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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if 207th keeps 3070 - 3073... so they have an spare 4 car set. If not, out of 11 trainsets I would imagine only 8 or 9 sets would be in service on the at most with the other cars as spares or getting inspected in the shop.
  2. Manhattanville has the longest drought out of all the NYCT depots in terms of getting new buses, I believe the last buses they got factory fresh was the OLD GEN hybrids... that was in the mid 2000s. I believe they got some of the Designline buses factory fresh but that was an experimental fleet which didn't work so those don't count... I don't think FLA riders will have an issue with more hybrids appearing on there routes as long as the buses are clean and the HAVC works, cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. Plus they still look modern and say Hybrid on the roof so riders might think they are fairly new buses lol
  3. Those SBS routes ruined the balance at depots like FLA and GH (The artic routes at GH), at those depots the SBS routes get the newest buses with Wi Fi, USB chargers, etc, while the local routes are stuck with older buses. If the TA still considers fleet age balance when making assignments then that explains why FLA ain't get any new buses for their local routes as the fleet age would be too young.
  4. Quill hasn't gotten any more buses to replace the remaining RTS there, so far only one hybrid from KB came to Quill.
  5. Man the TA should assign a small batch of Hybrids to Spring Creek instead keep having to loan them buses, give them like 5 or 6 2005 Orions and call it a day.
  6. On the MTA mobile site it still doesn't show the NH line runs when you look up GCT - Fordam, sigh...
  7. I know that. They could swap some CAT C13 MCI's with 2002 units so CP wouldn't have an many 02 units is what I was trying to say.
  8. They probably need it to make service. To me every MTA Bus depot with express routes should have a few 2002 MCI's... Why does CP have damn near 20 of them while FR has none I will never know.
  9. One improvement the 179s have over previous NTT car classes no one talks about is the HAVC is MUCH quieter, the HAVC on the older NTT car classes can be deafening.
  10. One time they had this G.O they was cross honoring with the Q24 bus, guess not this time.
  11. Rode one of the new Cuomo wrapped LFS 40 FT buses today, they backfire a lot like an CNG bus which is cool lol. Its crazy how in the interior of the bus the 40FT LFS is much quieter than the LSFA.
  12. With the Phoenix being converted to a Metrocard bus I wonder if the Mobile Command Center RTS will get the same treatment. I would imagine in 2019 there's no longer a need for a Mobile Command Center bus...?
  13. I wouldn't mind that bus being saved for the museum but I'm not sure how the interior looks. According to Google the interior got converted into an office, can't use that bus on vintage museum runs if that's the case.
  14. There's 2 sets of R42s in service right now....

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