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  1. There's a cross-passage running east-west under E 45th St as part of Grand Central North that passes below the lower level platforms. (It's shown on this outdated GCT North map, but it's a little hard to see) There are stairs/escalators that run directly from the upper level NW/NE passages to the 45th St cross-passage bypassing the lower level platform. Since the 45th St passage is below the lower level platforms, using it is similar to accessing the express platforms at Atlantic Av or 34 St-Penn Station on the subway. The 45th St passage should be only about 20-30 ft above the top of the southern end of the upper ESA cavern. It definitely should have connected to the ESA caverns and I assume the mindset that LIRR/MNR must be separate is what prevented it. Hopefully it could still be built in the future, albeit more disruptively and expensively than building it now.
  2. Elevators at 62 St/New Utrecht Av opened today. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtaphotos/albums/72157709742946302 http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-installs-four-elevators-other-ada-features-new-utrecht-av62-st-station
  3. 7 Av/Broadway Line will be completely suspended for two weekends in August due to interlocking work 96 St, with the rerouted up Central Park West to 145 St to substitute: http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/essential-work-replace-switches-and-tracks-96-st-set-begin-late-friday
  4. Don't forget Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and Senator Leroy Comrie who are the chairs of the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions committees in the Assembly and Senate (respectively). Those committees also have oversight over the MTA (in addition to the Transportation committees) and all appointments to the MTA board have to pass through the Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions committee (in addition to the Senate Finance and Transportation committees). https://nyassembly.gov/comm/?id=9 https://www.nysenate.gov/committees/corporations-authorities-and-commissions https://nyassembly.gov/mem/Amy-Paulin https://www.nysenate.gov/senators/leroy-comrie
  5. Kind of surprised the topic of board member seats doesn't get more discussion on here. Like the fact that Cuomo appointed Mujica to replace Michael Lynton after less than 3 months on the board. Or the fact that even after the State Senate confirming 10 people in new board seats this year (plus 2 reappointments) the board still has 4 vacant seats. Or the general idea that the State Senate seems to rubber-stamp anybody Cuomo appoints to the board. It's true that this process is not fully transparent. I guess it's all futile in the end.
  6. 3238-3247 spotted in service on the .
  7. Not sure if 3070-3073 was running specifically back on Thursday on 16th, but it has been seen in service this week:
  8. The CBTC systems on every line from Culver and Queens Blvd onward will be designed to be inter-operable with CBTC systems on other lines (with the exception of Canarsie and Flushing, since their CBTC systems were not necessarily designed to be inter-operable.) This means that those R160s receiving CBTC equipment as part of Queens Blvd or later projects, the R179s and the R211s will be able to run on any CBTC system on the B-Division except Canarsie (and Flushing). Siemens (which installed the CBTC system on the (L) and is providing the equipment for the R179s) and Thales (which installed the CBTC system on the (7) and is providing the equipment for the R211s) collaborated on the Culver Line CBTC test track and are collaborating on Queens Blvd CBTC to ensure that their two systems are inter-operable. I am no expert in the technical aspects of this, so just asking - as Siemens installed the CBTC system on Canarsie, and is also fabricating the equipment for the R179s, would anybody happen to know if the R179s will be compatible with Siemens' older system? I don't think I've seen 3252 mentioned in this thread, but it looks like somebody on reddit spotted it on its way down to the city yesterday: https://www.reddit.com/r/nycrail/comments/bju07h/new_subway_car_coming_down_i87/
  9. Those proposals came from attendees at the meetings, not NYCT itself. I sure hope nobody at NYCT would propose a Co-op City-to-Brooklyn route.
  10. Just from the little I've seen of her at the Senate meetings, she seems like a good fit for the board. I read there was controversy when Obama first appointed her to the FRA over her lack of prior experience in the railroad industry, but after actually spending two years in the role, I think she try to do right by us. She was apparently also one of the judges for the Genius Competition, whether that lowers or raises your image of her.
