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  1. Sorry about the misread. Well, the rep hit the nail on the head, they have to do the work sometime.
  2. If the Brooklyn IRT riders handled close to 7 months of no service in Brooklyn, shuttles or (N)/(Q) alternatives on the weekends during 2005/2006, in addition to no West Side IRT express service and shortened East Side IRT express service, then Flushing riders can handle this with no complaint whatsoever.
  3. More ideas. Q35|Bklyn College÷Nostrand Av Q35|via Flatbush Av M5|Greenwich Village÷Houston St M5|via Riverside Dr÷via 5 Av That one is a bit hard. Bx12|Pelham Bay÷Amendola Plz Bx12|via Fordham Rd÷via Pelham Pkwy B9|Marine Park÷Kings Plaza B9|via 60 St÷via Av L Only because it travels on Av L for more of a time than Av M. B11|Sunset Park÷1 Av-58 St B11|via 49 St B31|Gerritsen Beach÷Lois Av B31|via Gerritsen Av For the above, I assume this is a suburban route, and why it only has the neighborhood destination right now. B60|Canarsie÷Flatlands Av B60|via Wilson Av÷via Rockaway Av B57|Maspeth÷61 St B57|via Flushing Av B65|Ocean Hill÷Ralph Av B65|via Dean St S59|Tottenville÷Amboy Rd S59|via Richmnd Av÷via Hylan Bl X51|Aburndale÷165 St X51|via Sanford Av X63|Rosedale÷253 St-149 Av X63|via Merrick Bl X68|Floral Park÷268 St X68|via Hillside Av For the last three, again, I'm assuming that the reason they only display a neighborhood (except the X51) is because they're more suburban bus routes than say, the BM2 (which ironically, now displays my idea for their sign before they changed it).
  4. Reply to your comments, and thanks for commenting! S62: That's my theory behind that one. B17: Okay, I can agree with that too. I thought the via Rkwy Pkwy would be more beneficial, but if they know, that's fine then. M9: My theory is that I added Av C to the M21, and the M14 branches already have an Avenue destination. B82: Gravesend would be fine too. I just took the neighborhood off of the schedule (it says Bath Beach in that area). B6: There's a shopping center over there? It can have its own signage then. This one was hard. I wanted to include Glenwood Road, but then again, it's not that long. Maybe that's why they haven't included any vias here. X38: I know...I'm kind of a stickler for signs, it's my pet peeve. M21: Agreed. B45: It says Crown Hts÷Ralph Av. That area is more Ocean Hill, apparently. And there's no "via" currently. B8: If needed, yes. It does pass by, and could have its own sign. Bx40/42: It can have the same sign, I didn't include it because this was my list. I guess I just want "Riv Pk Twr" to be spelled out a bit more now that they have some LED signs. B100: Why not? It can work that way too. Q11: It says: Elmhurst÷Woodhaven Bl Sta/via Woodhaven Bl. That's a bit redundant in my eyes, which is why I changed it to Queens Bl. My theory is that the Q46 says "Kew Gardens÷Queens Bl," not Kew Gardens÷Union Tpke Sta. Again, thanks for the comments, very insightful. Still can't locate the other list that I made, so maybe I'll make a new one.
  5. Some of these, I'm not sure they'd be totally beneficial, but here we go anyway: S62| Travis÷Wild Av S62|via Victry Bl B17|Canarsie÷P15-E80 Sts B17|via Remsen Av÷via Rkwy Pky Sta M9|Union Sq÷4 Av-14 St M9|via Water St÷via Avenue B B82|Bath Bch÷25-Cropsey Avs B82|via Flatlands Av÷via Kings Hwy B6|LIMITED B6|Bensonhurst÷Harway-B37 B6|via Av H÷via Bay Pkwy X38|Sea Gate÷West 37 St X38|via FDR DR÷via Cropsey Av M21|Bellvue Hosp÷1 Av-27 St M21|via Houston÷via Av C B45|Ocean Hill÷Ralph Av B45|via St Johns B8|Brownsville÷Rockaway Av B8|via 18 Av÷via Av D Bx42|Morris Hts÷River Pk Twrs Bx42|via Tremont Av B100|Mill Basin÷Strickland Av B100|via Fillmore Av÷via E 66 St M2|Washington Hts÷B'way-168 St M2|via Madison Av÷via Powell Bl M2|LIMITED Q11|Elmhurst÷Queens Bl Q11|via Woodhaven Bl I have more ideas, but they haven't come yet.
  6. They have to do that since the isn't running from QBP to Times Square that weekend. That's a really good idea.
  7. Oh, yeah, now those are just freakin' amazing photos. Great, great job!
  8. No, you're not the only one. I didn't either. Hmm...
  9. Very sad news. My school is using its emergency relief fund to send some supplies over. Very very sad news. Everyone there and their families are in my prayers.
