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  1. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    IDK why but this post reminded me of the TV Show "Black Mirror".
  2. That lady undergoing treatment could have said she was undergoing treatment and someone would have gave up their seat. A lady did this on the Q53 before (In this case she was prone to seizures) and I gave her my seat. If no one got up she could have told the driver which probably wouldn't moved the bus until someone gave her a seat... that happened on the Q27 when a man with a infant got on a crowded bus and the driver wouldn't move the Bus until someone gave him a seat. Last week I rode the SIM8 and their was one lone standee, a guy, and a woman offered him her seat!
  3. trainfan22

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    The buses are inspected regularly, if they are falling apart we would have seen them go to ECH at a much faster rate. As for 5190, I haven't seen that one in a while, I just assumed it got scrapped when ENY first got the SBS wrapped XD40s lol
  4. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Surprised Manhattan div didn't get any shuttle work this weekend, on Saturday at least two Quill RTS's were running with on the M72 and one on layover on either the M12 or 20. From what I heard, Quill doesn't need to use RTS's on weekends. I don't ride Quill 40FT routes often so I wouldn't know if that's the case or not lol.
  5. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    A whole bunch of 62A trains went up to Woodlawn today😃
  6. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Was their any R62A trains today?
  7. Nah, the local buses have been capped at 40 since at least the mid 2000s (I'm not sure before that) bus ridership only started falling off in recent years. Besides, I doubt most local bus routes in NYC get up to the capped speed, so it makes no difference. As for NICE bus, their buses do seem to accelerate faster than NYCT buses with the same power train (Like the C40s for example) I just assumed NICE gears or specs their power train differently than the MTA does.
  8. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Good news, the bathrooms at ETC are open to the public again! Came in handy as I had to pee when I got off the bus. Horrible ride btw, should have known better than to ride a via NJ bus on a Friday afternoon, even the section of the Turnpike with 6 lanes in each direction was crawling smh. I took another L also because I thought it was a via BK bus, so it took me much further into SI than I had hoped to travel... The backtrack from ETC back to Brooklyn is tedious, the via NJ expresses are my favorite express runs in the system, but man I do NOT look forward to the backtrack back to Brooklyn.
  9. trainfan22

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'm on the train and a homeless man is smoking a cigarette on the train, at the end of the car some kids are drawing graffiti with a magic marker...
  10. trainfan22

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    To answer your third question, LIRR does conduct these tests and both railroads do it at outlyling stations.. well in MN case its done in the yard since all MU trains layover in the yard between runs rather than sit in the station.
  11. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I love how most of the final 1996 RTS's to run in the MTA are Ulmer Park originals, 9085, 9094, 9302 and 9307. I've heard mixed opinions about how UP maintain their buses over the years but they must have really took care of those 96's for them to last 22 years.
  12. trainfan22

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Earlier around 2PM their was three B60 bunched up Bridge Plaza bound in Cararsie.. first time seeing the 60 bunched in threes, it was basically midday too which made it even more odd.
  13. trainfan22

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Rush hour is the best time to find both. Even though LIRR has far more M3s than Metro North has M2s the M2s are easier to find due to the fact that NH departures are listed well in advance so you can keep checking the platforms until you see one. Penn station is much more hectic and the track a train will depart from is posted only minutes from departure. You can also try Atlantic Terminal during rush hour, it's much more chill than NYP but has far less departures so it's gamble.
  14. trainfan22

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    What's the issue here? That's a good load for a weekend BM. This was common on the SI big three off peak before the SIM era, off peak, by the time the X1/10/17 got to their last pickup point, all the seats were filled, just like the bus described in that quoted post.
  15. trainfan22

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    MTA local buses are governed much lower than the express fleet, most local buses are capped at 40 (Which sucks for highway running) where's the MCI's at capped at 58 IIRC. If the MTA diesel local buses had a higher governed speed they would perform just as well.. They probably went with Coach buses for the express fleet cause it seats more people than a transit bus, and its more comfortable. I remember when Orion CNG's ran on the BM's they handled highway running just fine, since they were ex Command I don't think they even had a governor. Remember one time I was on a SC Orion CNG and a CAS MCI was at the Manhattan end of the Battery tunnel and my Orion blew that MCI away. Also Bee Line still uses Orion V's on that one express route they have, in their case they went backwards from coach bus to transit bus, lol.


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