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  1. While out getting my final rides I ran into that same NIS 46, had a chat with the conductor who then explained the r46 are definitely making a comeback to the C.
  2. Late on this one but 277 out of WF was repainted as of 1/18
  3. 3040 just passing the bridge, beautiful lead/tail end car. A second car was in front but I couldn’t see the number.
  4. 3035 crossed the GWB just now, headed toward 207th
  5. 8678 operating on the Bx28, I’m not sure if it’s just a loan, or a transfer. feel free to correct me.
  6. As of recent I've seen a couple unlucky 2019 lfs with replacement panels in white. Would those panels be white because they're meant 15s or do the replacement ones just always come in white? Also would they wrap them eventually?
  7. I mean I would think 126 could substitute it, and as far as routes maybe routes like say the 98 could go to Tuskegee cause of the whole 3rd Avenue stretch it goes along
  8. heard it from two operators I talked to out of MHV, only saying what I heard from them.
  9. Feel free to share your opinions on this but I heard that Columbia University bought the land that Manhattanville Depot sits on so would this mean its closure is imminent? If so what's the move? Reopen 126th? Or maybe even repurposing Amsterdam depot? Either way I'm intrigued on the future of Manhattanville
  10. 3313-3315 on their way to 207th St yard. They were all given a very New York like welcoming with a good ol’ rain shower.
  11. Was just about to report it as a loan or transfer because it’s on the 39 with WF logos right now.
  12. Another three cars just came off the bridge, this time the cars were 3304-3306
  13. Three cars crossed the bridge just now, I didn’t catch the first car but the other two were 3299 & 3298. 3298 is a lead/end car.
  14. If anybody is by the yard, two cars just came off the bridge unknown car numbers
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