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  1. Maybe, but they only mentioned the and not the like I said earlier.
  2. Probably will get displaced to CI so that CI gets rid of their R46's. They are in a much worse state compared to Pitkin's. Not sure about 8 Av CBTC though, they released information about what they plan on doing I guess, but it was super vague. They stated that there would be no , , and trains along 8 Av while also including alternatives such as the , , and every weekend until August 2021. What's interesting about this is that they mention the , but they never mentioned the . This is just a guess, but they might be having trains run during weekends and replace the and during the weekends between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Inwood-207 St. I could be overthinking this, but they were pretty vague with explaining what they plan on doing.
  3. Multiple Impacts and trains are delayed and/or rerouted while our crews work to repair a damaged rail at Broadway-Lafayette St. Northbound and trains are stopping along the line from Coney Island-Stillwell Av to Broadway-Lafayette St. For service to/from bypassed stations, take a southbound or train. Northbound and trains are running on the local track from W 4 St-Wash Sq to 34 St-Herald Sq. Some southbound trains will end at 2 Av on the line. Some southbound trains will end at Kings Hwy. Expect delays in Queens-bound and train service. Posted: 4/1/21 3:23 PM
  4. It's not like something like this hasn't happened before.
  5. Maybe relay at 125 St. Those tracks are available, but at this point, I would have just suspended the train and done the following changes: - Shuttle buses replace the from 205 St to Bedford Park Blvd, and use the for nearby stations in the Bronx - For Central Park West, use the or (Not extended to 205 St) - For 6 Av, use the rerouted via 6 Av so this way, Broadway and 6 Av each have two services ( for Broadway and for 6 Av). - For 4 Av in Brooklyn and West End, reroute the in one direction via West End, and keep the other direction via Sea Beach. Wait huh? Aren't there X-switches just south of 145 St Lower Level, why would it go all the way to 125 St?
  6. Well technically, it isn't via the between West 4 St and Jay St-MetroTech because the isn't running through Rutgers due to the rehabilitation so it's running via Cranberry.
  7. Sorry can I get a refresher, what revisions are they again?
  8. I would assume it would be something similar to this map? https://www.vanshnookenraggen.com/_index/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/NYC_full_trackmap_2Av-prop.pdf
  9. This is something that should be happening anyways, not having an express service while also over-designing everything and making more unnecessary decisions shouldn't have been the tradeoff. Retrofitting Phase I and modifying it with 4 tracks should in all honesty happen. Express service would be the going into the Bronx while the local being the and terminating in Harlem, but the reason I say this is because the shouldn't be extended any further as it's already a long line. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the could run towards St. Nicholas Av and terminate at a new lower level along 125 St and have a new connection towards the layup tracks around 135 St. I like the idea of the SAS running along West End, but what's going to happen with the and if that is the case? Wouldn't building a new tunnel towards Fulton St be a better benefit?
  10. Yeah I have to agree with that bit, they could've done more and had similar side LED displays like the R211's have right now or at the very least kept the circle to the respective colors. Pretty sure by now everyone knows what circle and diamonds represent, circle being local and diamond being express. It's been a thing for the past few years or so and I don't see anymore diamonds to represent Rush Hour service anymore so yeah. Well because it is silly, they only did one car for some reason. They really love to spend their time wasting it and not getting their stuff together and spend on something that is useful, but then again it is the .
  11. That almost sounds like they'd eventually be used for service once the R262s start rolling in. Yep, car 7021 has it, but it is the only car that has it so far. Found them on DJ Hammer's Discord server. It probably is going to be used for service once the R262's start rolling in which makes a lot of sense. If that is the case, I speculate that the , , and might be the ones receiving them while the , , and get the R142/A's.
  12. Build both, one line along 125 St to St Nicholas would be the since its already long as is and the other would be the into the Bronx. I was mainly thinking it would be an alternative for the and , I wasn't even thinking about the and at all but thank you for adding that, it made it even better. It's probably best if they keep the old 3rd Av line as an EL to reduce costs. That's probably the best option since even with SAS built to Phase 3, it wouldn't really help much along the east side of Manhattan, assuming they keep it to a 2 track line and not a 4 track. It would be terrible if they did and most likely would happen. Although, with the whole thing happening with Cuomo, maybe we might have the chance to add express tracks without over-designing the line.
  13. You're forgetting that the has to deal with the and . The between Prospect Park and Dekalb Av because they both run on the same tracks, the from Dekalb Av to 34 St-Herald Square. The switches local north of that station and every other time such as late nights and weekends, it switches local north of Canal St. The dealing with both those lines ends up decreasing service frequency along the line entirely which leads to the being send up along SAS. Because the is interfering with the and not being enough of it, it ends up getting rerouted, plus it's not the only line that gets rerouted. You have the and as well because 3 lines running along 60 St tunnel and the whole switch issue at Queensboro and other issues I can't think off the top of my head. Having SAS run as a shuttle wouldn't exactly make it better because then you'd still have the trying to terminate at 57 St-7 Av with the shuttle as well. That would mean less trains to terminate. You would still have the to deal with because it's switching local between 34 St-Herald Square and Times Square-42 St.
  14. trains couldn't operate through Rutgers Tunnel. It was easier to swap them entirely because at least the stations south of West 4 St along the would've been missed. Although, personally I would've just extended the and cut the since it was basically the extended, just signed up as an . Sure it would've confused riders in Brooklyn, but at least people in Manhattan wouldn't have any issues. Then again that's just my opinion.
  15. True, but how much does it save? Even with the less mileage, there's still that whole interfering with other lines stuff happening along with the wear and tear on the switches.

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