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  1. They probably don't have enough crews to run the trains on shorter headways.
  2. The firefighters names isn't coming up cause this fire is another day in the office for them. Not saying that's a bad thing, they can't get emotionally invested in every call or they would go insane.
  3. The guy who filmed this went out in the middle of the night during an corona virus outbreak to film an 2 alarm fire in the subway. How did he even get access to the station? The comments of that video seems like they're FDNY foamers. Some guy in the comment section is foaming over something called an MRTC and a high rise, whatever that is. Now I know how non railfans/transit employees feel like they lurk sites like this, they probably have no idea what we're talking about cause of the lingo. Also wwooow at the other post of the firefighters posing for an photo in an brunt subway car. That's just an bad look. Luckily for them the corona virus is dominating the news cycles so that photo will get swept under the rug.
  4. The responses kinda remind me of this video...
  5. The train will sit in the yard for years for insurance purposes.. like many other wrecked subway cars of years past. Most likely what will happen is the good cars in the burned set will be stripped of parts to use in other 142s, the other 5 car set would eventually return to service and the burned cars would get scrapped. But in the grand scheme of things who really cares what happened to the consist, someone died here.
  6. Wow, just wow! Its amazing that only one person died in this tragedy. The car in the second pic got it the worse, damage wise.
  7. Saw this story on the news this morning. It was horrible, black smoke was POURING out of the subway grates. Several ppl have life threatening injuries. The fire might have started on the train so those cars might be scrap.
  8. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/4-hurt-following-underground-fire-at-central-park-north-subway-station-fdny/2346682/ I'm on mobile, can a mod cut and paste the article
  9. Well, the line is suspended right now with no reason given so their might not be ANY R32s running today.. https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTSubway/status/1242050102593757186 EDIT: another tweet says its crews are taking precautions against Corona Virus so maybe that's the reason the is suspended right now..
  10. line completely suspended, Lefferts Blvd is running local in it's place. https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTSubway/status/1242050102593757186
  11. When of one the traction motors on the train is dead.. on the SMEE cars there's a little yellow light on the side of the car that lights up when one of the motors is dead. On NTT when you don't hear the traction motor noise and the brakes is screeching. This only applies to the B div NTT as not every truck on the R142/A is motorized, so it's harder to tell when an IRT NTT has an dead motor.
  12. The reduced ridership is effecting showtime performers.. https://gothamist.com/arts-entertainment/no-people-no-money-as-subways-empty-showtime-dancers-struggle
  13. There's rumblings out there that a lot of the R46 converters are bad, which means that the stop and go nature of the line isn't good for the 46s. I'm skeptical of this rumor because they ran on the just fine until they was swapped to CI, also the 46s are SUBWAY cars, not some locomotive hauled diesel train on a commuter railroad. Perhaps only the Pikin Yard 46s have bad converters, while the Jamaica/CI Yard units do not, who knows.
  14. I didn't bother riding the subway today due to the epidemic as well, and won't need to for the foreseeable future. In the past couple of weeks I had more than enough R32 train rides where I'm perfectly OK with that fact that I might never ride an R32 in revenue service again. With this epidemic fanning isn't even enjoyable despite the reduced crowds, the anxiety this virus is causing, the tension in the air, etc. For any buffs thinking about going fanning during these times, well the MTA advises you to stay home!
  15. I saw on reddit that there is at least one set of R32s running on the today.
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