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  1. Road test I'm not sure. Because when I did the training with them I already had a CDL. Maybe someone else that got the cdl through them could answer that one. Have a look at post 372 That's my class mate. He went in with only a permit and got the license through them. From my experience going through the training. I would say listen and do everything as they say. They will give you everything you need to pass. Don't over think it. It's very difficult. But with focus and determination you can pass it
  2. If you make it before day 10, you won't have to worry about day 10. Day 10 is only for those that didn't do to good on the previous days. That's why it says 2 instructors. And you don't decide to take the test earlier. What decides if you will have to go to day 10 or not is how well you perform on the previous days Take it a day at a time. Good luck
  3. When I was going through the process like 2 years ago I received an email to come in from (Ronald.SaintJean@nyct.com) Again this was 2 years ago.. not sure if it's still the same, But worth a try. Good luck
  4. Haven't been on here in awhile lol. @GoneForTheWinter I'm 8 months in and got 4 more to go before I finish with probation. And one thing I want to point out to you since your thinking about moving to NY to work for the MTA, Remember you also have to go through ONE year on probation. Which means you only really got the job AFTER you complete the one year of probation. During your time on probation Union doesn't really have your back 100% as they do for the people that already past probation. But they're happily taking your union dues . So if something happens during probation they can extend your probation or terminate you. I personally know 2 people that were on probation that kind of got screwed over. Just last week one of my friends got forced to either resign or get fired. He choose to resign, so now he has to wait 5 years to come back. And the reason, someone fell on his bus and "claimed" an injury, that person told him "yea screw you, I'm going to get some money now". So he's now out of a job. 2nd person same thing happened but different situation. Was driving the bus and a small kid ran out into the street in front of his bus (late at night). So to not run over the kid, he hit the brakes. Didn't hit the kid and no one was hurt. But someone on his bus called and reported that he hit the brakes to hard. And even though no one was injured, they forced him to resign. It's very difficult to keep this job, even if your by the book. A lot of things can happen/go wrong that can screw you over. I'm only in it because I really love to drive and I love buses. Ever since a kid I wanted to be an operator. So I'm just following my dreams. I'm single with no kids so I can put away / invest even with what they pay to start. So in my 6th year I'll be set. Plus also it's good to know that once I retire, I'll have a pension check coming in. And if I ever have a family and something happens to me, they will be covered. This job isn't for everyone, if you really only just want a check. Just get a different job. But if you love to drive. This job is one of the sweetest most easiest jobs I ever had. Like it was mentioned there is a lot of BS you gotta deal with. Not even going to sugarcoat it. But like with anything in life. Everything good has its bads too. Also want to point this out: when you start, you will start at the bottom and be on the "extra list" which for me was great. Made a lot of money while on it. But If you have a family, it can be difficult. Reporting every day different times and clearing different times can be difficult for some. Also depending what depot you pick into, you might be on the list awhile if it's a high seniority depot. So just remember when you start the schedule might be crazy and you gotta be flexible to work the schedules no one else wants. This operators job is to get your foot in the door of the MTA. Once your in you have to move around. Take the dispatchers test and move up. I'm thinking of taking the test for the train conductors when it goes up. Don't just stay a bus operator. You can make more money you just gotta be patient and smart.
  5. @DrewMania wouldn't know about having a difficult instructor. Because his instructor was actually one of the best instructors ever lol. Me on the other hand had an instructor that was just like that at first. I used to think she was sent from hell lol. Me and my classmates were all scared. She would literally yell at anything and everything wrong you did. now that im in line training and in the real world. I understand why she was the way she was. Its because what she was teaching us was serious. And we had to get it right with her so when we go out in the real world, we wouldn't make the same mistake that would cause an accident or get someone killed. At the end of the day your driving around a 40 ton bus that if you don't operate correctly can be used as a weapon. Also keep in mind that if the instructor passes you and you go and get into an accident and hurt someone. They will go looking for that instructor. I really didn't like my instructor at the beginning, But at the end I started to like her and even started joking around with her. From personally going through what you just described, what I would suggest is first, Listen, Not hear noises coming out the instructors mouth, But listen to everything they have to say. Listening and hearing are two different things. Do everything exactly the way they tell you to do it. You have to go there with the mindset that you are learning driving from scratch. And that you will have to drive the way they are teaching you to drive. I would say day 1-4, Absorb everything taught. Go home and read over all your notes every night. Days 5-6 try to get everything right, day 7 execute everything you learned. Try your best to qualify on day 7. What ever you do try to get it all before day 10. Because day 10 you will have 2 instructors with you on the bus and it will be 10x harder. Those yellow papers the instructor gives you at the end of each day, Read over them, The mistakes written on them, Correct them on the next day. Don't be discouraged when your instructor writes you a paragraph of wrong things you did that day. Use it to improve. I had almost a page of mistakes on mines, But everyday I improved, cleaned everything up and qualified on day 7. The 10 day training felt more difficult then the actual road test to get the CDL. And I had previous experience driving a similar bus that the mta has. So while its not easy, its also not impossible. listen, apply what you learn and you will have no problem making it through. What ever happens with the instructor or what ever they say or yell. You can't take it personal and don't get intimidated. The moment you start taking it personal and let it get to you the harder it becomes. The 10 days fly by, So take it day by day, BREATH, Everything will be ok. Believe in yourself. That would be my best advice from dealing with a tough instructor. But I hope everyone can get a good instructor