  10. I agree, and I'd like that, but then something logistically would change that isn't worth it, apparently. There have been multiple times that I have seen when there is a heavy delay in service, yet no trains are sent to New Lots to replace it despite 7 or 8 trains going out of service at Utica. I guess it's better to keep crews at New Lots & crews at Utica, but all of this is simply conjecture. I also guess they want to do something with the trains on the tracks in Brooklyn. Livonia Yard was probably taking out trains for PM Rush service, so the leads probably weren't empty to allow trains to go in if needed.
  11. Fantastic photos. Really captured those trains and that station well. I see they haven't finished with the guardrails yet. Anyway, really awesome photos.
  12. I wish I was still in NYC for this one. Although the Brooklyn IRT is going to be hell without the , I'd love to catch the in Brooklyn, no matter what train it is. I've never ridden it to Prospect Park, only to 9th Avenue (there was a time when they had to do that instead a few years back), and it'd be nice to photograph at Parkside Av. I wonder if those rails are dull because nothing has used them in a while? Or perhaps they've lain trains on the tracks. Either way, enjoy the G.O. because from my experience, not that many people take the shuttle.
  13. Thank you for posting. As much as the NTT pictures and station models look pretty cool, the actual information is very interesting to look at, especially everything they must tunnel under and things like that.
  14. Great photos, even in the snow! Maybe I can see some of these fleets along my trip tomorrow while I'm on I-95.
  15. Really great photos! They look fantastic!
  16. Thanks! I see, well, whatever works for you (like morning railfanning works for me). I was hoping for an R62 as well especially since the was shortened this weekend, opening up a lot of cars. But, who knows, it may happen next weekend. Thanks. I used to like doing that a while ago, it's nice to do it again. It was probably a train operator or conductor, because as I turned around, they disappeared into a door. I just realized this. Well, if it worked for them, it did. Thanks. Hope railfanning went well for you today as well. Thanks! Well, there will be more to come from me this year, but not for a while. Thanks! If there was a connection, there'd be another way to transfer cars.
  17. I'm reclaiming my territory, and started by railfanning the Livonia Line like it should be railfanned. I have a new camera, and it did me great justice today! Some disclaimers. If it looks like my pictures are off-balance, photobucket may have messed them up while resizing them. I just went through all of the originals, and their balance is right for me. Also...I have no idea right now how to get some lighting for underground shots, so forgive me if they're dark. Let's go with Livonia!! Van Siclen Av, entrance, station & trains: R142 trains galore today. Only 20% of the trains were R142As. And they all came within 8 minutes of each other. Yay for better headways than the ! 10X Optical Zoom is fantastic. I'm very pleased with it. Though it doesn't always work. Pennsylvania Avenue. By the way, trains were SPEEDING down the hill here into Penn. This is R142 7180. Our youngest R142, I think. Or maybe that title goes to R142 1250. Either way, it had to be doing 36-38 MPH. Rockaway Avenue. Sorry about the gate. I officially love Rockaway Av as a spot for videos. Both sides have trains coming in speeding. Sutter-Rutland It's going... It's gone. One last try with the zoom: Doesn't that bird look like an electric eel? Newkirk Av, no train shots: The lives. Bowling Green: What part of "follow the arrows" did some people just NOT get? That one came out clear, I don't remember the settings though... South Ferry: No program to South Ferry, only to Chambers St. Look what was waiting at 14th St, and with no one to sit and fit into the seat: Yes, it's R62 1589. I just wanted to show you that's a at the GAP. I know it's not a good pic. But, after that, I felt so good, I thought to myself, "I'm going to go to New Lots & keep railfanning." Partial close at Van Siclen. New Lots Avenue. Transfer to the B15 that no one ever seems to do (except that guy that I led here because there was no other way for him). Comment of the day while taking this next one: "we got a buff out here." Memories of R62A trains with 9-cars. Let's end where we began. The station I call home. Videos! And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my first excursion of 2010, and the first of many on my home line.
  18. Both. Even though I had cameras that had a very hard time taking photos underground, I still found the challenge of keeping a steady hand great.
  19. Great pictures of some stuff we don't really see nowadays!
  20. Depends on what you're trying to help. If you merge it with another line, it becomes subject to whatever delays that line is subject to as well (speaking from the M14A's perspective). That would maybe decrease the B39's reliability. But, it might be the only solution if it is on the chopping block.
  21. My TV was on the Looney Toons marathon on Cartoon Network all day. Now it's over, and my TV is off.
  22. For me, it was a first-time late night ride (at around 2 AM) on Dec. 31st of the from 66th St-Lincoln Center to Times Sq & the via B'way EXP, but also the Tunnel, from Times Sq to Atlantic. Track gangs made the ride extremely slow, but it was an interesting ride anyway.
  23. Somewhat. Because I was the only person on the bus for the time I took it, we skipped all of the other Downtown Manhattan stops and went straight to the WFC. Took about 20 minutes as opposed to 30. It's probably not that fast when it gets people (my driver said that all of the other trips actually get ridership, but mine was the 9 AM).
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