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  1. heres my prediction Base Order 440 cars: 220 cars to Pitkin for service 220 cars to Jamaica for service, pushes R160's back to Coney island to retire R46's R211T 20 cars: 10 assigned to pitkin for service, 10 assigned to Jamaica for service Option Order 1 640 cars : 200 cars to Coney Island for service, Direct replacements of the remaining R46's 240 cars to pitkin to finish off the R46's 200 cars to Jamaica to displace more R160's to Back to Coney Island Option Order 2 up to 437 cars : 300 Cars to Concourse to bump out the R68's to Coney island 100 cars to Jamaica 36-40 cars to ENY in 8 car sets for service ( Mainly for service) so in total Pikin gets 460 R211's + the 10 open gangway cars Jamaica gets 520 cars + the 10 Open Gangway cars coney island gets 200 cars Concourse gets 300 cars ENY gets 36-40 cars for fleet expansion this totals up to 1537-1540 cars for NYCT
  2. The R211's are mainly for the and lines there's no need for these cars to be on the and if they go with the open gangway these cars will dominate Queens since it has the highest ridership This order should be strictly for the Pitkin and Jamaica if anything give concourse 140 cars since out of all the lines, the hasn't gotten anything new plus the is a high ridership route.
  3. if they loose all those R179's they'll loose their surplus if you look at it they are, ta was short 13 trains. the bridged that gap until 2nd ave opened and when the returned. the R143's were the GE R30's replacements If the R32's retire in march, the R211's would still be their replacement, just a year later vs a direct replacement.
  4. its rumored the stupid governor has alot to do with pushing to get rid of these cars. I also Blame the for not being transparent by saying that the R179's are only replacing 130-150 cars and the rest are for fleet expansion. instead of trying to save face by flat out saying the R179's would replace all 272 60 foot smee's. its obvious that these R179's (Mainly the 10 car ones) are the R44 replacements. the option order 2 R160's only replaced a small chunk of R44's. the R179's finished the job.
  5. they can Make the all R179's but ENY would take a hit. 207th would have to grab all of the 8 car R179's due to how unreliable the cars are meaning it would need a high spare factor. meaning ENY would have no spares. The R32's would have to go back to ENY in that case and take the role of the R42's just to make service. the 72 other cars could be for the with 3-4 sets running on the with the rest being spares. they're supposed to phase out 80 R32's and keep 142 cars.
  6. If in any case if they do, ENY would loose 72-80 R179's. They might loose all of them. If they need cars, they'll just have 40-50 R32's on standby to make service.
  7. The R179's are basically the R44 replacements, while the R211's are the remaining R32, SIR R44 and R46 replacement. Remember nothing really replaced half of the remaing R44 fleet until the R179's showed up later on.
  8. Base order cars could be 3941-4380. 3941-5000 is open (R42's would be gone by then) 5201-5480 is also open as well. Numbering based by base/option order could go by this: Base order R211A: 3941-4380 (440 cars) Option order 1: 4381-5000, 5201-5220 (640 cars) Option Order 2: 5221-5657 or 3348-3785 (437 cars) Open gangway cars R211T's could also be 3328-3347 I don't know if the R211S numbering would still be 3 digit or 4 digit.
  9. I really hope they preserve 4 phase I cars. It would be smart to do that.
  10. 3484/85 still in service, seen a picture of it on facebook
  11. From what I heard, they're keeping the R42's and all the R32's. After the bullshit with the R179's they aren't taking any chances.
  12. 3410/11 is in service, spotted it just now
  13. It's probably the crew reporting railfans for taking photos and videos
  14. Just be on the J line, they're guaranteed to run, 1 set ran all day
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