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  1. Mysterious2train

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The MTA announced that the would become full-length as part of the Subway Action Plan in July 2017. Byford had nothing to do with it. Or as Jon Weinstein put it: It seems like that promise may not be kept after all?
  2. Mysterious2train

    R262 (R62/R62A Replacement) - Information & Discussion

    That's an interesting plan but without more details and assuming more service than runs today it sounds like this could lead to big backups heading southbound around Bowling Green and Utica from trains fumigating. Right now only a handful of trains each rush hour are scheduled to turn at Bowling Green and even that isn't always great. Utica has its bad days too. Seems like at a minimum the interlocking right before Utica Av southbound would have to be reinstalled to allow New Lots-bound express trains to run around fumigating trains on the express track. I sure hope fumigation practices improve in the future. I'm aware. CBTC will probably improve things, but the Lexington Av express isn't really known for its great dwell times, and it's already using NTTs exclusively. I just wouldn't be surprised at all if the MTA wanted the R262s on the to help increase capacity and push down dwell times further is all. Certainly, anything's possible. The R262s could go anywhere. But it seems they will be built with open gangways and wider doors to increase capacity and shorten dwell times. While all of the IRT lines experience crowding out the wazoo, I'd absolutely argue the generally have it worse than the . So I don't think the R262s, if they have superior capacity, would be living up to their full potential on the if the are still getting absolutely slammed in the future the way they are now. And presumably, moving the R142s and R142As to the and changing the strip maps would only be a one-time thing until the time comes for their retirement, whatever distant year that is. Granted, who knows how things will change in the future.
  3. Mysterious2train

    R262 (R62/R62A Replacement) - Information & Discussion

    No article yet, just the committee meeting materials: http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/190122_1400_CPOC.pdf (pgs 8. 9. 22 and 25) Obligatory disclaimers that I can't see the future, I don't work at the MTA, I don't know what kinds of technologies could appear in the future and there's little point in speculating about a fleet that currently doesn't exist. But for the sake of discussion: As long as the and maintain their current routings, it's probably safe to say they will share a fleet to keep things as simple as possible. (And putting aside logistics, why would anybody want 7th and Lex to have their own uniform fleets? It'd be a bit dull seeing all the routes on a trunk line use the same fleet exclusively!) Once CBTC on the Lexington Av Line starts, I assume every car assigned to the would have to be CBTC-compatible in case they show up on the . There aren't enough R142s and R142As to completely fill the , so it seems we have little choice but to wait before a sufficient amount of R262s enter service before Lex CBTC can start. (If there's something I'm missing in this regard, please let me know!). If the R262s come with wider doors and open gangways like the R211s, I assume they would go to the lines with the biggest dwell time and crowding issues. That sounds like the to me, with any leftover cars going to the . (Keeping in mind that the MTA put the R62As on the to keep them off of the ). Which would mean that the R142s and R142As would go to the - though which of the R142/R142As end up on which of those three lines specifically is irrelevant to me.
  4. Mysterious2train

    R179 Discussion Thread

    This month's capital program oversight committee meeting will feature the annual update on rolling stock procurement, so if there are any further changes to the contract, this would be the time to announce them.
  5. Mysterious2train

    Riders Alliance "Fix the Subway" Campaign

    That's what we hear. I browsed through the bill the state legislature passed back in 2009 a little while ago and I don't recall seeing any language expressly requiring the authority to raise fares every two years, but don't quote me on that. I'll have to recheck the law again when I have time. If the authority is already forced to raise fares every 2 years, then holding hearings and a board vote about fare hikes as they do seems a bit superfluous. Anyway, I was a bit pressed for time this morning so I wasn't able to make a more detailed OP, but I will elaborate on Riders Alliance's activities soon.
  6. I will post about events from Riders Alliance's Bus Turnaround campaign in this thread. --------------------------------------------- http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50801/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=97009 Tomorrow: Rally protesting the upcoming fare hike.
  7. I will post about events from Riders Alliance's Fix the Subway campaign in this thread. ------------------------------------------------------- http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50801/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=97009 Tomorrow: Rally protesting the upcoming fare hike.
  8. Mysterious2train

