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  1. What is your camera dude???? Amazing!
  2. @Deucey @Gong Gahou Thanks. I stand corrected again.
  3. It actually did start with the Lexington Avenue Subway.
  4. Can I please know about where you make the signs? I really want to make my own.
  5. The IND Subway opened in Winter 1940. It is also know as the "Independent Subway System". The current lines for the IND are the and Rockaway Park . The current subway cars that run on the IND Subway is the R32, R46, R68/A, R160A-1/2/B,/BS, and the Lemon R179. In the future, the is underway of starting the Kawasaki R211 in 2020. You guys can talk among yourselves.
  6. Dude how you insert pictures similar to that B Train Pic of urs.
  7. Just talking about the and part. That is SUPER true because, since 's are single tracked in the tunnel and and ridership has increased a dozen 50% and the has increased 35% ridership.
  8. Yeah but, if ENY commuters want the LIRR, they can take the to Lorimer. to Queens. Then to Jamaica Center
  9. It's so excruciating to her that workers are always getting tormented physically. This time beside my previous comment, a FEMALE train operator was physically punched in a face at Coney Island- Stillwell Avenue terminus while departing it on the line on Monday. Beside that fact that bus operators are protected by the NYSL, but motormen/women aren't. The report made it to News 12 this morning. She said that "I don't want my brothers and sisters to go through what I did on Monday." I forgot the operator's name but sh had a swollen and a purple eye. I just have no words for MTA crimes nowdays. Ridiculous.
  10. The IRT (Interborough) Subway was the first to open the subway in 1904 starting with the Lexington Avenue Line or current line in Manhattan. The IRT runs in all boroughs except Staten Island. The subway holds 7 Lines include 2 express ones and a nostalgia skip- stop that ended in Spring 2005. The lines are the and the legendary retired skip- stop train. The stocks of the IRT is the R62, R62A, R142, R142A, and the R188. The R262 is underway of being built during the IND/BMT's R211 delivery and debut in 2020. Also, remember 1993's first NTT? The R110A and R110B? Those retired. Talk among yourselves peeps.

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