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  1. They will still call from the Current T/O and C/R list and they will still have thier future exams since its not a service cut if they don't increase the service it will stay as is. Also its still a good time because we still have a turnover with those retiring. However if they don't do the service increase they could slow down the classes since they where hiring with the planned increase service. So now they should have a surplus of train crews. However no offical decision has been made we all find out the last minute.
  2. They added jobs on the ( Lines which we are now picking but they may cancel our pick locking us into a 1 Year pick. If it happens I want to see the Unions reaction. We are also doing a special pick for Holidays using the old work programs for the extended pick. Also pick gets extended it could slow down the new T/O and C/R classes since they won't have the added jobs they were planning.
  3. WOW! That is so diffrent from RTO! You sure you want to come to the dark side???
  4. I guess no service improvements on the Subways but the won't make an offical announcement on that until June if the changes go in effect or not. In any case the work programs are set up for the new service changes and preparing to keep the current service running until Dec.
  5. I'm working the Wed afternoon out of Bay Pkwy so I guess I'll see some of you. I'll be sure to give two toots of the horn.
  6. Oh I love BIE NYC Subway routes. The trains sound very realisic you think your really operating a R 44,46,142,143,160 because it makes the same sounds and door chimes. The 142 and up have the real recorded announcments for lines these trains normally run on. The routes are half and half the lines that are as real as it gets is the A/C/L/2/GC/FS and the E TO WTC only. The E TO Parsons don't look as if your doing the real thing. the Washington DC Red line looks great but I don't know how close to the real thing it is because I never been there.
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