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  1. that's because they don't need them, the is suspended along with the lines. So they don't need to run the R32's. the R32's last ran about 2 weeks ago on the
  2. they are only OOS for now since they are not needed, the isn't running and there's plent of R46's and if they're short they can borrow from CI since there's no and service.
  3. I think that was the plan but got cheap and told MK they rather the cheaper way. MK knew these cars wouldn't last long on how they were built.
  4. they were reliable but their bodies were beyond shot, had the MTA not been cheap and listened to MK and went with the stainless steel option the R44's would still be running today. and yes the R44's body wise are trash, even the SI ones are becoming shot
  5. 50 r32's were gonna stay for the eastern division and before the TA gave up on the R32's, the Phase I's were the better cars. when pitkin had these R32's they were never a problem until they sent the remaining cars to jamaica when the Phase II's were getting reefed. gets slack because they always scrap first then realize oh shit we scrapped so many cars now we have to reduce service. they knew the R44's were shot and still ended up reefing more cars than what they should have kept. the R40M's should have stayed since they were in great shape and were good cars. The R30 retirement is the biggest example, they got away with it until the metrocard came into play and then ridership grew. the R143's are the replacements of the R30's, Just like the R179's are the true Replacements of the R44's. the R211's will be the Replacements of the R32's/46's even if the R32's retire before the R211's come in. the R179's aren't the true replacements of the R32's.
  6. R211's might be delayed due to this virus https://www.1011now.com/content/news/Kawasaki-Motors-announces-temporary-shutdown-due-to-COVID-19-569159411.html
  7. the R179's also have the same set motor up as the A division tech trains
  8. R46's are starting to drop like flies too, one broke down on the 2 days ago. they're overused that's the issue, and it's worse now because they're also on the and lines 24/7 as well vs. Just the not counting the and rockaway-lefferts shuttles. they're trying to get the R32's off the road Temporary because of the Virus and social distancing but its hard to do that when you have R46's dropping like flies and R179's always in the barn with issues. That's why there's only 2 running instead of 4 or more. it's obvious that the current formula isn't working out as well. ALOT of Pitkin Yard's R46's always have dead motors as well, that's why the has the highest spare factor. had everything was left to normal and the R46's stayed at jamaica, This process would have been easier eventhough they'll still need a few R32's to cover service.
  9. there were 2 on the and one or 2 on the . 3380/81 got repaired so I doubt it's retired, most of the cars are in storage until needed.
  10. even if the R44's stayed, 50 R32's would have stayed and went to ENY to replace the R42's, since 32 R160's really wasn't enough to replace all of them. there were 2 on the today with 1-2 on the 3380/81 got its signs replaced and repaired so i don't think it was retired in the first place. From what i heard they only stripped a few cars. not that much.
  11. they have CBTC in them and 8th ave is up next. the will get these as they have R46's that need to be replaced. anyone with logic and common sense would know that Jamaica Will get a portion of these cars. They might not get the base order but if the options allow open ganagway, These would be shoe ins for the since they have the highest ridership in the B division. 58 inch wide doors and open gangways = put these cars on the lines with the highest ridership. as i said in the R211 thread, CI might just get the 2nd half of the regular base order cars for the which imo should be the only line to get these cars besides the
  12. nobody knows where the cars would be assigned but the are the priority to get em for 8th ave CBTC. CI might still get some but no one knows.
  13. Body is being built in Nebraska and everything else in yonkers
  14. I saw about 4 R32's yesterday on the
  15. This is gonna backfire hard on , But Coumo is the one pushing for them to retire. People think this will work but it won't and once riders start complaining on longer wait times, all hell is gonna break loose. Had they kept 50 of these on the I bet this would not had happened. the riders bitched and moaned and it got the attention of our governor. no one really complained on the at all vs the . The Jackass wants to push for congestion pricing with a subway car shortage. I can't wait to so his ass get voted out.
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