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  1. That's something interesting right there. I learn something new whenever I visit these forums. I've used the Fordham Road Station many times in the past and never knew that. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Your defense of claiming "nothing good came out of it, so it shouldn't have been posted" has no rooting in the real world. Has every point throughout U.S. History been positive? No. However, did that stop people from publicly discussing it and studying it at universities? No. Do most stories covered on the daily news and media reflect meaningful experiences or ideas? No. Case in point, you learn how not to act, think, work, and live through taking note of others - especially those who choose to deliberately embarrass themselves in public, like the fool in the aforementioned video in question. The fact that you couldn't figure that out for yourself is baffling. At the end of the day, you've been made this thread's example of how people shouldn't strive to conduct themselves in public.
  3. Furthermore, how many times are they going to alter the Q37's southern terminus in South Ozone Park? That thing is always bouncing back and forth from year to year it seems. Not only that, but I hated the crap 30-minute headways at night when I needed to get home from Kew Gardens.
  4. Unless they took the 1 stop northbound to 155th Street and transferred to the Bx6, getting them to the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium Station.
  5. Hate to break this to you, but don't complain unless you want to be stuck with no other choice than a job one day... As an extra extra with no seniority you're fair game to be thrown in the deep end at any point in time. I'm sure the crew office will straighten out anyone who whines about controllers being too "heavy" to hold down or not being able to be within earshot of full brake release on a set of SMEE's. There's absolutely no tolerance for that stuff. You are expected to operate whatever equipment your run presents you and get it to the other end. Period. Any transit vet will tell you that you have it much easier than compared to 20 years ago when 32s, 38s, 40s, and 42s dominated B Division.
  6. So I've been thinking of the current Q31 routing and have thought of restructuring it as follows: 1.) No changes will be made to the existing route between Archer Avenue/Sutphin Boulevard and Utopia Parkway/Hollis Court Boulevard. 2.) Discontinue the section utilizing 47th/48th Avenues. Adjust the route to have it continue on Utopia Parkway until Northern Boulevard. 3.) Right turn onto Northern Boulevard. (Serving Northern Boulevard will stimulate ridership on the Q31. The residential streets along and near 47th/48th Avenues that it currently travels on are already dominated by the Q27.) 4.) Left turn onto Bell Boulevard.(Preserved Q31 section) 5.) Left turn onto 35th Avenue. (Preserved Q31 section) 6.) Right turn onto Corporal Kennedy Street. (Access to Bayside High School retained.) 7.) Upon reaching Corporal Kennedy Street/32nd Avenue, the Q31 will be consolidated with the existing Q28 route. 8.) Route ends where the current Q28 terminates at 23rd Avenue/Bell Boulevard. (A new connection to the Bay Terrace Mall created for Q31 passengers.) My goal is to boost ridership on the Q31 route by attempting to have it serve more ground in the proximity of both local and commercial businesses without having it deviate too far from it's primary focus of Bayside. This experimental concept might work by taking advantage of Northern Boulevard and the Bay Terrace Mall. After seeing next to no passengers aboard Q31's I've been on over the past few years when reaching the 47th/48th Avenues and/or 32nd Avenue sections, I knew something had to give in sight of improving ridership generation on the route...
  7. Speaking of stations along the , have they visited the 3rd Avenue–138th Street Station?
  8. If you are a probationary T/O and get called for the C/R job, you must resign from the T/O title before you can accept the invitation to become a C/R. If you choose to do that, you will start at the C/R minimum pay rate. Any seniority you gained as a T/O will be lost. You will have to start all over again from the bottom. The only way you could reestablish yourself as a T/O is if you were a permanent (completed probationary period) T/O BEFORE you decided to switch over to the C/R title.
  9. From what I've seen, you need to have a balance of confidence and experience on your line to be an efficient T/O. Not too confident to the point where you're cocky, but confident enough that you aren't afraid to operate. For example, I was on a Brooklyn-bound train one day and had the most anxious T/O I've ever seen. We pull out of Fordham Road and head toward 182nd-183rd Streets. He makes about 10 separate brake applications that jerk everyone around before we reach the 10-car marker at 182nd-183rd Streets. He gets indication from his C/R and we make the approach to Tremont Avenue. We get up to around 10 MPH and he panics as we approach the yellow-over-S before the two-shot behind it. HARD BRAKING ensues. We must've made it down that slope at close to 0 speed before we actually reached Tremont Avenue. Needless to say, the rest of the trip went on in a similar fashion. If a T/O is that scared to operate, I don't see them lasting long! (Chronic lateness) This isn't to say that you shouldn't be cautious, but know your line, be familiar with how the timers behave, and be confident in your operation.
  10. The R32s are significantly lighter than the R46s, so there is more lateral motion and buckling that gives off the impression that you're moving faster than you really are.
  11. When I gave my two cents about the Q12 running artics I was talking based on experience. I used that route over the course of several years.
  12. NYCHA court proceedings tend to drag on and ultimately end up allowing the tenant(s) to remain so as long they aren't violating any conditions set forth. More often than not, they try to keep families together, rather than break them apart. There are controversial policies that permit convicted felons (usually fathers) to return home after prison release to be reunited with their families. If it means having both a mother and father at home to raise their children I'm all for it, but that's rarely the case in the projects. When I started this thread I should've emphasized that I'm specifically against admitting felons back into public housing who demonstrate a consistent inability to stay out of trouble after they've been discharged. Not all who have been behind bars are incapable of being rehabilitated. There are many success stories out there. Evicting hundreds of thousands of NYCHA tenants won't solve the problem. That'd accomplish nothing but saturate the shelters.
  13. Exactly my point! I was like, "It's 2019, not 1904!" Not to mention that putting SBS lanes on Northern Boulevard will stress traffic flow even further on a bus route that doesn't even have LTD service! It's not necessary nor justified in my opinion! Having artics on the Q12 should be more than enough.
  14. 1.) For years, I took the Q12 every week from the Flushing-Main Street Station to Northern Boulevard/Springfield Boulevard and walked from there to Queensborough Community College for exercise before my classes. The bus route gets a good amount of ridership, but converting it to an SBS-designated route without it even having LTD trips doesn't have me sold. Unless there's a significant increase in ridership on the Q12, the route should stay as it stands today. 2.) There would actually be a gap in coverage if you had the Q13 supplement the Q12, as the Q12 doesn't reach Northern Boulevard until it crosses Sanford Avenue/165th Street. The Q28 diverges off of Northern Boulevard onto Crocheron Avenue, so you would have to address the coverage gap between Crocheron and 165th along Northern. 3.) The N20 does exactly this, although your idea does hold weight, as NICE service isn't exactly "nice," as their equipment is known to routinely fail mechanically and where "no-show" buses are commonplace. Let's see how the Q12 does running artics. If it's successful and manages to promote an increase in ridership along the route, maybe we can talk about planning a few AM/PM rush LTDs into the timetable.
  15. It wouldn't be possible to construct a light-rail line on Northern Boulevard without, well, getting rid of Northern Boulevard (Extending the isn't happening either).The closest alternative to that would be the Port Washington Branch of the LIRR, but most of it's stations are inconveniently located for Q12 passengers to rely on the line. While there's theoretically less capacity running artics on the Q12 than say, a light-rail line along Northern, the latter isn't an option.

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