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  1. http://mybusnow.njtransit.com/bustime/map/displaymap.jsp
  2. Is there any logic with how trips between midnight and 5am are shown on the schedule? On the 190, theyve been moved from the top to the bottom
  3. Great finds! I admit I only looked between Newark and EWR, which is why I missed those changes. I am of the opinion that they should be 2 different routes.
  4. NJT really should be more clear about the changes. I hate this vague bs. Here is where me and my bag had to stand for 25 minutes because the schedule is not adequate
  5. I could not find any changes on the 62. I rode it yesterday and it was dangerously overcrowded. 7 people were left at the terminal.
  6. They didnt say. Could be something like a water filtration issue, or staffing shortage? An article said they needed like 300 life guards
  7. Big Snow is open, 10am to 10pm daily https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2019/12/06/american-dream-mall-big-snow-indoor-ski-slope-opens-new-jersey/4351607002/
  8. I saw a different fare machine at Edison, anyone know anything about it? Is this "new new" or "installed in 2012 as a test that went nowhere new"? Besides looking sleeker, the menu design was much better
  9. Waterpark is delayed but Big Snow looks like they will open December 5. That might add 10 bus riders per day!
  10. Tried to take the 1 from JC to Newark this weekend. Luckily I knew to open the tracker map which showed the incoming bus was very, very late. So we took PATH. The bus ended up arriving 40 minutes late. We were in Newark and the 1 was still in JC. And this was with horrendous weekend PATH schedules!
  11. It was a smart choice to not start train service. Very little demand at AD right now with just the theme park open - and they still havent gotten their 2 big coasters running. They even cut 2 operating hours.
  12. I cant see the photo. The NJT order artics with only 2 doors again because they hate their riders?
  13. The way to solve the issue is tap on, tap off. If you dont tap off, you get charged the maximum fare for that line. Of course, NJT is still a coin based system, like we're in the 1940s.
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