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  1. No. I'm 16xx and my first and only P/E was a year ago.
  2. Called DCAS yesterday. (i call every Monday). The last bit of info they give is the latest number hired. This week it jumped by about 50. Not sure what that means as far as the list moving again, but I hope it get's going soon. Hope everybody is well.
  3. Per the DCAS phone line that is updated every Sunday, the last number hired was 1212
  4. 16xx Still waiting. Hope the list gets rolling again.
  5. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. 16xx......excited but patient.
  6. Thanks for the updates. 16xx. Hope it gets rolling soon.
  7. Never mind. Got it taken care of
  8. Does anyone know who I can contact to make sure my address is correctly on file? I've moved since my first P/E and filled out the required form. All i got back was a form email saying that my change was accepted. I would like to speak with somebody just to be sure. I'd hate to miss out on anything due to a paperwork mix up. Thanks for any help. 16xx and hopeful
  9. 16xx here. Did P/E 11/30/18. Haven't heard a thing since.
  10. Very quiet here. Hope everybody is doing well. Hope the list starts rolling again. Peace
  11. That's a year ago...I;m hopeful too.
  12. Thanks Pete. 16xx...hopeful for later this year
  13. Figured its a good way to pass the time....16xx
  14. 2016 is the most current one?
  15. Anyplace to buy the rule book? Just to try and stay ahead of the game?

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