  6. Yea sure no problem. This forum and the members here have helped me a lot. So just trying to give back. For the line training the instructor shows you the whole trip, going to one end and coming back to the other end. When you get back. You take over and do the route until lunch. Depending on your instructor you might go back after lunch to the same route and you will continue to drive that same route until the shift ends. Now you might have an instructor that does one route in the morning and a different route in the afternoon. If he does have 2 different routes on his run. Then when you go to that second route. He will show you the round trip and you will do the rest of the trips until you shift is over again That's how my experience been so far for line training
  7. I'm currently going through the line training at the Depot I'm in. And it can be either day or night or both. It all depends on the driver they will pair you up with. For me I been only in the AM. One of my friends at the same Depot that is also going through the line training went through some lines at night and some during the day. So it varies
  8. Hey thanks I appreciate it. I had Mrs.Bush from JFK Depot
  9. I qualified yesterday day 6 and today day 7 thank God. Tomorrow we will be at Jamaica learning the other buses. My supt was hard as hell on us. These last two weeks felt like we were at a boot camp. Try making a hook turn into a tight right street in Manhattan with cars flying by your left side and the supt just yelling in your ear. Think I might be going alittle deaf in my right ear from getting yelled at so much. Me and my classmates lol But at the end of the day I'm greatful for her being the way she was. Sometimes getting yelled at helps us not forget the mistakes we made. Also they are putting their names on the line when they pass us. God forbid one of us gets into a crazy accident. They going to be looking for the person that passed us. On another note, it's not over yet don't get discouraged. Everything she put on that paper, look at it and the next day correct it, clean it up and don't make those mistakes again. You have to build on it. They give us all the pieces of the puzzle, we just have to put it together. Day 5 in Manhattan I hit a curb because I failed to hook it and let it get me down. Almost ran a red light because I was to focused on getting passed a car, Felt like it was over. But then day 6 rolled around and I knocked it out along with 7. And trust me, my observations skills were really bad starting off. Your not the only one that struggled with that. But you learn to get better at it. My best advice is: -Listen to everything your instructor tells you. -Forward plan -Cover that right, if your coming up on a red light and you see a bus stop on the right side thats empty, pull into the bus stop. The Bus stop is your home. If you see an open space just move the bus over so no one gets on your right. -4 feet clearance always -Mirrors are your best friends -For the turns, before you execute a turn, look at the turn and make the turn in your head before you make the turn(sounds crazy i know, but this is what helped me) -Setup your reference points correctly -Don't run no yellow lights. To get the lights right everytime, what I do is. I watch the light plus scan the little white guy or orange hand. As soon as you see the orange hand blinking start slowing down and just let go off the gas, don't chance it. -There would be times I would stop before the cross walk while the light was still green with like 7-9 seconds still on the clock just to be safe. Orange hand is a life saver When your driving that bus get the big picture, never focus only on one thing, keep your eyes rolling, move in that seat and watch everything like a hawk. Believe in yourself. And do the best you can. Stay focused and you will do just fine. Telling you guys that beet is awesome. I had told some of my friends from my previous job about it. Now they all on it lol
  10. For the people with issues with the high blood pressure. The best thing you guys can do is start drinking a glass of beet juice everyday. Then day before the medical have a cup and before you head to medical take another cup. GNC got the beet juice powder you can take and mix with a smoothie or milkshake also. Also remember to avoid foods high in: Salt, Sugar, Alcohol. Wish you all the best
  11. Morning everyone. Anyone at Zarega yet? Just now got here
  12. At least the line is not going around the corner like Monday lol
  13. alright cool thanks for that info. yea when I saw that $87 money order part in the email I was like really, So the $200+ I spent on taking all the other exams wasn't enough huh lol. But yea $87 isn't to bad, will make it back in training. Just a small price to pay to make more money later down the line
  14. yea for sure, see you tomorrow morning That's good that you were able to take care of that right there and then, One less thing to worry about. Now we just got this medical to get out of the way to be in for the training on Monday. Question to anyone that went through this process before, The money order part, Do we fill it out before we go or do we fill it out with someone at livingston? If we do have to fill it out on our own, whats the information that we put on it??
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