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  1. You need 2 years road time to be a TSS. However Dispatcher's also get promoted if they got 2 years T/Os experience. However T/O's will still have a high turn over rate at least for the next 5 years between Retirement, Promotions and demotions/ Terminations
  2. It's not hard to get a job out of Manhattan because you work harder. Also a day off is 30 days and you book off too much your supt will write you up. You don't belong to the crew office you belong to the Line Supt who has the right to change your days off and tour of duty at any time.
  3. Right now we got a high turnover rate of TSS retirements which is expected to last for 3 to 5 years. After that this title won't have much movement. This is a title people retire from. Many do not take a Promotion to Supt. Also TSS teach TSS classes.
  4. 1. You came in too slow dynamic brakes drop out under 15 MPH. 2 that's right you got Ecam which gives you are hard time when you release and try to get it back. Also harder going at slower speeds. You will develop your own way the more you work with them. I use to just take 20 to 30 pounds stopping it.
  5. All I can say about the future classes. They will slow down in hiring C/R so they can hire more T/O's. So big classes of T/O's will be called so.
  6. Yes they can. Exept restricted means sitting with a Supt all day.
  7. The crew office has been good in the B div and A div they getting better. If you live in Bkyn or Queens in A Div you will see the 7 Line a lot.
  8. Its always better to pick the division closest to you. Your going to work long hours so your commute has to be a factor. If you live near coney island as an example can you handle a 4 AM report at 241 Wakefield in the BX
  9. We have a T/O shortage in A div do to high turn over for various reasons. If are stuck in a Div you don't like just keep writing a request to switch. When you have enough senority to pick a job in the other division pick it and then yes school car and post over again exept your just learning about the div and equipment.
  10. The 2 is one of those lines thats will made or break you. Look foward seeing you down the road a Brownhornet and questions in box me.
  11. Mean you get the same medical and your benefits are under TWU. After 10 years the SSSA takes over. Not sure how that changes things. Only got 3 years in title. Just starting to see top pay.
  12. What we say in there should stay in the Crewroom forum. Welcome to RTO!
  13. Ok this is the deal with being a TSS since I am one. New TSS have 2 year probation and same Medical as TWU for 10 years. Also top pay kicks in 3 years and 1 mouth. Now 2 year probation civil service law only covers you for the first year. Something happens you get back your senority but if it happens on your second year back to the bottom. However it really means nothing because your always on probation as a supervisor its very easy for a Supt to demote you since you don't have the same union representation as TWU. Your represented by SSSA and not much help. Your pay is 80% so Train Operator will make more then you for 3 years since we are 1 contract behind TWU. Senority is like a T/O exept you pick on a preference sheet which covers A/B/C Divisions. You put down as many choices as you file #. If you are 300 put 300 choice from 1 to 300. However go to RCC and come back after 2 years back to the bottom. You do not have a Lunch time you have to eat when nothing is going on. There is very little down time if there are no incidents your job is to ride trains, Critque and Evaluate T/O's and C/R's on your line. See your assigned employees they give you between 35 to 45 people and if anyone of them mess up and you didn't Critque them then you have to answer to your Supt why you didn't. Thats failure to supervise. How to get in trouble is easy. Don't Critque an assigned employee and they have an incident A new probationary employee has incident and you didn't Critque them Not responding to an incident Cover ups is a good way to get demoted
  14. Also remember to write down all the reasons for your OT in the comments or you may not get paid.
  15. Yeah RTOman I agree you can have fun with the job. However got to be on point at all times. Its too crazy the simple stuff I deal with the supt tries to turn it into a bigger problem.
  16. We got one Student put the train BIE 3 times. We got a few other new T/O's with issues. My hand is hurts from all the paper work 4 reports since yesterday 3 Improper train operation cases and a 12-9.
  17. Ok now this new class of A div T/O's got us TSS'S and Supts working overtime. We had 3 incidents and one of them had 2 of the 3 today.
  18. They not harsh on you while posting. However when your on your own then thats where the real punishment happens.
  19. Year RTOman one person getting notice already. However to be fair every class got that one.
  20. I hope they didn't give Tommy too much problems over it but they did send a Road TSS after him.
  21. The overrun at TSQ was done by a class they let the regular T/O sit and took over. I guess they hijacked a train because 240 wouldn't give them one. Christopher St was by a Student T/O. The same student let the controller go 2 weeks ago.
  22. I hated the Yard when I started. I use to book off on yard jobs so I always stayed on the road. However thats just me I loved ponding the road. I still miss it and regret this move to TSS. Even when I operate now its only a short distance.
  23. It happens in the B Div as well. Just more on the DL.
  24. Ok now who overran TSQ by 2 door panels on the #1 line N/B ? Someone else overran Christopher St S /B.

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