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  1. Because the wasn't ready for tech trains when the redbirds were being replaced. Corona barn was too old plus was sinking into the ground. Steinway tubes was causing clearance issues for the R142A's when they tested it on the in 2003. So a new barn was built (was already planned) and the tubes were modified. That's why the didn't get tech trains until 2013.
  2. That's if they go through with it, with governor jackass making things hard for byford. Cbtc on lex might get delayed. Even if the get them first, the should get a fleet of new cars.
  3. Even if the R44's stayed, originally they were going to keep 50-76 R32's for the eastern division to replace the R42's. Then the remaing R32's would have been killed off by the then originally planned 48-60 R179 8 car units. So the R32's would have still been here, remember when they moved the to 6th ave they needed more cars at ENY since the 32 option order 2 R160A-1's wasn't enough. Originally it was supposed to be 64 cars but MTA reduced it to 32. The is the reason why the R42's stayed. Back to the R262 topic The only line I see getting these cars first is the . The would probably get the R142A's from the and R142's from E180th-239th. The would be 100% R142 The would get these cars due to cbtc The would get some of these cars too. To balance out the fleet. Idgaf what people say the better get these cars first. Out of all the lines the hasnt had anything new since 1987. The is part time but hey it might get these cars but I would prefer it to get the R142A's and 142's from the (4).
  4. 6467 was running on the Q43 during the pm rush, so they're still running. Nah Lga is overcrowded, they need to send the Q67,100,101,102 back to CP and take back the Q23/38.
  5. If they are sending half the R32 fleet to pitkin, it looks like the 33,34,35 and some 3600's would be at pitkin and the other half of the 3600's,37,38,3900's and mixed mated cars would be at 207th from the list of cars that were moved. Notice they were 33,34/3500's. Pitkin does a better job than 207th, before Jamaica f**ked up the phase 1's. Pitkin took good care of those cars from GOH to 2008. That's why when they returned to 207th they never were the same.
  6. Those cars also still run on the as well, they share cars. The (C)'s R46's come from pitkin, it'll be the same with the R32's.
  7. R179 issues and R160A-1 SMS and cbtc retrofit is why the R42's are still running.
  8. R46's are leaving pitkin while the R32's are staying at 207th
  9. Not a transfer, it's more like a loan. One of Coney island's R160's ran on the R this morning.
  10. 3267 and another car (3266 or 68) spotted in route to NYC. Spotted at a rest area.
  11. The R42's are still running, one ran today on the (J). They basically run them when they need em
  12. Probably the last batch to be delivered
  13. Where are you going to displace the R32's, the shutdown is no more so the doesn't need em no more. It's logical to keep them on the since the still needs alot of them.
  14. The R32's are permanently assigned to the and its been said that only six R46's will go to jamaica while the rest stays. Basically the 10 car unit R179's are displacing six and a half sets of trains while the remaining six would be for fleet expansion. The will have 6 R32's assigned to it permanently while the R179's and R46's dominate the (A). The will have 10-11 R179's with 7-8 R32's

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