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  1. Thousands of Commuters Stuck Yet Again Amid G, F Train Meltdown

    When it comes to these major service disruptions, the MTA is almost always unable to readily adapt to address them. Also, you'd think that endless weeknight and weekend construction work would lessen the number of these "meltdowns," but you'd be sadly mistaken. The way I see it, the MTA is always behind in the maintenance of its infrastructure. If Track Workers and other key employee groups actually put the "work" in their job title, we'd need not worry about these frequent catastrophes. I'm sick of seeing a group of 25 men on the trackbed sit and play games on their smartphones while 1 of them actually works on something productive.
  2. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    While you may not be concerned with public transportation between Eastern Queens and The Bronx, there exists others who are. The reason as to why is because the subway is virtually nonexistent in Eastern Queens compared to that of Western Queens. In Astoria, you have access to the and , which easily get you to the Lexington Avenue–59th Street Station where you can transfer to either the , , or to The Bronx. Similarly, in Jackson Heights, you have access to the , which takes approximately 20 minutes and some change to get you to the Grand Central–42nd Street Station. You argue that, "People already do that, and it's not the most convenient option," but those that live in Eastern Queens have it much worse! You're only options are to take the subway into Manhattan, the Q44–SBS, or the Q50 from Flushing. Let's say you live on 188th Street/Union Turnpike and want to get to the 3rd Avenue–149th Street Station. You can take the Q17 to Flushing, transfer to the Q44–SBS, and then make another transfer to the or at the East 180th Street Station or take the Q46 to the Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike Station, transfer to the , followed by the at the 51st Street Station, and then finally to the at the 59th Street Station. Now do you realize how much work and how long that'll take for someone who lives in Eastern Queens? Folks out in Western Queens have it much easier if they need to get to The Bronx as they're much closer to both the subway and Manhattan.
  3. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    While there does exist need to improve transportation between The Bronx and Queens, this proposal will more than likely carry air. A derivative of the Q44–SBS in The Bronx might be a better option.
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    With all this pointless back-and-forth quarreling put aside, have there been any recent deliveries from the R179 order? This week, the R179s assigned to the / have been stuck at ENY for some reason. Does anyone know why? They seemed to be doing fine last week during the AM rush hour.
  5. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Okay, so I've been thinking about this for a few days and thought I'd put it out there and hopefully get an answer. Why do several stations have "S" stop markers with "4, 6, and 8-car stop markers before it if the S stop marker indicates the stopping position for trains of any length?
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    You can thank Bombardier for taking ridiculously long to weed out the issues plaguing the R179s. The order has been pushed back multiple times and I don't think the first 10-car R179 set (3010–3019) is even in passenger service yet, which is unbelievable, considering it's already been over a year since that set was delivered. I am more than content with the fact that the MTA has banned Bombardier from bidding on future contracts, because them saying "you'll receive your order in a year's time" really means "prepare to expect your order not only late, but with multiple bugs, only leading to additional delays." Imagine waiting for your pizza to be delivered, expecting a 30–45 minute arrival. When you hear your doorbell ring over 90 minutes later only to find out that they got your order wrong, you're going to be very upset and most likely won't buy from that pizzeria ever again. So goes the relationship between the MTA and Bombardier with respect to the R179 order. Lesson learned? Have a backup plan. I'd charge that pizzeria a penalty fee for not only taking more than twice the length of time they advised to deliver my pizza, but also because they got my order wrong as well. There's only so much error you should tolerate. Once that threshold is crossed, it's no longer you that's accountable!
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    The and serve the same stations between Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center and 145th Street during weekday non-rush hours, with the exception of trains serving local stations along CPW. Unless passengers boarding along the Brighton are seeking the Grand Concourse, I'm not sure what else would reasonably justify that.
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Is it just me, or do the R179s I see on the always happen to be traveling in the opposite direction that I am? Even in the morning during the AM rush hour—I'll get a set of R32s, R143s, or R160s, with the ocassional appearance of an R42 train. Put aside taking note of the specific trips that those 2 R179 sets make and tell me those trains aren't elusive, lol.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    DJ Hammers uploaded a video on YouTube not too long ago titled "Last Days of the R32 Train." He's a reputable source, so we'll just have to wait and see how long they stick around on the . Also, I heard a few more R32 sets have been transferred to the 207th Street Yard for service.
  10. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    I sometimes read too quickly myself as well, it's all cool lol.
  11. What is the most rarest catch you've ever gotten in the subway?

    Yesterday, on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, the White Plains Road line saw an exceptionally rare occurrence of 2 in-service rerouted trains made up of R62 cars that terminated at East 180th Street. Like I've mentioned before, witnessing SMEE-type equipment in passenger service on the or is extremely unusual! Take a look at this video of the action caught by DJ Hammers:
  12. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    I'm strictly referring to individuals who haven't completed their probationary period and are contemplating switching into another job title. In such event, you will forfeit your seniority and cannot return to your original job title.
  13. What is the most rarest catch you've ever gotten in the subway?

    A set of R160s assigned to the isn't that uncommon; I can recall seeing them on the ocassionally, but it's not rare.
  14. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    Since MaBSTOA and NYCT are two separate agencies you will not be able to return to the job title of Bus Operator if you accept the job title of Conductor. So, yes, you would have to resign from the Bus Operator position to accept the Conductor position. Depending on how long you would have been on the job working for MaBSTOA, you will forfeit all the seniority you've gained if you accept the offer from NYCT later on down the road. This means you'll be making less per hour and will start from square one, remaining on probationary status for an entire year.
  15. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I agree with @RR503; the Tremont Avenue station does not have any crew quarters for employees to be dispatched out of. He recommended having trains terminate further north at Bedford Park Boulevard for this reason, which, justifiably, is more suitable. As far as extending the to Jamaica–179th Street, it could do a number in alleviating the bottleneck at Forest Hills.


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