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  1. I'm in the higher end of the 1600's, and I know they've called early 1600's for second PE. I must be right on the line
  2. 16xx still no 2nd PE notice.
  3. Really appreciate the kind words.
  4. 16xx First PE 11/30, still waiting for 2nd PE notification
  5. 16XX and still no 2nd PE call yet.
  6. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  7. Congrats...im on the higher end....staying hopeful
  8. 16xx here as well. 1500's got called for 2nd PE last week. I feel like we are right on the cusp....
  9. Happy Friday everyone. Special shout to those starting school car on Monday. Enjoy the weekend. 16xx hoping the 2nd PE call comes soon.
  10. Congrats....hoping they make it to 16XX....best of luck to everyone getting calls today
  11. What phone number called you
  12. Congrats....16cxx here waiting. What day do you report?
  13. Anything different from the first PE? 16xx here waiting for 2nd PE. Thanks and best of luck to you.
  14. 16xx here...patiently waiting....busy summer with work and my wedding so it's all good.

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