  11. Cuomo appointed Sarah Feinberg (who used to work at the US DOT and led the FRA in the tail end of the Obama administration) and real estate developer David Mack to the MTA board back in Feburary, which the news media reported on. Then the State Senate confirmed them to the board back on Tuesday and I haven't heard a peep in the news about that. Even the MTA site isn't updated yet. Mack used to be on the MTA board from 1993 to 2009 and was forced to resign. He absolutely has no place on the board and it's amazing he's been reappointed and reconfirmed. Looking at the three committee meetings, a few Senators were pretty critical of him and actually voted against him, but the Senate ultimately did approve him. It's nice to see a few newly-elected Senators like Andrew Gounardes, Jessica Ramos or James Skoufis actually *attempting* oversight. The board is basically a revolving door at this point, we might need a dedicated thread just to keep track of it all. And there's still four vacant seats, including the chair.
  12. Surprised nobody's talking/talked about how Rose's letter and press release originally named "MTA Chairman" Andy Byford, even though the first post of this thread has the version with the error. It's a small mistake, but it is telling.
  13. The MTA announced that the would become full-length as part of the Subway Action Plan in July 2017. Byford had nothing to do with it. Or as Jon Weinstein put it: It seems like that promise may not be kept after all?
  14. That's an interesting plan but without more details and assuming more service than runs today it sounds like this could lead to big backups heading southbound around Bowling Green and Utica from trains fumigating. Right now only a handful of trains each rush hour are scheduled to turn at Bowling Green and even that isn't always great. Utica has its bad days too. Seems like at a minimum the interlocking right before Utica Av southbound would have to be reinstalled to allow New Lots-bound express trains to run around fumigating trains on the express track. I sure hope fumigation practices improve in the future. I'm aware. CBTC will probably improve things, but the Lexington Av express isn't really known for its great dwell times, and it's already using NTTs exclusively. I just wouldn't be surprised at all if the MTA wanted the R262s on the to help increase capacity and push down dwell times further is all. Certainly, anything's possible. The R262s could go anywhere. But it seems they will be built with open gangways and wider doors to increase capacity and shorten dwell times. While all of the IRT lines experience crowding out the wazoo, I'd absolutely argue the generally have it worse than the . So I don't think the R262s, if they have superior capacity, would be living up to their full potential on the if the are still getting absolutely slammed in the future the way they are now. And presumably, moving the R142s and R142As to the and changing the strip maps would only be a one-time thing until the time comes for their retirement, whatever distant year that is. Granted, who knows how things will change in the future.
  15. No article yet, just the committee meeting materials: http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/190122_1400_CPOC.pdf (pgs 8. 9. 22 and 25) Obligatory disclaimers that I can't see the future, I don't work at the MTA, I don't know what kinds of technologies could appear in the future and there's little point in speculating about a fleet that currently doesn't exist. But for the sake of discussion: As long as the and maintain their current routings, it's probably safe to say they will share a fleet to keep things as simple as possible. (And putting aside logistics, why would anybody want 7th and Lex to have their own uniform fleets? It'd be a bit dull seeing all the routes on a trunk line use the same fleet exclusively!) Once CBTC on the Lexington Av Line starts, I assume every car assigned to the would have to be CBTC-compatible in case they show up on the . There aren't enough R142s and R142As to completely fill the , so it seems we have little choice but to wait before a sufficient amount of R262s enter service before Lex CBTC can start. (If there's something I'm missing in this regard, please let me know!). If the R262s come with wider doors and open gangways like the R211s, I assume they would go to the lines with the biggest dwell time and crowding issues. That sounds like the to me, with any leftover cars going to the . (Keeping in mind that the MTA put the R62As on the to keep them off of the ). Which would mean that the R142s and R142As would go to the - though which of the R142/R142As end up on which of those three lines specifically is irrelevant to me.

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