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  1. Its crazy as IIRC some of the Flex Metros were almost 20 years old when they was retired.
  2. The buses will be replaced over 6 years starting in 2021, the oldest being retired first. Buses can start being replaced at 12 years old
  3. Uh, on here..? I read on here that CBTC will start testing with passenger trains between Roosevelt and 71st on the express tracks starting Dec 23rd. I *thought* they would want CBTC equipped trains only but @RR503 answered my question already as to how things will be handled.
  4. I have a feeling that the line at the very least will still be using 46's past Dec 23rd. Only 2 and a half sets of out like what 45? sets of R46s have been transferred so far and were already at December 9th. They can probably only transfer like 1 or 2 sets a day at most? Yea CBTC will only be starting on the express tracks but service disruptions and G.O's...
  5. They are replacing the NABI's starting in 2021, I remember when NJT was mostly flex Metros and the seeing the demo NABI at PABT while on a Flexible 107... just seemed like yesterday. I'm excited about this as I find the NABI's rather bland and prefer the XD40 or NovaBus LFS..
  6. Aren't those 3800s hybrids the ones with the box batteries that for whatever reason the DOB didn't want running in the outer boroughs? Thought the Box battery NG's would stay in Manhattan until retirement, guess not.
  7. It wouldn't be surprised if those leftover 160s get sent to Jamaica anyway, just so they don't have to stock parts for three fleets at CI barn.... Just like they sent leftover 142A's on the to the line... still bummed about that particular swap lol.
  8. I remember in the early to mid 2000s from Thanksgiving to NYE the line would get shorter headways due to heavy travel of holiday season. The bonus as a railfan was the used R40 Slants & Mods due to the shortened headways. Today? runs on extended headways and via Montague tube. I wish they would bring back the days when their was no G.O's between Thanksgiving and NYE.
  9. Nice, the 68/68A returns to the Brighton local! The 68s were the first b div cars I rode somewhat regularly since I lived near an Brighton local stop growing up. 68 trains and later on 68 trains. Nice to see the hippos will be back on the
  10. https://openbve-project.net/ Download OpenBVE then go to BVEStation.com which has some NYC Subway routes and trains. Youtube has a ton of videos of routes & trains for NY Subway
  11. I wonder when this order gets going will these buses be driven from the plant to the JFK Airport Vendor or somewhere else? The current day MTA C40's and the Nova's were picked up in Jersey and driven to NYC, so a transit agency going to another state to pick up their buses from the Vendor isn't that far fetched. Just wondering....
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