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  1. Hey sjdmt. Well first of all I cant believe they are still calling off of my list! Well in training they are going to first take you out on an older bus. Probably the RTS. Just go very slow and do everything the instructor sais. You will be fine.

  2. Wait a second. Are you sure about this? There is a guy who retired at 53 and he is expecting his pension when he hits 55. I will look more into this but I could swear the earliest you can collect your pension is 55 regardless of how many years you put in.
  3. What are you guys ranting about? LOL. The reitirement age with a pention is 55, but you can retire after 25 years. They will freeze your pension until you hit 55. 25/55 thats it. Exam 2501 is A MABSTOA list.
  4. Its Official NOTICE: To anyone waiting to get called as a bus operator. The city plans on hiring 140 drivers every month till the end of the year (2009). Out of that 140, between 70-100 will pass. All five boroughs are going through major changes in order to bring in a massive amount of new bus operators. Staten Isand is short almost 50 as of today 6-17-09. Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx are re-picking depots in order to even out the amount of drivers each depot is short. If your waiting on list number 5025, expect to be called literally tomorrow. For theose waiting on test number 8006, You could be hired as early as next Febuary. That will be determined by how quick list number 5025 is used up. Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to post here. Chris Frusci
  5. Hey. Ive been great. 494 is a great number. You will be one of the first called. Who is Roy?

  6. Hey 1daysoon. I was in a qualifying class of 4. 3 out of 4 qualified. The person that didn't qualify, failed because he left the bus in reverse before he checked the back to see if there was anything behind him. If you don't get nervous you will be fine. That kid was so nervous day 7.
  7. DOB said it perfect. Enjoy the process. This is the last time in your life that you will ever have to wait for a good job. Once this is done, you are set. The big problem around the city in general is that nobody is retiring. The NYPD will not have a class in January, Sanitation is thinking about laying workers off, and then rehiring them once senior guys retire. Like I have said many times before, enjoy the process.
  8. Hey Hey. The freeze should be over any day now for Bus Operators. There are 5 guys who have retired in the last 2 weeks in my depot alone. They haven't hired since June. I am not speaking for anything other than Bus Operators. Remain patient. We are hearing that there will be one class before the end of the year and then there will be one class a month next year, rotating between list 5025 and the mabstoa list. They want to start using 8006 by next September.
  9. Hi special Kay. Nice name by the way. The first paperwork you filled out, you will not have to do again. That long 28 page paperwork stuff you would have to fill out again. If you did a drug test, you will have to do that again as well. Basically, what you did the first day, you won't havbe to do again. If you only went down one day, which I believe you did, then your fine. The process will just continue.

  10. If there is anyone who is just about to become a bus operator, or who wants information about the job, please open up the threads entitled "any bus driver please read", or the thread "anyone taking test 8006". Also, you can send me a private message, and I will gladly answer it as soon as possible. Thanks you. Chris Frusci
  11. Your chances are not over. That was in your own car. A girl in my class got into an accident with the bus, ON HER QUALIFYING DAY. She qualified day 10. So keep your head in it.
  12. wow. Thats not even a joke. Thats an insult.
  13. BLACKMOZART: The main differences that you should know are these. MTA BUS only has a few depots you can work out of. Your starting pay is reletively low. Its about 15 per hour. In Mabstoa, you can only go to Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan depots and the starting pay is 18.84 an hour. In NYCT, You can go anywhere in the 5 buroughs and the starting pay is also 18.84 per hour. GIMMICKS: I actually have heard something about them merging with LI bus. I don't know when, but supposedly it is happening. I'm not sure about any Queens depot openings. If there is, I wouldn't know about that. I'm out here in the boondocks (Staten Island).
  14. Hey. The pays are exactly the same for each divisons. The only difference is the unions. There are 5 divisions. Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. There is also MTA bus, Westchester county, Long Island. I don't know much about those three but I know the other 5 are almost identical. Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx are in the TWU union. Staten Island and Queens are ATU. Basically they just have different names. When TWU goes on strike, Staten Island and Queens also go on strike. They are the same unions with different names. Thats all.
  15. Yea I took the test uesturday as well. I was pisssssed! I get 0 seniority points so I was hoping the test was really hard. You might be suprised at the results though. I think some people are saying they did good because they think they might have only gotten 10 wrong. When in reality, they might have gotten 20 wrong. Either way, I'm pretty much screwed unless I got 100.
  16. They have your information. They will get the results over to you.
  17. Thats good man.....Lets see how everyone else did.

