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  1. I mean I don’t mind debating over things but I found it uncalled for when I laid out a point and then he didn’t return the favor, he only jabbed in a personal light. In all honesty I was just trying to lay out that every depot and borough has its issues, maybe some more than others, but that doesn’t mean any of them are perfect like some believe. yes, I had a different account before and ended up canning it, no pun intended.
  2. you seem to know so much about me im surprised you wouldn't that I know people from the depot who allowed to be in its vicinity and slightly inside to see the fuel line. Oh and let's not forget about how when the ogs are on eny routes they like to go up in smoke.
  3. first off im not a moron but thanks. Second off the point of the post was to show that it isn't just the bronx that accidents or instances of incidents can occur. You guys seem to trash the bronx to only then turn the blind eye when Brooklyn has an issue. And if you wanna talk about 2019 units getting messed up let's talk about fresh pond and their xd40s with panels beat up and DEF stains on the rear right panels. Or even ENYs recent mismanagement of those ogs. All I'm saying is some of you really have clouded judgment and point fingers at every where but your home boroughs.
  4. 5304, 5327, 5359, & if I remember correctly 5307 all repainted.
  5. Not sure if this a loan or a transfer but 5296 out of WF is running on the M100
  6. While out getting my final rides I ran into that same NIS 46, had a chat with the conductor who then explained the r46 are definitely making a comeback to the C.
  7. Late on this one but 277 out of WF was repainted as of 1/18
  8. 3040 just passing the bridge, beautiful lead/tail end car. A second car was in front but I couldn’t see the number.
  9. 3035 crossed the GWB just now, headed toward 207th
  10. 8678 operating on the Bx28, I’m not sure if it’s just a loan, or a transfer. feel free to correct me.
  11. As of recent I've seen a couple unlucky 2019 lfs with replacement panels in white. Would those panels be white because they're meant 15s or do the replacement ones just always come in white? Also would they wrap them eventually?
  12. I mean I would think 126 could substitute it, and as far as routes maybe routes like say the 98 could go to Tuskegee cause of the whole 3rd Avenue stretch it goes along
  13. heard it from two operators I talked to out of MHV, only saying what I heard from them.
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