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  1. Please, it’s not a very long route. What’s a really long route is coming all the way from Far Rockaway, via Local.
  2. This is why I stressed this. Have the R211s go to Jamaica, Pitkin, and 207th. Have the displaced R160s go to Coney Island...
  3. But then again, this isn't a weekday, I live infront of Concourse, and on weekends, especially Sundays, the yard is still pretty full, in addition to the and those 4 's there. And to what you said about C crews, literally they could use A crews on those R179s. (my take)
  4. They love sending the everywhere...
  5. The link is invalid, and I was referring to @Calvin's comment about what lines they are assigned to...
  6. thats like going to Alabama Avenue from Chauncey, and taking a to Bway Jct, and then a to the next stop lmao
  7. This is only if they exercise. The R211s go to Jamaica, and pitkin first. The remaining ones can go to Coney Island, along with the R160s.
  8. Coney Island is just starting to take care of them, but these R46s should be really displaced by R160s. My take
  9. This is true, but they're better off receiving R160s, why? Cause Sea Beach, 4th Avenue, Crosstown, and Brighton CBTC aren't coming no time soon, but the next line to get CBTC is 8th Avenue, so the newest trains running with the newest CBTC system, kinda goes good for one another.
  10. if you think about it, the was actually the first, because of the R160s coming in, not being swapped in.
  11. Is MTA really asking for kids to pay for a bus ride? I thought kids were free...

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