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  1. Warranty work? Whenever a brand new bus goes back to the vendor I just assume its warranty work since New Flyer doesn't have personnel at the depots I would imagine. @Future ENY OP That bus doesn't have the SBS wrap and its assigned to Flatbush's "local" fleet.
  2. XE40s that Quill has seem only to run on the the M42/50. Would be nice if they ran in service on any 40FT route out of Quill like the all Proterras buses at Grand do... I mean this is test phase for these buses so wouldn't make sense to expose to all operating conditions and longer routes like M20? I noticed the XE40 accelerate like light rail trains rather than a bus. It's funny as you can take an Siemens powered or train to times square and transfer to a Siemens powered XE40, this has to be the first time in history that an manufacturer made an powertrain for both subway cars and buses.
  3. They also retired the 98 RTS batch before the 96 RTS batch. 99 Orion V's retired before the 96 & 98 RTS batch, etc.
  4. I made an mistake about 4300s age, they are 12 years old, not 15, my bad lol
  5. It felt like the 160 order went much faster than this, even when Kawasaki batch was finished and only Astom was building new 160s. Wish it was possible for the TA & Kawasaki to make the 211s come this year rather than next 😄
  6. Whoops, my bad. All this time I thought those were from 2004 lmao, just did my googles and the oldest batch of orange sign MCI's in MTA Bus is from 05, not 04. I always thought the 4300s came in around when that first batch of MTA Bus MCI's started coming in. With that being said, it would make more sense for them to go to MTA Bus to retire buses older than 07, unless the 4300s are in really bad shape, IDK what kinda shape their in.
  7. How so? There's around 40 pre CT MCI's on SI, the 4300s are from 2004 (Hybrids from that same year are currently being retired) which is batch of 30 buses, and the rest are 2002 MCI's. After those are retired they will have roughly 10 extra buses for spares or service increases or whatever.
  8. Wouldn't those 50 new express buses just be retiring old MCI's already running in Staten Island...? I would imagine this order will kill off the 4300s or bump them to MTA Bus to retire all those 2002 MCI's running there, and retire the 9 2002 units at YUK. SI is mostly new Prevosts and the service still sucks lol, I don't think the buses themselves are the problem here.
  9. Finally rode the BX6 to the last stop in Hunts Point, ridership is pretty high at the first stop in Hunts Point considering its in the middle of nowhere. Seen parts of the BX I never seen before (Only rode the BX6 between Hunts Point station and the Manhattan Terminal in the past) . Came across an XN60 with an screeching fan belt, its like their paying homeage to the O.G's the D60HF which were notorious for screeching fan belts haha
  10. This afternoon I just missed an Canarsie Bound (L) at Broadway Junction, had to wait 17 minutes for the next one SMH, thanks Cuomo. Garbage G.O.
  11. This road call does not mean YUK maintenance is bad, could be the bus having a teething issue. Besides if YUK does have bad maintenance it wouldn't be noticeable this soon I'd imagine.
  12. 4424 makes a weird screeching/wirrling sound, it's on the B41 rn
  13. Since this happened in the morning I'm pretty sure that was a deadhead..

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