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  1. There's currently a Future bus order for MTA bus, 50 diesel 40 foot buses with 85 buses as an option order, Not awarded yet. 25 of these are from the 2015-2020 capital program the other 25 are from the 2020-2024 capital program and if the 85 option order is awarded, this to would come from this capital program.
  2. They're only for the . There's gonna only be a small amount of 8 car R211's anyway for addtional carnarsie service.
  3. I'm Not saying that, What i'm saying is that Pitkin should get em first, the only has 13 sets of R179's the rest of the line is still dominated by 45 year old r46's. CI just got the R46's and won't have them for long. CI will get these cars but It's slated that the will likely get these first, then CI (Base order for standard cars might be split between pitkin and coney anyway) with the R211T's going to Jamaica. Jamaica Will get a piece of this order, it's common sense. open gangway, CBTC and 58 inch doors. Why wouldn't they put them on their busiest B division lines which are the as well as the And if CI does get these cars, they should go directly to the .
  4. option order 2 there's gonna be 8 car units in part of the order, so ENY is getting a piece. The is out of ENY. These extra cars are for the , the MIGHT use them if they are just sitting in the yard and they need a train. the shares its R160's (8313-8376) and R143's.
  5. It's mainly for the but could be used on the if they need a train.
  6. This Was said by that's why the B end of the cars are configured the way they are. Just look at how they there no seats and a hump on both sides. A good chunk of those r160's are going back. And it wouldn't be a waste of time, CBTC Training isn't a waste of time. by the time the option order cars come in, it'll be time to swap those r160's back to ether CI or somewhere else. From the way it looks like, Pitkin, Jamaica and Coney Island will get these cars ENY will get the 8 car units for the 5001-5480 is open as well, I could see them use 5001-5480 as well they can use 5481-5664 once all the r46's are completely gone I keep telling you guys, Jamaica will get a piece of this order. open gangways is the obvious reason, are two lines that they're focused on getting those cars to. this is why I think Jamaica would get the r211T while the r211A's would be split between pitkin and coney (Base order) The could see the open gangway cars as well. Also it's smart to make the 100% tech first vs. the CI lines because of upcoming CBTC plus if anything goes down on 8th ave, they can use 53rd st, (currently they can't now since its CBTC active now)
  7. the B ends of the cars have no seats. The reason for this is if they want to convert it into an open gangway car, it'll be easy for them to do it.
  8. this confirms that the numbers will be 4060-4499 for the base order R211A cars. I was Kinda right on the numbers but off by almost 100. makes me think the staten island cars are 3985-4059. Hopefully Pitkin gets these first, Atleast the first 150, the rest could go to ether CI or Jamaica.
  9. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, Bus will still be on property for investigation. even after that, It's possible the bus can be repaired.
  10. Jamaica would lose the Siemens, The R211's will have Alstom but its much different than the onix propulsion. Siemens is one group, Who to say they can go somewhere else (207th street perhaps) those 98/9900's are going back to Jamaica anyway in the future since Jamaica still has 9803-32,9923-9942. wouldn't make sense for Jamaica to have subway cars with 3 different propulsion systems, It has a very large fleet. ENY can handle it since they have a smaller amount vs. Jamaica which has over 1,000 cars.
  11. 58 inch doors and open gangway Why wouldn't they put those cars on the which has the highest ridership in the system. That wouldn't be a waste because of the and the fact these cars will have CBTC installed. The siemens are gonna be moved out of Jamaica anyway as well as a decent chunk of R160's. Jamaica Will get the option order if they don't get the Base order, Option order cars wouldn't start coming in until 2023-2024 which by then some of the r160's would move back to coney. Base Order cars might go to Coney and pitkin or Just pitkin with the 20 open gangway cars being at Jamaica for testing.
  12. I think the and would get these cars. I also think the should get these as well since it's ridership is very high. I could see the being a mixture of 10 car R179's and standard R211's.
  13. back then the R32's were shared between the so in the AM it could run as a but PM it would run as an and vise versa. the had 75% of the Jamaica's R32 fleet while the used the remaining R32's. then in 2001 which originally the was going to be R32's (changed to having them on the as rush hour put ins instead) is when they had the R32's on the and about 4 sets on the pre pandemic the was packed, the needs longer cars. those neighborhoods blew up and the ridership blew up. We can't keep the same service pattern forever. within 4 or less years, ridership would go back or be even higher that it was pre March 2020.
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