  18. Hi Rob. FIRST, I have a question to ask you. What list did you come off of? 2801 or 5025? Now, Your first day is orientation. They lecture you the whole day, and you fill out more paper work. Usually the next day you start driving. Advice on driving; I would say this. GO SLOW!!! I mean like turtle speed slow. As if your going so slow that an old lady walking beside the truck would go faster than you. If you drive VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY slow, the rest will come.
  19. Hi Neesie. When he first goes down, they will not ask him if his license was suspended 15 years ago. They only go back three years at 180 livingston. I don't remember if they ask "have you EVER had your license suspended?". As long as he is upfront with them about everything, then he should be fine. Just tell your husband to tell them EVERYTHING. When he finally gets accepted, and has orientation, then they will go back as far as ten (10) years prior. He is still in the clear. Tell your husband we said good luck, and that he has a nice wife that would go out of her way to find this site in order to help her husband. Good for you both.
  20. Harry, just tell anyone becoming a bus operator to read the forum "any bus drivers please read". lol That should answer everyones questions. I do like your idea though.
  21. Hi Futurebusman. I am great, thanks. I'm glad to see that people appreciate the information they are given from this site. To answer your questions, you will not be disqualified for not haveing a license for 3 years. You will have to wait till you do have a license for 3 years. I would not worry about that too much. The earliest you would be called is next January anyway. (Do not let that discourage you though, January will come WAY TOO FAST.). As for the next steps, there are 3 steps. For all of these steps, you go to 180 livingston street in downtown Brooklyn. You get called to go in for something called a BOSS survey. That is the "bus operators selection survey". Its a very easy test. Don't worry about it. Alot of people on this site get stressed over that test but once they leave they feel foolish. I actually think I felt more stupid after I took that test. The next step is your drug test. You urinate in a cup, (don't drink it) and they send you on your way. The third and final step is your medical. Don't worry about this either. If your under 25 you shouldn't have a problem. Once your medical is complete, they let you know when your first day of orientation is. For orientation, you go to the "classroom" which is in a large building in the Bronx. The address is 750 Zerega Ave. You are there for one day, then they send everyone to different depots for traing. NOT EVERYONE PASSES TRAINING. Usually 3 out of 4 pass. I am not going to go further. If you read my thread entitled "any bus driver please read", you will find alot of information there. Good luck. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
  22. MSJ: Its a psychological. Its a simple exam. Nothing to stress over. Everybody passes. Its the BOSS exam.
  23. Hi. That is also known as the BOSS survey. Its basically a psychological test. You don't even have to study anything. You have to go to 180 livingston street in brooklyn for that test. Pretty much everyone passes. They ask you the same question about 5 different times, they just re-word the question to see if you are lying. You will do fine.


    If they ask you a question "do you want to kill your family", just put NO. Good luck!



  24. CPBO: I am friends with a Bus Operator who just transferred over from MTA Bus. He told me everything about MTA BUS. I believe it was spring creek. I usually don't say much, but I will say this: YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU DON'T TRANSFER OVER. I remember him telling me this "If and when they make cuts, it will start with MTA bus". Get out of there as quickly as possible. Alot of those guys just stay there until the NYCT calls them anyway. Take into account a couplle of things though. Is there a nyct depot closer to your house, or is the MTA bus depot closer. Incorporate traveling time and money into your decision. How well do the routes pay in MTA bus compared to nyct? You did a great thing by fidning this website. Go with your gut. You already know what your decision is. You came to this site to be "talked in" to nyct. See you in nyct.
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