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  1. Sadly, no. It was an MCI though and only knew when to get off thanks to the automated announcement system. I was planning a little fantrip, I'll probably take the train from NYC to Newark and just take the 76 from NWK Penn to Hackensack since I never been on the 76 before and already rode both Hackensack - GWB routes. Then take the NJT route 83 to Journal Square and take PATH back to NY.
  2. Do any of the PABT - Hackensack routes actually stop inside the Hackensack bus terminal? I remember I rode an route out of PA that that went to Hackensack but didn't stop at the terminal.
  3. Very informative video. We don't hear about subway car maintenance too often.
  4. Ehh IDK how to feel about this, it has the same power train as the C40s do so there isn't much of an difference from a fan POV. Catching 3563 on the Green Lines routes was fun cause it was the lone diesel bus in a sea of hybrids. I do love the power that 3563 has so I guess I'd hope to catch it on the B103 one of these days. Kinda wish they sent SC a hybrid instead though.
  5. Rode an 179 to Lefferts... Was gonna ride that back to BK but when my 179 A pulled into Lefferts, an 32 was on the other track, change of plans lol Loving the diversity on the & lines these days.
  6. Is it me or there has been a lot less SMEE's on the lately? Couple days ago all I saw was 160s and today only one 68 set, I wonder what's up. When the first came back it had 4 sets of SMEE's assigned to it, recent days you'd hard pressed to find an non NTT on the & lines...
  7. 3563 (the lone diesel Orion 7) just passed me deadheading to the B100, still has JFK stickers.
  8. I seen a B6 short turn to Nostrand Ave just now starting at Rockaway Parkway.. However it was an UP bus. Took me back to when I was an kid and FLA operated the B6 short turns, even though those short turns stopped short of my school I preferred them cause they were less crowded than the regular B6 runs. During rush hour their was an diverse amount of RTSs on the B6, GMCs, TMCs with both series 92 and repowered 50 EGR engines, and the 96 and 99 batches of Nova RTSs, good times. This was in the early 2000s BTW.
  9. Nope... ENY doesn't regularly clean the glass of the ends of the cars like CI does. On ENY units all kinds of dirt and grime is on the end windows that you can't see into the next car.
  10. Today I rode a fast C40 out of JG, I thought that entire fleet was nerfed due to LBSS or w/e its called. Still the fastest C40 rides I had so far were on the old ones with the S50G... One thing I noticed about fast Cummins buses with power is they jerk back when the operator takes their foot off of the gas pedal, the DD50 powered buses were smoother in this regard.
  11. Wish they would clean those dirty ass windows on the LIRR M7's. There are windows you can barely see out of on most of the LIRR M7 fleet, very annoying. Anyway, nice to hear that the M7s are doing good mechanically.
  12. WTF, the Queens bound train I'm on at 36th street got there seven minutes early.. was held at 36th from 4:10 to 4:17, it's scheduled departure time...
  13. That bus has an CAT C13 engine. Perhaps Caterpillar has an maintenance shop out in LI somewhere.
  14. The is a long line and IIRC the doesn't have any layups after the AM Rush... that plus the cars are getting old equals dropping MDBF is my theory.

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