I wonder if there'll be a few R62A sets from the running on the in The Bronx.
  7. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Is anyone familiar with the projected completion date of the construction work done on the Manhattan-bound train station on the at 104th Street?
  8. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    As of Sunday, January 7th, 2018, the MTA has published several updated bus route timetables. Referencing the joint Q15/Q15A bus route timetable, a single, truncated trip on the Q15 (Flushing-bound) has been added to weekday service, scheduled to depart from 7th Avenue and 151st Street at 2:05 PM. Seeing that there already exists another truncated trip on the Q15 (Flushing-bound 2:37 PM trip scheduled on weekdays), originating at 150th Street and 15th Drive, I wonder if the MTA will eventually reduce service on the Q15/Q15A bus routes east of 151st Street and 7th Avenue in Whitestone, Queens. In the past, there was neighborhood opposition against having the Q15 and it's branch-complement, the Q15A, travel through the residential and affluent neighborhoods of Whitestone and Beechhurst. However, I believe these changes were implemented for two reasons: 1.) To provide increased service to the school-aged students from Whitestone and Beechhurst who use the Q15/Q15A to commute to and from school. 2.) To provide increased service to select tenants who live along 150th Street. (This is where the majority of the Q15/Q15A patrons are clustered.) I doubt that the wealthy adult and geriatric populations who are from Whitestone and Beechhurst care to bother utilizing the Q15/Q15A; their income, access to express bus service, and ownership of high-end automobiles do not warrant them to. Ultimately, the demographics don't justify having a public bus route travel through a suburban paradise saturated with multimillion dollar properties, except for the reasons stated above, highly dependent on my second reason. In no way, shape, or form are these the exact reasons as to why the mentioned service changes were made; merely a thought based on one of several transit-related topics I find interesting and which could lead to a development of more sound insight in the future.


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