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  1. Cool, their going back to the mid 1960s line of thinking where both B div and IRT cars had the same design.
  2. I haven't seen an R32 train since the 179s were pulled from service. When the 179s were active, 32 trains were a lot more common.
  3. The R16 weren't well running cars and yet the lone running car is still used on museum trips.. The arines ran like crap towards the end of their service life but the museum arines run great on museum trips today. I think the TM can make the Phase II cars run great and work well with the other museum SMEE's. If there was an NYCTF in the 70s I would certainly be pro saving 10+ cars of R1-9s (which was done) those prewar cars have a certain charm to them that newer trains lack IMO. 32s aren't interesting enough to have an entire train worth of them being saved. I think three 32 pairs would suffice. If one want to give an 32 pair to those Trolley museums I would be OK with that (if their interested). 32s lost their color during GOH, lost their front rollsigns, lost their ceiling fans, etc.. an entire museum train of an stale grey train? Meh 32s in the TOMM consist, dope, 32s on their own? meh. Not have my mindset? You act like I said NONE of the 32s should be saved lol. I'm very pro saving Transit vehicles for museum fleets.
  4. Got one of those R46s with the LED lights borrowed from Jamaica on the just now, much nicer ride than the regular R46s assigned to Pikin. Wish all R46 got the LED light upgrade. Could be imagining this but that Jamaica set felt slightly faster than the Pikin 46s too.
  5. MTA was giving cars in the bus lane the Thanos snap.
  6. I'm pretty sure those artics on the M96 had something to do with the water main break on the upper west side knocking out subway service on the West Side IRT....
  7. I doubt they ran a two car train in service, 6 MU is the minimum allowed in service IIRC.
  8. I believe they been doing that, they use to store retired R32-R42 cars at Concourse for a while before finally being transferred to 207th for reefing. I think the same was done for the Redbirds as well.
  9. There's an R42 set layed up on the middle track at Flushing Ave if anybody wants to *photograph* an R42...
  10. I consider the 32s part of the TOMM, they probably don't use the two TM pairs on TOMM trips because the 32s still have a major presence in the system. I would imagine once the 32s are retired then the museum pairs will be added to the TOMM consist. Post GOH 32s are too bland to have an entire 8 car train worth of them IMO, especially considering you can't restore them to their pre GOH look. At least with the museum R33ML you can repaint the outside of the cars to different paint schemes.
  11. What funny is despite the fact that the Phase two R32s were the crappier of the two mechanically, both pairs in the TM fleet are Phase 2. When the rest of the 32s are finally retired, they should save an phase 1 pair as well. I wish I knew of the GE 32s existence when they was still an active fleet, especially now hearing that they kept some of their original components from pre GOH. Not sure about the IRT redbirds but from my understanding, most of the R32 - R42 fleets were completely gutted mechanically during GOH. From old timers I read that the cars sounded different pre GOH, described as having "darth vader brakes" and cool sounding compressors like in the video below... Only thing 50+ years old in the 32s and 42s are their bodies and maybe the trucks, mechanically they are about the same age as the R62/A and R68/A more or less.
  12. It's so annoying that the Rockaway Parkway station doesn't have an Token booth at the moment... Want to buy an Metrocard at that stop? Well you can't cause the stupid MVM's aren't working properly! Being that the MVM are out in the open and not in the station house there's no way I'd risk using my debit card at those machines. Arrrggh stupid MTA
  13. The MTA probably has plans to sell them. I believe the TA sold Redbird and rollsigns from retired R32 - 42 fleets in the past.
  14. Nah, a R42 didn't run on the recently... the briefly used 8 car 42s in the late 2000s but it was short lived and they put the 32s back on the line, something to do with the C/R position IIRC The 42s also ran on the shorty after superstorm Sandy for some reason. I am JUST NOW finding out about 42s on the in 2012, I googled "R42 C train" and these videos popped up of 42s running on the C in 2012, WTF!?!
  15. The most interesting thing about the garbage train 32s returning to service is it might have 10+ year old ads in it. One of the best things about riding the museum trains is seeing the ads from the time period they ran, always was cool seeing early 2000s ads on the museum redbirds. I would imagine the ones in the museum R1-9's are replica ads..?
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