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  1. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I think we'll see 3020-29 very soon. That set would likely have the new specs and they can finally test it on the (A) and (C) lines
  2. R32 3838

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    2871 JFK to BP
  3. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Ya'll getting annoying with the R32 being on the rumor. Back to the R179 topic They have tss riding the R179's in the back to troubleshoot any issue that comes up.
  4. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    If any R32s go to CI its for the I explained this alot of times If they wanted R32s on the they would be running on it right now instead of the (A). Its obvious the is getting most of the R32s, not all. If the R160/46 swap happens there would be a chunk of R46's left to run on the . The R68's that are on the will go to the or lines while the receives 8 car tech trains with a small group of R32s. The only tech trains the and will get before the R211 order will be those 120 10 car R179's. The CI R160's are going to jamaica (Not all of them), they have cbtc equipment on them and QB cbtc contract states it'll use R160's. Jamaica will still get R211's but it'll probably be the option order R211T's. The is not getting R160's. 12 sets of 60 foot tech trains isn't enough. To balance out the fleet the R32s would do that job alongside the R46's. Making the mostly 60 foot smees would create a big problem and those riders along the brighton are very vocal so good luck with that. Last time an R32 ran on the was in 2010. Politics are strong in south Brooklyn. This is why i feel its dumb to take em off the (J). No one complains vs. The and sometimes the (A). Hence the getting R160's.
  5. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Btw all 3 R179's are in service on the
  6. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    You can't run 8 car R42s on the (G). The R42s only have C/R controls in the no.2 end cabs. The boards won't line up like the R32s and R160's in a 4x4 confg. The R42s on the run in a 5x3 confg. Since they already have the boards and cctv's to line up with them. Its smarter to have the R42s on the or lines The will still need cars even after the shutdown. The will not revert back to 4 cars after the shutdown. It'll stay 480 feet.
  7. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    isn't planned to get R179's since Queens blvd going cbtc.
  8. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The R179 i was on earlier got taken oos as soon as i sat down due to some unknown issue at parsons. The was already late as it was. As soon as the R32 came in That's when the announcement was made that the next arriving train is the next to leave. Then on the intercom it said there were delays in service due to a train with mechanical issues at parsons (R179). And as soon as i got off a bway junction the train was right behind mine going to eny yard. So another unknown issue with one of the R179 sets.
  9. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Sips tea By the time the finally gets the R179's the first R211's gonna start coming in.
  10. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    When the R46/R160 swap happens this is what the assignments would look like: / 100% R46 R46,R68/A R160, R68/A There would be enough R68's for the the R68's from the and would be more than enough to cover half of the line with the remaining R160's
  11. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    If the shuttle is full length then they'll run R32's on it
  12. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Theres a strong rumor that the 50 R42's will be going to the and possibly the as full length trains. Again the only reason why the R42's have a strong reason for staying is to increase the spare factor meaning less R32's and R42's on the road and can rotate cars more easily. Since the is getting the R32's, the spare factor has to be increased since the is 10 cars. This was obvious when they did the and swap. They had to borrow 3 sets of R42's and R46's from Jamaica. The R179's are bridging the gap in the car shortage. Plus extra cars would be needed for the hence it getting some R32's and being mostly NTT's Plus the R179's keep having numerous issues plus the getting only 120 10 car trains (12 sets)
  13. R32 3838

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    3426/ENYand 8 other cars were moved from ENY in January of 2017 to 207th st to replace 2 R46 trainsets that were sent to Jamaica. 3360/61/3426/7 along with 4-6 more R32's were sent back to eny until the r179 issue was resolved. ENY and 207th hasn't rotated R32's since 2015.
  14. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Exactly my point. The is local on cpw and in the bronx. The is a straight express meaning the doors stay closed and the cars stay cool.
  15. R32 3838

    R179 Discussion Thread

    He's becoming annoying at this point. Foamers want them on the while transit is putting them on the (A). The only thing i would agree on is the R42's being on the (B). The other remaining R32's should go on the (G). 12 10 car R179's is not enough for the (A). Have 8-10 R32's to compensate with those R179's and R46's then they'll be good. Jamaica being all R160's is happening, the swap would probably happen between this year and next. The will use a good chunk of R46's


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