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  1. trainfan22

    M-9 Discussion

    Some of the M9 cars got derailed while apart of a freight train while being delivered to NY.
  2. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Shocked nobody mentioned the 495 helix work potentially effecting via NJ express routes in a negative manner. Media been making a HUGE deal about this 495 construction, I really hope its just the media being overly dramatic.
  3. trainfan22

    Motorcoach Fans

    Love those MCI's, their my favorite motorcoaches, kinda bummed I never got to ride one of greyhound's MC12's though. Like the Jake Brake in the NJT MCI's but for some reason that last two times I rode NJT MCI's the Jake Brake wasn't on. Honorable mention goes to the Prevosts, love both the MTA and Greyhound versions.
  4. Sometimes animals run right down the middle of a track and end up getting ran over. On the railroads Deer, Cows, etc get hit by trains all the time, if you ride commuter railroad you'll see dead Deer along side the ROW from time to time. IMO the MTA did the right thing, a GOAT getting 12-9'd will delay service just as long.
  5. trainfan22


    Nice tribute to the GOAT articulated bus.. seen one in service on the BX15 today , only a handful remain in service at the remaining depots that have them 😣
  6. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Does CAS have a route similar to the old X10 which runs off peak and weekends? I always wanted to ride an Prevost on a CAS express route cause seeing such a raggedy depot like CAS have a fancy bus like the Prevost is pretty cool. My only two rides on the X10 were old MCIs near retirement age (which is enjoyed, don't get me wrong) Was gonna fan the X10 one last time but I just didn't feel like it. Also is it still only three SI express routes that run off peak and weekends?
  7. trainfan22

    The new era begins

    I kinda like the SIM cause the old PBL and MTA Bus still uses something silmar for express bus labeling. It's almost feels like the TA is paying homage to the old PBL lol.
  8. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Coming home, my was running along side an work train for several stops on the Broadway EL... pretty cool. The R156 engines are pretty quiet in motion, noisy as hell in idle though
  9. trainfan22

    R179 Discussion Thread

    3010 - 3019 is probably being held at Bomnardier and will probably be sent back once all the 4 car sets are delivered. Perhaps the TA doesn't want one oddball 10 car set running on the line for a extended period of time.
  10. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Nothing sucks more than when the is running on 24 minute headways and you JUST miss the train... thus having to wait damn near an half hour for the shuttle train to come back to Rockaway Parkway.
  11. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of pet peeves with certain express bus models..As a tall person, the old MCI Classic express buses kinda sucked, I hit my head on the reading lights/luggage rack when I was on 3006 at busfest many years ago. Most of my MCI Classic rides were the transit seat versions that Green Lines had, which didn't have reading lights, etc, so headroom wasn't an issue. By the time I started fanning express buses the MCI Classics were long gone sadly, I sadly cause their powertrain was pretty cool. I rode the BXM8 not too long ago on a warm summer day and there was NO air coming out of the damn vents, the coldest MCI I had been was a old 1800 out of SC.
  12. I saw the aftermath of that Spring Street 12-9.. I saw the body and everything, blood on the tracks and body parts. It was clearly visible from the Uptown platform. They use bleach to remove the blood from the road bed and the body parts are removed by cops and put in a hazard bag, some dude was taking pics with a DSLR.. a cameramen and a reporter from a unknown media outlet came and took video. I've been thinking about that person ever since I saw it, RIP to whoever that person was. All my years riding the subway and my first time experiencing one of these "12-9's".
  13. trainfan22

    K train.

    What's the point of having the thumbs down feature if it doesn't deduct from the poster's rep?
  14. trainfan22

    R179 Discussion Thread

    To the & lines.


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