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  1. Went for a walk today since today was an nice day for January. Anyway while walking down 14th street I seen two of the nine? old MCI's Yukon has on layover, serveral blocks apart, one of them had fanners photographing code breaks on the bus.
  2. That's funny as JG had an bus numbered 976 from the orginal order of C40s.
  3. There's really a order for only 25 40FT buses for MTA Bus? That's it? lol. All those OG hybrids in MTA Bus and they only order 25 new buses for MTA Bus. Looks like MTA Bus is gonna get a whole bunch of hand me down NGs from NYCT dumped on them, oh well, sucks for them.
  4. Beautiful train. Interesting that they put the controller in the middle again.. Not a fan of the reduced seating, I wish they kept the doors the same size as the R160s. Only bad news regarding the recent update is we gotta wait so long for the production cars to come! I wish the testing process was quick like the R142/142A and R143s were, pilot trains for those orders only tested for a few months and then the other cars started rolling in, oh well.
  5. PATH does not have fan trips with trains retired from revenue service like NYCT does. The only way to see older PATH cars is at those museums you mentioned, no idea if they allow visitors to view the interiors.
  6. It's annoying af that mymta and the app used to purchase LIRR/MN tickets are separate apps. Then there's a third app called train time.
  7. I'm surprised to find out that buses have event recorders. I wonder when they started putting those in buses. Not surprised the bus held up well, I remember an BMW crashed into an Hybrid on the B46 and the BMW was totaled while the hybrid had very little damage. Glad everyone is OK.
  8. They are not getting an find system. They recently got refitted with new strip maps with both the and lines on them. Every 143 I been on has their maps so maybe they fell off in some cars.
  9. Haha at some CAT C13 MCIs getting scrapped before all the Detroit 60s are gone. Love those old school MCI's! Speaking of old MCI, I seen one this evening on the SIM1C.
  10. Rode the 107X today, felt weird riding an transit bus on an extended highway run. Most MTA or NJT routes I ride with long highway runs usually use OTR coaches. Bus wasn't nerfed ethier, it was able to keep up with highway traffic. Next up is the 76 or ride an XD60 on a Fairview route, curious as to how those buses handle the incline on 495.
  11. The Poughkeepsie Expresses takes two hours to travel between GCT and POU. I remember when they use to stop at Matble Hill and Yonkers a little over a decade ago. IIRC the run time between GCT and POU was an hour and a half back then. The run time got longer over the years for whatever reason. Considering the long run time, express trains should continue to skip Marble Hill and Yonkers IMO.
  12. At first I thought @Lawrence St was talking about an NJT bus and simply posted in the wrong subforum. But most likely hes talking about an MTA bus and made an typo.
  13. As anyone seen the XN60s on the N6X recently? Been thinking of catching another ride on one.
  14. I JUST missed an OG hybrid on the B103, there's serveral on the line now. Hope these Orions at SC is permanent, love the C40s but diversity is always nice.
  15. I just canceled my Blink membership a couple days ago cause of covid. Thinking about buying some resistance bands for home workouts.
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