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  1. JFK got more than LGA and only sent one 6500 to scrap. JFK maintains their buses better, they got the worst 6500's but they fixed them up and they run. Imo they should have gave Baisley park the 6500's instead of LGA. LGA could have gotten the 3600's from BP.
  2. no its just LGA doesn't know how to maintain buses, 8750 is the biggest example of that.
  3. 3rd update, Ment to post this weeks ago but was busy: The Roswell City Council also voted Thursday to renew five leases at the Roswell Air Center, including one that the city attorney indicated not be voided at this time but still earned four “protest” votes from councilors. The Millennium Transit Services LLC lease extension originally was scheduled to be considered by the City Council in August, but it was pulled and referred for further consideration to the Legal Committee, which had approved it once before on July 25. After hearing from City Attorney Aaron Holloman at its Aug. 22 meeting that the city should honor the lease agreement as long as the tenant is in compliance with the lease terms, the Legal Committee again approved the lease for consideration by the City Council. The fourth amendment of the lease provides the city $15,000 a year for the 10-acre land lease until the option expires on Aug. 31, 2029. But, because the lease allows for up to three more 10-year extensions, the city is looking at possibly another 30 years under the lease agreement. “We do have a legal obligation to renew this,” said Air Center Manager Mark Bleth. “They are not in default on their lease.” He added that Millennium Transit is agreeing to a 50% increase in the annual rent under the new amendment. He also said the company pays about $62,000 a year in property taxes, maintains the 420,000-square-foot building it owns on the land at 42 W. Earl Cummings Loop and has two employees who work in the facility. The original lease was negotiated in July 1980 when the building was used by Transportation Manufacturing Corp., a subsidiary of Greyhound, to make commercial passenger buses. Several different companies owned the business and building in the intervening years, and Millennium Transit took over in about 2003. The bus manufacturing operations closed in 2008. James A. Ludvik, who also owns Ludvik Electric Co. based in Lakewood, Colorado, has controlled Millennium since 2005. The lease renewal passed 6-4, with Councilors Jacob Roebuck, Caleb Grant, George Peterson and Angela Moore voting against the action. Roebuck, the person who had asked in August that the item be sent back to the Legal Committee, explained after the meeting that his was a “protest” vote. He said councilors understood that the city couldn’t void the lease, but that he wanted to encourage city staff to be more proactive in working with tenants. “When (the contract) was created, the idea was that we were going to give them this great land lease in return for jobs,” he said. “For a long time, that was what we got out of it. But that was understood; it wasn’t a written thing. And they are trying to sell the building. There are no hostile feelings here. But the staff should be a little more proactive in approaching the building owners to say, what can we do to move this building on?” He said the building is at a prime location and has a lot of apron space. “The airport is 95% occupied right now and we need space,” he said. “We need people who are doing things.” Interviewed in July, Ludvick said he was negotiating with a business to “put the building back into use” but chose not to elaborate. Bleth confirmed that the owner is also considering selling the building. source: https://www.rdrnews.com/2019/09/14/millennium-lease-passes-even-with-opposition/
  4. They got the money, they were gonna do this with the R46's being on the (C). Once Joe lohta left, they quietly started taking R46's off the with a few random pop ups. One ran recently as of yesterday. Ridership is growing, they need to go with the flow. The badly needs more cars.
  5. The needs to be full length already Just use the R32's, R46's and 10 car R179's as well as the R42's (ENY) don't need em anymore. Send the 8 car R179's to the with some R32's. There's enough cars to do this now.
  6. Not the mockup, it's a production shell. The shell was missing brackets in the frame so instead of re welding the car body, they rejected it. Also another shell fell of a crane. This was in the comment of the original page.
  7. there gonna do the option orders, its likely that these 4 car units will go to the for increased service and high spare factor since the will need a large chunk of R160's for Queens cbtc and increased spare factor for the and
  8. more like its 3rd repaint. 3778 been repainted twice already
  9. The would use the R179's from the and some R211's always plans things on paper but sometimes they change plans. take the R179's to the with a grain of salt, since every tech train will have cbtc installed things could change. in a document said Queens Blvd will be all R160 for CBTC, It looks like that won't be happening since they keep sending more R46's to Jamaica. They're probably holding out until R211's since Queens CBTC is expected to be online by 2022, by then 50% of the R211's will be delivered and Jamaica Would get them first just to push out the R46's with addtional R160's to cover the balance until more R211's come in. then 8th ave would get their R211's. but I would not count out the getting R179's though, it all makes sense.
  10. There's still a decent chunk of R32's on the they mostly run during rush hours. There's about 6-7 R32's assigned to the (A).
