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  1. There was a bit of clarity in the wake of the counterattack phase (14th Street Tunnels Closure), but now, much is uncertain. No one expected Cuomo to curveball the fate of the mitigation efforts so close to the actual shutdown. Regardless of the expertise these academics possess (Consultants from Columbia & Cornell), I am NOT convinced whatsoever that this patchjob will hold up for even half as long as the original work would have. I'm saying it now, the MTA is going to regret their choice on this one. Watch, in 10-15 years time or even less, I can almost guarantee that some structural defect would be found that threatens the integrity of the tunnels. For the life of me, I can't understand why the MTA went naive so quick. Talk about beyond gullible... As for where the R42s will end up? Only time will tell. I know that's not the answer you were looking for, but no one can tell you off when you see it with your own eyes. We had sort of an idea where things were being moved around to in the beginning, but most of it went cold. I can't even remember the last time @Dj Hammers commented on this topic either.
  2. Oh boy, not this again... I was hoping that the first 10-car set of R179s on the would cause people to forget about this. Too much of a headache. I'll get my wish once more of the 5-car sets start rolling in.
  3. @East New York, I'm not as well-informed when it comes to bus operations as I am with our subway system, so I'd like to ask you a few questions about a few things I've been curious about. Specifically, my inquiry is about Baisley Park Depot. 1.) When exactly did BPD receive their XD60's? 2.) Currently, are there any plans to replace the Orion VII's they have on roster? 3.) Why is it that the routes that use articulated equipment like the Q113/Q114 LTD occasional swap equipment with routes that use standard-length buses?
  4. The software used in the MVM's are periodically updated. When you see an MVM displaying "Cash/Coins Only," the culprit is usually a hardware issue due to how minimally often they are serviced. That is not indicative of some deficiency due to an outdated operating system. However, those machines suck and I'd always agree with people about that.
  5. Society is more technologically sophisticated than in it was in the past. Someone with a solid understanding of code and encryption could theoretically cheat the MTA out of fares. Multiply such an individual by thousands and now you have another form of fare evasion. (Not that it'll make a considerable mark though, as many people with such a high level of education and skill aren't overly reliant on public transportation.)
  6. I wonder if the (C) will see the same fate.
  7. Are they using 5-car R142 sets for those trips? I wonder if they use multiple 5-car sets or just use one and have it cover service all night.
  8. In the past, many people have described the Line between East 180th Street and Eastchester-Dyre Avenue during overnight hours as being underutilized. If the ridership is so poor at night, what's stopping operations from returning to OPTO mode?
  9. I received an email for the pre-employment process for this exam on February 1st, 2019, but I had to defer. When I emailed DCAS requesting for my name to be restored onto the eligible list, I was told that I would have to contact the MTA. The contents of my email to them included my full name, birthdate, social security number, list number, and exam number. Not only was the response they gave me vague, but left me scratching my head on how to proceed. Any help with pointing me in the right direction will be highly appreciated.
  10. The rule is that if you can't pull the whole train into the station, you have to stay put until you can.
  11. This is a thread about the R179 subway cars and you're here desperately proving you're right about every little thing. The first set of R179s assigned to the made a trip to Far Rockaway. Big deal. I predicted otherwise. I couldn't care less if you were right or not, which is why I didn't bother wasting my time responding to you in the first place, but you felt the urge to send me a second response to further reinforce your insecure ego. Maybe you've spent too much time underground. There are plenty of therapists here in NY that you could choose from. Good luck.
  12. Knowing how overly cautious and restrictive supervision is, the debut of the first 10-car set of R179s will most likely stay away from The Rockaways on Sunday. If anything happens, better it not be over an open body of water far removed from the rest of the system/hard to reach.
  13. If you want a change of scenery, check out the "Planned Service Changes" page on the MTA website for unusual reroutes and other situations that require trains to take uncommon detours. The R32s would do trips to Rockaway Park–Beach 116th Street along the –RP portion of the Rockaway Line and to Middle Village–Metropolitan Avenue along the Myrtle Avenue Line. When the Line is divided into two parts, the R62A's from the Line are used for service and have travelled up the Jerome Avenue Line to Woodlawn. The R62s used on the Line have made it up the / White Plains Road Line to East 180th Street at times when there was some complication along the Lexington Avenue Line. What I'm saying is that you have to be vigilant in finding these hidden gems, because they are out there.
  14. How exactly did the R62A's mangle the (6) line? I'm nearly 100% certain you wouldn't be claiming an opinion based on fantasy if every R62A set on the (6) had a RFW.
  15. I understand your preference for having station time signals in attempt to have trains follow each other as closely as possible, but the timers on the Williamsburg Bridge already create a buffer zone to maintain a certain distance between trains. Installing ST's along the WB will most likely mirror what we already have in place. After all, ST's are actually a derivative of timers anyway. The choke points are the tight curves upon entrance of Essex Street and Marcy Avenue, but quickly reaching those areas is also a big part of the issue, which won't be solved by having trains stroll at 25 MPH under station time control. There exists a relationship between distance travelled, rate (speed) and time elapsed. We want trains to cover distances as quickly as possible, so they clear the choke points as quickly as possible. ST's are more appropriate for keeping trains a close distance under optimal conditions, e.g., no sharp curves or steep grades within their control length, which is not the case near Essex/Marcy.

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