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  1. LMAO you took a boat to photograph the 179s at 207th. Unique perspective though. Rowing seems like a fun hobby with good exercise.
  2. Why can't you buy HBLR single tickets on the Mytix app? It only allows you to purchase a monthly on the 19th. It's funny as NLR allows you to buy single tickets on the app. I fanned the 25 today and took me several tries just to log in, app is very glitchy today it seems. As for the 25, those headways are lovely..
  3. You can do that too. BBP is kinda big, even though both the B25 and B63 both go to BBP they are no where near each other.
  4. B25 bus, take the to Jay St Metrotech and transfer to the B25 there.
  5. I've had my reduced fare card since 2017 and it doesn't expire anytime soon. However my picture on the card is Fading away, I use my card a lot and I mean A LOT and the stripe is still holding up strong. I do get nervous when I use the SBS machines though since those machines sometimes eat Metrocards and don't spit them back out.
  6. Scary. One of my biggest fears is being in an elevated station and the stairs or platform collapsing while I'm on it. What crazy is most of the elevated stations in the BX recently got renovated.. Can't wait until they do Broadway Junction, that station is a whole lot of steel..
  7. Yes. While their not 75 footers Look how fast the museum Arnines were on CPW last year, so age doesn't matter. If one thinks 75 footers are slow just ride SIR R44s which are quite fast. The SIR 44 seem to still have the field shunting, they clearly accelerate far faster than the SMEEs running in the subway today.
  8. The 68s should be on the rather than the & not because of silly railfan grudges but because the has the same two terminals 24/7 where's Astoria terminal swaps cars... Why they still have SMEEs on the / lines despite the fact that that terminal swaps trains like Flatbush does will always be an mystery..
  9. An MTA bus was vandalized in June by teenagers... https://pix11.com/2019/08/09/girls-throw-a-chair-bricks-rocks-at-bus-in-the-bronx-after-being-told-to-get-off-police/
  10. I got caught in that train service change.. trains were terminating at E105th and relaying in the yard commuter rail style...
  11. Dude is the Queens version of PinepowerLI... I stumbled upon his videos a while back and he nitpicked the smallest things about QV buses 😄 I never had an problem with an QV bus so their good in my book.
  12. Freight trains run on the Hudson line but IDK an specific time of when a freight will show up on the Hudson. Bound Brook on NJT raitian valley line is the best spot for fanning freights in the NYC area.. not my video below but it's an example of what to expect there..
  13. LIRR: Woodside, Forest Hills Metro North: 125th street
  14. They was supposed to hit revenue service in May IIRC. I heard their now expected to hit service in August, we'll see...

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