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  1. As long as Snow doesn't stack up above the 3rd Rail, the Subway should be fine with minor signal problems and such. Its LIRR and MNR that always seem to crap out during these types of storms.
  2. MTA Launches New First of Its Kind Bus Performance Dashboard

    Just checked that you choose each borough for MDBF, Staten Island has the highest MDBF with numbers in the low 20,000s, Manhattan is the lowest with 3,000 miles. Staten Island has came a long way, they used to be the worst now they are BY far the best depots in the city, higher MDBF numbers than the other four boroughs by a landslide. Kinda shocked by Manhattan being lowest considering that Quill, MTV and MCH is in that borough. Just checked the SBS fleet has 6,000 miles MDBF, the local limited fleet is in the low 2, 3,000s, so Manhattan's low numbers aren't the Nova LSFA fault. Flatbush SBS fleet in the 8,000 miles between MDBF, nice to see my favorite depot is putting up good numbers. From what I gather, the Prevosts and the MCI's are far more reliable than the local buses in every borough except for SI, even YON and ECH buses are putting up numbers in the 11 and 12,000s despite them being up there in age. SI local buses are in the double digits as well.
  3. MTA Launches New First of Its Kind Bus Performance Dashboard

    Bus MDBF on this, YESSSSSSS!!!! Wait, I clicked on it and it doesn't have the different fleet models like the subway one does, booo Anyway the bus fleet averages some 6,000 miles and change between breakdowns, since bus MDBF stats are so hard to find in general, I have no idea if that's good or bad
  4. An train might have been stuck on the N/B express track. A couple days ago an 142A broke down south of Lex-125th and my train went express on the local track from 125th to Grand Central, it didn't catch up to a train ethier...and this was a weekday!
  5. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Good routes to ride RTS: B6, B41, B44 local, B46 local, you won't have to wait long for one to show up, the B82 is another one but you might be waiting a while for one to show up, as ENY has far more Orions and New Flyers than RTS. D60HF, since you're a tourist I'd say the 100th street routes (M101/102/103) or the M14, however IDK if the M14 will still have D60s in April, as the depot it's operating out of is currently getting new Attic buses to replace them. If it's hard to find one in Manhattan, then the BX1/2, BX9 or the BX12 local, all those routes terminals are in safe areas.
  6. What's your worst commute experience?

    In High School I left for school super early and was happy about that and was relaxed... get on the train, train rolls out of the station then Chow! a BIE, we sat for quite some time and I ended up being late for school. An train taking 45 minutes to go from Broadway Junction to Rockaway Parkway is another one, due to signal problems. The can travel from 8th Ave to Caransie in less time than that.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    The anticipation is because they could debut on the a line that hasn't seen new equipment assigned to it since it got one of the SMEE fleets new many years ago, yea the 160s ran on the for couple of weeks in 06 but they transferred them to the and the hasn't seen NTT since. Railfans are eager to ride the cars on the express runs and Rockaway flats, new cars debuting on a line is always exciting, even if the exact same cars are running on other lines. I'm sure in the early 2000s their was railfans excited about bombardier 142s debuting on the even though the had been using them for couple of years at that point.
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yesterday I seen a cat walking on the tracks in ENY Yard, so random.
  9. Hopefully the IRT style countdown clocks will come with it. The countdown clock system in the IRT is tied into ATS IIRC, and IMO the IRT countdown clocks are far superior to the B div clocks.
  10. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Cool to hear the inner workings of Flatbush. Flatbush is my favorite depot in the system, I miss riding their lines regularly. In HS I would take the long way home with the to the B2 to the B41 home, on Fridays take either the 41 or 103 home from downtown BK. I didn't know the B49 was high seniority, I always saw old men driving the B2 or B31, so I figured they was high seniority.
  11. 42nd Street Shuttle Update

    That would be an disaster, especially during rush hour. Shuttle gets packed to capacity at both stops during rush hour.
  12. Aren't all the NJ - SI bridges toll bridges? NJ residents are paying a toll to enter or leave SI just to use MTA express buses, if I was them I'd just stick it out with NJT to avoid paying those tolls.
  13. They had structural issues.
  14. Cause they are needed to make service, if the R44's didn't get retired first those remaining 42 sets would have been gone. I ride them regularly they are not that bad for their age.
  15. I used the bathroom at Fulton Transit Center stop, it was pretty clean. I also used the bathroom at 42nd Street (The one by the 8th Ave line, on top of the S/B platform, not the PABT bathroom) and it was nasty. Its funny as sometimes their be a line for the subway bathroom at Times Square station between the 7th Ave and Broadway lines. If there isn't a bathroom nearby I just pee on a pillar on the far ends of the platform where there's little to no people.


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