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  1. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You're going down the wrong avenue... Leave that talk of which line someone should choose to end it all off of these forums... It's not even funny.
  2. AlgorithmOfTruth

    MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

    You'll need to travel down to New York not only for the pre-employment process, but also for the 10-day training period, which takes place over the course of 2 weeks, Monday through Friday. Since you have your CDL and several years of experience operating commercial vehicles, you should be okay. When it comes to the MTA, please note that they are very strict and will expect you to operate exactly how they teach you. Study the methods they teach you and the job will be yours permanently if you successfully complete your probationary period without incident.
  3. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Rare RFW Videos

    Try going on YouTube and searching "NYC Subway: Railfan Window R32 (B) From 135th Street To Kingsbridge Road," it should work. The video is 18 minutes 58 seconds in duration.
  4. What works one day may not do the job on another. Like @RR503 suggested, be an informed commuter and utilize the MTA website for the most immediate information concerning service conditions. Don't wing it—you'll find yourself more frustration than happiness. Oh, and as many on here have already mentioned, steer clear of the Queens Boulevard Line during the AM rush. All it takes is one signal to malfunction for service to be reduced to garbage. I give your concern of finding the quickest route between home and school merit though, it's just that the subway nowadays is a gambling man's land.
  5. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Just because an individual is employed by transit doesn't necessarily mean they're absolutely correct about any questions posed by the public. Be cautious of who you trust.
  6. AlgorithmOfTruth

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    If the was extended to Jamaica–179th Street during rush hours, it would alleviate that irritating fumigation nonsense that has Forest Hills–71st Avenue tied up in a knot every weekday.
  7. My question for you is why? The current layout of the system exists as it does due to over a century of shifting populations, trends, and to get passengers to the heart of the city. There's too many threads initiated by fantasy here IMO.
  8. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    People are more perceptive than you think. Just because something seems trivial to you doesn't mean it doesn't warrant a universal explanation.
  9. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Has anyone been put off by the multiple inaccuracies on the official New York City Subway Map? The choice to put topographical accuracy aside is understood for simplicity reasons, but did they really have to make careless errors like depicting that the travels OVER the in Brooklyn? That, or incorrectly showing that the 9th Street Station is located ABOVE the 4th Avenue Station?
  10. AlgorithmOfTruth

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    When trains run between Norwood–205th Street and 161st Street–Yankee Stadium due to the FASTTRACK Program, do those trains reverse back to 167th Street using the Manhattan-bound track or do they head to 145th Street and turn there? I've been thinking about this, since the only switches I can think of that could be used to reverse those trains would be just south of 145th Street or just north of 167th Street. Something tells me they're purposely terminating trains at 161st Street–Yankee Stadium because passengers have a free transfer to the available there to complete their trip downtown, since there's no service on Central Park West this week at night.
  11. AlgorithmOfTruth

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Any T/O's in the know here who can point to why they're hiring provisionals? Is A Division scarce of T/O's or something?
  12. AlgorithmOfTruth

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Are there any configurations of routes in the system that would theoretically produce a longer runtime than say the from Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College to Wakefield–241st Street (entirely local) or the from Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue to Inwood–207th Street (entirely local)? How about if the started at New Lots Avenue instead? Or, having the go up the Grand Concourse to Norwood–205th Street instead of ending at Inwood–207th Street? There have to be a few other contenders that I don't remember off the top of my head.
  13. AlgorithmOfTruth

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I hypothesize that car mileage is dependent on frequency of service; high number of trips = increased mileage.
  14. AlgorithmOfTruth

    How 2 M.T.A. Decisions Pushed the Subway Into Crisis

    In my opinion, if you were to knowingly desert your duties to escape working while being on the clock, you're not only sucking your employer dry, but you'd also be subject to a felony. I don't play games when it comes to this stuff. Finding a job is difficult enough, but when you have one with security, comprehensive health benefits all on top of an hourly-wage second to none for the title in question, you better guard it like a precious jewel.
  15. AlgorithmOfTruth

    How 2 M.T.A. Decisions Pushed the Subway Into Crisis

    Until supervision starts cracking down on Track Workers who don't work, this will continue indefinitely. Going to McDonald's because things are slow that day? Some of these stories are unbelievable.


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