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  1. new page posted today! Page 19 http://magicfoxy.com
  2. what station did you see it at around 5:30?
  3. thankies, also that is the fox in my avatar here
  4. Here is my webcomic :3 Its about a magical red fox whos magic tricks dont always work out. http://magicfoxy.com Here is the latest page
  5. if your lens has image stabilization, you can go down to 1/15. and depending on the camera ISO 1600 might be too noisy. I personally use ISO 400.
  6. what time does it come out? I'm looking to catch it during the week sometime.
  7. How many sets of R62As did they have running on the this past weekend?
  8. They went too far when they redid Epcot tho, the original Journey into Imagination ride was much better than the newer one with Eric Idle and 3d generated figment. The current Spaceship earth with the flash cartoon ending is hardly futuristic and inspiring like the previous version.
  9. That woulda been cool if they kept the Worlds Fair Stuff as a theme park after it was over. It coulda been like a New York Epcot
  10. Thankies, next month I plan on getting some Port Jervis branch photos
  11. From the flatiron building area up 5th avenue then left on 34th to penn station.
  12. More photos today! http://jonstrainphotos.com/photos/mnrr/route/nh

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