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  1. I’m pretty sure this is going to get zero replies but figured I’d try it anyway. I’m looking to duplicate the 69 key. People who have it don’t recall where they got it copied, just saying Manhattan. Guys in my yard have copies and an original. I’ve called a ton of locksmiths, one who even said he has the machine but nobody knows how to use it. Let’s see what happens here...thanks
  2. Bunch of tests..Vision Test, Hearing Test, Lung Capacity Test (Spirometry), EKG, Blood Pressure, once that’s all done, you’ll wait for a TA Doc to go over everything and sign off on you..you’ll be there all day..i just went for my yearly and I was there from 9am-3:30
  3. don't go by what you paper says..you may or may not go to elevator and escalator..mine said signals and i went to power and guy that just came in a few months ago, his said E&E and hes in Power
  4. Next calls being made isn’t going to be told to anyone that is in training..for the class that is there now, they already know what dept. theyre going to but i was told 10 new helpers coming to cable next week..you guys waiting for calls just gotta hold out..there is literally no way of knowing
  5. there is no set number for a class. it could be 3,10,40, or 100..it depends on what section needs what..and training im sure is different for each section..impossible to figure out unless you speak to someone from that section..
  6. you should have an admission letter in the mail today or tomorrow..if you get that, i think your good
  7. couldnt tell you..where im at theres 34 maintainers and 10 helpers and cable section still has BK Nights and Bronx Days/Nights
  8. it all depends on how many people they call and what section you go to..class sizes are different all the time..it seems initial training last 3 weeks now for my section at least (Power Cables)..for Cable, you have to do additional training..Flagging is 2 weeks, Respirator is 1 day, Confined Space is 3 days, and Asbestos is 1 week but not necessary to work in the field..
  9. Signals, Elevator & Escalator, Power, Power Distribution, Lighting, Telephone, Infrastructure..cant think of another one
  10. Good luck man..lemme know what day you heading to Atlantic
  11. Pretty sure I know who your buddy is by you saying put in 170 1st day..was a little upset that he had to go to BX lol
  12. i think what they’re doing is getting you basic qualifications..my first two weeks i did track safety, right to know, and fire evac/safety. so i believe your first day will be at Atlantic and next day or that night if youre nights, youll go to your spot. i think 3 of you will go locust night and 1 will stay bk days.
  13. and 3 of those helpers i just found out are getting transferred..2 to Test and one to Zones i believe
  14. BX always needs drivers lol..they just got 6 helpers and sent one of their drivers to BK..those 6 obviously would go for driving school before you..wonder why youre doing 3 weeks before coming...you doing Fire Prevention or Right to Know?
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