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  1. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    The R42s have to go somewhere. Do you honestly expect them to be sent to 207th Street Yard? If so, provide me with a solid reason as to why they didn't leave East New York Yard with the R32s. With the / fleet going full NTT, they need to be used elsewhere in the system. As far as I know, the R42s WILL be around until work on the 14th Street Tunnels is complete. They WILL NOT be scrapped before the shutdown is complete. That is NOT an opinion, it's a fact that is absolutely certain. If they were destined to be on the /, they would've been at 207th Street Yard with the R32s already. There are a handful of reputable members on here who have already confirmed that the R42s will be assigned to the . I'll leave it up to you to find out who they are. Hint: They are the distinguished members here and you yourself know who they are for sure. Think for a moment. Where would they logically end up? The ? Impossible. It's not operationally possible to run 8-car R42 sets on the IND Crosstown Line because none of the conductor boards will line up at any of the stations due to how the R42's cabs are configured. So, you're sticking with calling it a "rumor?"
  2. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The Schoolcar Experience

    It's almost as if they had that TSS sabotage your train undercover just to see what you'd do at 145th Street on the (3). You already know that you can't open up the back half of the train.
  3. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The Schoolcar Experience

    Thank you @Jchambers2120, I really appreciate your encouragement and support. Everything @Biggie mentioned is correct. They can't emphasize it enough -- KNOW YOUR LINEUPS!
  4. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The Schoolcar Experience

    The men and women who work in A Division run solid equipment compared to that of B Division. So far, the R142s that they run on the and are some of the best quality rolling stock in the entire system. How are the R62s used on the in your opinion? I can't say they'll outlast their tech counterparts, but those things stop with force when you pull that brake handle! When transit releases the new application for the next T/O exam I hope I'm able to get into A Division. The equipment is straightforward and doesn't require you to be qualified on nearly 10 different car types. They can keep that, no thank you. Only catch is that the A is a very strict operating environment compared to the B. With the upgrade of many signals, especially in The Bronx on the A, I'm not sure if T/O's are still required to memorize numerous lineup punches, but they're unforgiving in general!
  5. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The Schoolcar Experience

    That's the reason why I'm concerned for the T/O's out there who are stuck operating those NTT's on a daily basis. It must feel like you've written a textbook by hand after every shift. Just imagine what that'll cause you after several continuous years. If the master controllers on the R143s/R160s could be redesigned and installed in the future to make operating more comfortable, I'm all for it. Also, weren't the master controllers on the pre-Cuomo R160s replaced because they were crap? Those trains were only on the road for 10 years and looked like they were on their last frontier...
  6. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The Schoolcar Experience

    Those stiff NTT master controllers might destroy your wrist and give you arthritis in the long run. Conversely, it takes talent to operate a SMEE seamlessly.
  7. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Discussion Thread

    Privitization of NYCHA?
  8. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Discussion Thread

    From what I've seen, it's possible for NYCHA tenants to move into some of the apartments offered on NYC Housing Connect. I've come across a few applications where the minimum annual income requirement was just $15,000. As for it being an effective strategy in displacing NYCHA tenants... I don't believe so. The majority of the apartment buildings listed on NYC Housing Connect have annual income requirements above what the average NYCHA tenant can afford (>$30,000).
  9. AlgorithmOfTruth

    The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Discussion Thread

    Are you referring to NYC Housing Connect by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development?
  10. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Abysmal intervals on the (A) train?

    You have many good points here. The should've been running nothing but 10-car R46 sets by now. It's been several months since the R32/R46 (A)/(C) fleet swap began. With 207th Street Yard being the new home for the majority of the R32s, you can't help but think that's where they might stay for good. We have credible sources advising us otherwise, but I sense plans have changed. Note that I did NOT say they are incorrect about anything. With that said, I hope the few problematic "individuals," and they know who they are, refrain from mocking up fantasy-based fleet assignment lists now that they've see this.
  11. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The R46 sets out of Pitkin Yard are not in good shape, despite being younger than the ones out of Jamaica Yard. Even before the JY R46s received SMS, they outperformed the ones out of PY.
  12. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What the R143s need is a good pressure wash and polishing. Painting their steel bodies would accomplish nothing but accumulate a mixture of steel dust and dirt. Pitkin Yard's R160s look like crap too...
  13. AlgorithmOfTruth

    MTA Eagle Team Will Ride Local Routes In Future

    Not when over 50% of fare revenue goes to payroll alone...
  14. I plan on filing for MTA Bus Company Part-Time Bus Operator Exam #9303 and wanted to know if the list of eligibles for this exam will remain active for at least 4 years from the date that it is established? Additionally, does anyone know if this exam is chained to any specfic MTA Bus Company depot(s)?
  15. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Those timers are there to prevent overruns at Utica Avenue. However, there are plenty of other stations along the where overruns are more probable, but aren't preceded by timers coming into them. The northbound platform at 181st Street is an example, so as 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal southbound. If you have an experienced T/O who knows them well, you can fly into those stations like a bat out of hell. There's this T/O on the that operates with little fear of timers. I've noticed him doing that trip to Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue in the PM rush hour on a set of R32s. The guy pulled into 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal close to 50 MPH, shutting off the controller the second he entered the station, pulling a full brake, and managed to make the 10-car stop marker on only 1 adjusted braking application.


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