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  1. LRG

    Happy belated b-day! :)

  2. my favorite subway lines are the (6) and (F)

    I haven't really rode much of the system tho :o

  3. It's going good. Can't wait to start school and I am still beating the heat.

  4. thank you! Yeah, there aren't many girls into transit. It's nice to meet you.

  5. thanks so much for the complement!!! im sure ur pretty as well! oh... wat is ur favorite subway line in the system?? i really love the (7)<7>!!! it's awsome! then again i love the EL's!!!

  6. Thank you R32 3838!

  7. nothing much! I love the 6 line lol thanks for the welcome

  8. hi welcome! i glad to see another girl intrested in the nyc subway as well!:) i also want to learn more about the subway and i too am looking to learn more!!! there are a lot of great ppl here so hope u enjoy it here!!!:) have fun and hope i can help you learn more about the subways... even though i still need help as well:)

  9. Nothing much, I see a large percentage of the female transit fans are into the (6) line. Welcome to New York City Transit Forums! Home of the Transit Geeks.. So what's good with you?

  10. wow, You birthday is in september too LOL, Mine is on the 8th, Welcome to the forums.

  11. No problem. How's your summer going?

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