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  1. Them only being on the helped, Westchester trashed those cars.
  2. There's always been more R160's/143's in service than the R179's on the J. I always get an R160 now. But with ENY using sets from the is probably because of the welding issues.
  3. The was gonna go full length regardless. You See all those new buildings going up on the west side. That = More ridership. The was planned to go 600 feet in 2010 with R46's but the R44 issues and retirement shelved that plan. So it's not because of the shutdown. MTA had this planned for years.
  4. It actually does, in order for the to go full length, you need extra cars. The extra cars (R179's) are having numerous problems.
  5. The current R179 issues plus the cancellation of the L shutdown is the reason why the isn't full length yet. Plus the R32's are being sms'ed at 207th st. They are playing it safe right now since there's another major flaw with the R179's as well. It's better to iron out all the issues first, then make decisions.
  6. In the summer it's full length trains to rockaway blvd. At night the train can be split into 2 and run as an opto train in which they will want to test. Like everyone else said on here. It's likely to also test to see how they do out in the rockaways.
  7. It's a smart move too, hopefully this summer they can do the same. Have most of the R32's and 2 sets of R179's do shuttle.
  8. R160's getting sms and cbtc upgrades and R179 teething problems is the reason why the R42's are still needed.
  9. Yea the R32's will stay at 207th until retirement. R42's will likely be on the as spares. As of now the R32's are still being sms'ed at 207th st and ta is putting money into them (finally) and their mdbf has improved by 3,000 miles vs. Last year. There's two reasons for that. 1st reason is R179 issues and 2nd the R46's are aging terrible now.
  10. 3249 and 3250 on their way to 207th. It's in nj waiting to go across the gwb tonight.
  11. Might be software issues, upgrades and etc. Once work and troubleshooting is done they'll be back in service
  12. There's 2 option orders. The would probably get a maximum of 220- 300 cars while the rest of the order including options would be jamaica and coney island with jamaica getting the larger bulk. The would automatically get em for 2nd ave alone. The is MTA's new showcase line due to the 2nd ave subway. Plus it have the heaviest ridership vs the and . The 8 car ones would automatically go to ENY. Again you're not looking at the ridership These cars are designed for high ridership routes. With the larger doors, it makes the most sense to have these cars on the , and lines. Especially the and which are two of the most heavily used routes in the B division. It's just common sense.
  13. Again enough with the gibberish. This is for deliveries and moves. Go to the fleets and depots thread for that. ENY had said this numerous times already
  14. The wide doors and open gangway if it passes would be smart for the They can also add new B cars into the existing R143's and rebuild them to place them on a line like If they they go that far. The is a very busy line, the majority of the fleet is R143's which in turn are up there in age and have low mdbf. The R160's are more reliable but by the time option order 2 cars are here they'll be at the half time point of their service life. These R211's are ment for lines with heavy ridership. With option order 2 having some 8 cars into the order, it's very obvious where those cars are going. And yea there's 754 R46's. It was a typo on my behalf. As for the getting R179's that can always change. Especially if the R160's have simular cbtc kits. MTA always put things down and change their minds later on.
  15. There's 748 cars now, originally 752 cars that equals to 940 60 foot cars. It's smart to give the the R211's, it's a high ridership route. In return we would probably see a new Nassau-south Brooklyn route with all the extra 8 car trains.

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