  11. All the 5900's that were at Lga went back to CS. Various 53/5400's JFK/BP to LGA for extra weekend Service for Q53/70 service
  12. I rode them on the daily, they were the better trains. For example 3900/01 had minimal issues when it was at ENY. I rode the same pair on the a few days ago and it ran like complete garbage. The amount of hot cars on the were low when they were on there. Even the had cold cars these past few summers until this summer. ENY did a better job with these cars than 207th, now that pitkin is getting back R32's since 2008 we shall see which ones are maintained better
  13. I know this is an old thread but here is some updated news from 2 articles from over a week ago: Article 1: Former bus company seeks renewed lease By Lisa Dunlap - August 2, 2019 A company that once manufactured commercial buses in Roswell is working to restart some type of business at the Roswell International Air Center and is asking to renew its land lease for 10 years. James Ludvik, the sole owner of Millennium Transit Services LLC and also president and chief executive officer of Ludvik Electric Co., an electrical contracting business based in Lakewood, Colorado, said he wants to start a business again at the plant at 42 W. Earl Cummings Loop. “We are right now in negotiations to get that building into use,” he said. “With confidentiality agreements, I can’t disclose with whom, but we are negotiating.” He said he could not provide any more details at this time, such as when a decision might be reached or what industry sector is involved in the negotiations. Millennium owns the large industrial buildings where commercial passenger buses were built for the New Jersey Transit Authority and other government agencies until 2008. Millennium went through Chapter 11 proceedings starting in 2008, exiting in about 2011. Since 2008, some people associated with Millennium have at times worked at the Air Center plant to sell parts. Millennium first began operating in Roswell in 2003, having purchased the building and other assets from Nova BUS, which had started in 1993 after buying the business from Transportation Manufacturing Corp. Originally, Millennium was formed by two former Nova employees after that company had some layoffs. Ludvik said he acquired Millennium in 2005. City staff have recommended the renewal of the land lease, with the matter due to be considered by the Roswell City Council at its Thursday meeting. The council’s Legal Committee unanimously approved the lease amendment at its July 25 meeting. According to city documents, the rent would increase by 50% to $1,250 a month, or $15,000 a year, and the term would expire Aug. 31, 2029. The action represents the exercising of the second of five 10-year extension options allowed by an original lease negotiated in 1980. “There is a schedule of the lease arrangement that was signed way back when, and we have not asked for any consideration on that other than what is already stated,” Ludvik said. Air Center managers were said to be unavailable for comment by press time. Ludvik Electric’s website indicates that the company has satellite offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and Salt Lake City, Utah, and works in the United States and abroad as a contractor on construction projects for commercial office buildings, airport facilities, government industrial projects, health centers, university buildings and hotels. Source: https://www.rdrnews.com/2019/08/02/former-bus-company-seeks-renewed-lease/ Article 2: Millennium Transit land lease to be reconsidered By Lisa Dunlap - August 9, 2019 City Council votes for further consideration by committee A decision about a land lease renewal for a Roswell International Air Center tenant has been delayed, returned to a committee for further consideration. The Roswell City Council voted 9-0 Thursday to remove the lease renewal for Millennium Transit Services LLC from the consent agenda — where it would have passed along with other items without discussion — so that the matter can be reviewed again by the Council’s Legal Committee. That committee had voted unanimously, 4-0, July 25 to advance the renewal agreement for full council consideration. Councilor Caleb Grant was one of the City Council members who wanted the lease reconsideration, saying at the Thursday meeting that elected officials needed to consider “any way possibly of removing things from that lease or getting out of the lease or changing the price of the lease, because we are only halfway through that pretty much 80-year lease right now. So that is the reason for it, just to give us time to go through it again.” He said in a later email that some city councilors had unanswered questions and that his primary concern was that they were being asked to consider an amendment to an original lease negotiated 40 years before that has the possibility of being in effect for another 40 years. “The circumstances were obvious(ly) different 40 years ago when this started,” he wrote. “I want to make sure the city exhaust(s) all options before approving a term extension.” Millennium Transit owns the manufacturing facilities at 42 W. Earl Cummings Loop where it and a few predecessor companies once manufactured commercial passenger buses for government transit authorities until the business closed in 2008. Millennium took over the 10-acre land lease in December 2004, and the corporation is seeking to renew the lease for 10 additional years. The action represents the exercising of the second of five extensions allowed under the current lease agreement, according to city documents. In consideration for the extension, Millennium Transit has agreed to pay 50% more. The corporation would pay $1,250 a month, or $15,000 a year. James Ludvik, now the sole owner of Millennium Transit, did not return a phone call by press time, and an on-site employee did not respond to an email seeking comment. Ludvik, who is also the chief executive officer of Ludvik Electric Co. based in Colorado, said in an interview last week that he was in negotiations to start a business at the Roswell facility, but that he could not provide details. City Councilor Judy Stubbs, chair of the Legal Committee, said that she agreed to the reconsideration of the lease after learning that other City Council members had questions. She said she concurred that it would be best to check that the lease has the same types of provisions that current Air Center leases have. “The big concern is that we keep adding (addenda) to a very old lease,” she said. “Personally, as chair of the Legal Committee, I agree that we need to look at it more seriously. And we have time.” She explained that the lease does not have to be renewed for a few months, some time around November. The Legal Committee is scheduled to meet Aug. 22 at 4 p.m. at City Hall, 425 N. Richardson Ave. Source: https://www.rdrnews.com/2019/08/09/millennium-transit-land-lease-to-be-reconsidered/
  14. 3289 in route to NYC, spotted on the I-87

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