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  1. my friend starts training April 4th and his instructor is siegal how is that instructor if anyone could tell me my friend asked me
  2. if this helps a saw training bus 4012 @ Eltingville Transit Center yesterday when I was covering the s74
  3. I saw 4012 out of Yukon training bus at Eltingville Transit Center when I was covering the s74. I saw 4012 out of Yukon training bus at Eltingville Transit Center when I was covering the s74.
  4. Ok thanks what is your list number cuz hes been asking me
  5. so he's good then he has only 4 points. the cop that gave him a ticket is a scumbag I've heard people telling me stories about him in other words he will give a city worker ticket. it don't matter if you're a cop fireman or sanitation worker. i don't know if he would give a cop a ticket if he's pulled me over I'm going to tell hm you're harassing me I feel harassed I want to speak to your commanding officer or your sergeant or ur boss I'm trying to find out what list number they hired up to I Heard 3100 don't know if it's true he's 3300 something
  6. I don't go on here that much I'm busy with work.
  7. I got a question to ask I'm already on the job from exam 8006 but this is for my friend a question to ask he's got four points on his license is he still good to be hired for the bus operator position. is the limit 4 points because that's what he's only got.
  8. don`t rush take ur time ur on probation ignore the people don`t tell em anything not even telling them to take the next bus ur job is to just drive the bus safley that`s it don`t even bother with the fare
  9. i`m in yukon as a driver nuthing happened to me now i`m not that nervous driving the express
  10. take ur time both hands on the wheel 3 to 5 mph move and steer who`s ur instructor
  11. never lie tell them the truth everything because they do a back ground check they will find out if u lied or not tell them everything if u tell them the truth ur fine but if u lie ur out.
  12. yea i`ll just take my time i don`t care how late i run my job is to bring it safe no matter what
  13. don`t lie tell them the truth because they do a back ground check ur best bet is just be honest don`t hide anything they will find out if they find out something u didn`t tell em then ur done
  14. i don`t kno which depot yeat i still gotta learn on the mci`s 4 express routes 5 days and i should be on my own don`t kno what depot perment yeat
  15. ok zerega 2morrow 4 graduation to get my badge
  16. u do need a cdl permit when they call u but i did it on my own time getting the cdl lincese 1st be 4 the mta hired me i did it so i have one less obstacle to worry about. if u wanna have 1 less obstacle 2 worry about i would say go 4 it but lets say u have the cdl license u still gotta learn to drive the bus there way the mta way u just won`t have 2 take the dmv road test that`s all.
  17. thanks goose Staten island any of the 4 depots Yukon,Charleston,castleton,Meridith. but i really want yukon.
  18. good news day 9 i qualified supt Doyle he`s very good if who ever get`s him he explained the turns alot better on left and right turns supt santos explained the best on parking the bus and straight backing of the bus. day 8 and 9 i had doyle so i`m in now zerega monday 2 train on the rts
  19. yeap parallel park and backing up the bus straight i did that
  20. i`m ok it`s hard i did the el pellers my turns i need to work on
  21. the school on 2900 bedford av on the 26 i did, Monday i start training. i took 2613 ta because i was afraid that they wouldn't get to my number that`s my test score 71.25 and list number lol so good luck who ever is taking it and keep ur license clean and take the cdl dmv 1st so this way u just have to learn to drive the bus the mta way and no dmv road test just mta`s road test. less stress that`s how i did it got my cdl license 1st and now just gotta learn to drive the bus the mta way the way thay want me
  22. i not sure i`m 3,514 test score 71.25 u need 70 to pass i`m exam 8006
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