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    So just glancing at the MTA site for next weekend, it looks like the will all be not running between Brooklyn and Manhattan while the will both have their frequencies slashed to every 12 mins/5 TPH, alongside the and . It'll probably be a complete shitshow. On a normal weekend, between the Montague, Joralemon and Clark St Tunnels and the Manhattan Bridge, 44.5 TPH are scheduled (45.5 before the had its service reduced earlier this year). Granted most weekends have some reduced service, but next weekend will see only 20 TPH between those four lines which is probably a record low or something. The is ostensibly having its service reduced because southbound trains are running express from 14th to Chambers. Fine, except that same GO is happening this weekend and the did not have its service reduced - which I'm assuming was because of the Brooklyn Half-Marathon yesterday. There's no big marathon next weekend, but the fact that the will all be out between Brooklyn and Manhattan should surely justify not cutting service on the remaining lines too much. And I'm not just saying that as a Nostrand Av Line rider. Have we had any recent weekends when the were all knocked out between Brooklyn and Manhattan at the same time? I understand the necessity of this work, but all of the above on one weekend seems a bit excessive.
  9. Mysterious2train

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    The agency actually put out a press release about the line work this weekend. At least they're being responsive... http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-nyc-transit-lirr-offering-robust-alternate-service-customer-outreach
  10. Mysterious2train

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Byford is apparently running test trains to gauge the accuracy of signals around the system. This was mentioned by an angry T/O at one of the Fast Forward town halls (angry about T/Os getting penalized for tripping red signals), who said this wasn't public knowledge, but it's apparently a thing. Maybe that's already known here but it was news to me at least.
  11. Mysterious2train

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    The is also listed as running every 12 minutes this weekend. Has the agency announced when a route is cut to every 12 minutes before? This is the first I remember seeing of it. Still, it sucks to be a lower White Plains Road rider. Having the cut and having the reduced from 8 TPH during the day to 5... That's going from 13 TPH to 5, or some 72% percent reduction in service! Is there also work being done on the connection from the WPR line to the Jerome line, or is the flagging on WPR that bad? If it's just the latter, that's overkill.
  12. State law does allow cameras on the front (and on the back) of buses in a very limited fashion; it's restricted to a maximum of 16 (SBS) routes*. Here's the law: https://codes.findlaw.com/ny/vehicle-and-traffic-law/vat-sect-1111-c.html * - Well, the law is intended to authorize cameras for SBS routes, but going by the letter of the law the MTA and DOT could choose to place cameras on up to 10 bus routes of any kind, including express routes. But of course, for every hypothetical local/limited/express route the MTA/DOT places cameras on, that's one less SBS route that can use the cameras. The law will automatically expire in 2020 if the state legislature does not renew it. If the presumably more mass transit-friendly Democrats can win control of the state senate next month maybe they and the state assembly could be convinced to expand the scope of the law once the time comes to discuss renewing it, but I wouldn't hold my breath. (Of course, if the Republicans retain control of the state senate, they could expand the law too, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that either.) Edit: Almost forgot, there is a bill in the state legislature now that would allow the cameras to be used on every single bus route and repeal the end date of the program, but it was only introduced in both houses in May and didn't make any progress before the legislative session ended in June. So we have to wait and see if this bill is reintroduced next year and advances or dies. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2017/s8597
  13. Mysterious2train

    Increases in 6 and 7 service April 2019

    So the agency projects that even after these trips are added, Queens-bound trains on weekday evenings between 8:30 and 9:00 PM will continue to be overcrowded, and they can't increase service further because of the "need to maintain even rampdown of service during transition from PM peak period to evening". Can somebody who knows more about operations shed some light on this and why this is an obstacle? Unrelated, I'm not a regular rider, but isn't there regularly congestion between Willets Point and Main Street during parts of the PM Rush partially caused by some trainsets going out of service and returning to Corona Yard? Couldn't having a couple of trainsets remain on the road longer to provide additional service in the evening help reduce those delays somewhat?
  14. It's been 50 years since revenue service last ran from Canarsie down Broadway in Brooklyn, right? I wouldn't expect any area politicians to know about such a service or advocate for it. I would hope none of them oppose this additional bus service.
  15. A new bus route, the L5, will run rush hours only between Utica Avenue and the B42 terminal in Canarsie Pier, along Remsen Av, Flatlands Av and Rockaway Pkwy, to provide additional service to Canarsie during the shutdown. http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-bring-additional-temporary-bus-route-fully-ada-compliant-subway


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