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  1. * I took exam 2302 jvn 99929 today. ^ MaBSTOA i took the exam 2 year ago I think #0100 and my list for that one was 38xx. They send me a pre employment package 3 months ago, "canvasting" but nothing yet after that @Kennedy . The waiting is horrible
  2. @Kennedyyes the exam that was administered today!!!! Ok so i guess I will run!! Lol exam was not that hard and the memory part was simple. I got to the pre employment form on the MaBSTOA one. But who knows when they will decide to hit me up.
  3. @Kennedyso the exam we took today is for any of those you mentioned?
  4. Just relax 😌 😎 and be there on time. We got this tomorrow.
  5. Pretty much a "Psych" test NYPD ask similar questions. You have to answer truly and they migth ask you the same question differently.
  6. Well I got the test site for 10/ 24. As long as you get in. In the times we live in...can't be picking and choosing. How ever. I'm still waiting for MaBSTOA to call call back after the pre-employment package. So who ever call first I Guess. Location what ever is closer to home will be nice. I'm sure every one wants that. But if they all merging that would be a great deal.
  7. @kc204How long did you wait to get the email with the exam date, after you submitted the survey?
  8. So I finally got my 1st Survey and the id that they send, funny this came after I wrote 2 letters to them. Now i got a second email replying back, with the same survey and the same id. That's twice I did this survey...In a way I'm glad they send me my survey twice I might add, but.... How long will they decide to send the admittance letter to the actual exam? I really hope they look at this surveys...for the love of God...=)
  9. 🙏 amen! Hopefully they look at all the surveys. Good luck to all.
  10. First come first serve? Does that mean once I get the response back with the exam site. I should show up 5 hours early???? @+Young+
  11. I got a text and call yesterday but no Email. My nephew also apply around the same time he got everything. I wrote to the exam unit email with all my info and even the day I apply. You guys think they will get back to me with the survey email and id #? On time !?
  12. Got a call and text....where or when will I see the email. ???
  13. "APPLICANT ID (included in the email sent to you): " it says it on that google form...so wait to get a an email with that id.

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