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  1. For what position did you apply for ?
  2. I heard that they can call in a vacation day on the same day they wanna take off that's a huge perk right there shoot.
  3. I only read the first few lines and when I saw him say his TSS wanted him to operate slow and safe I knew either his School Car TSS sucked or he was afraid to operate the train safely himself.
  4. I am very curious bout Locomotive Engineer for NJ Transit are there any on this forum? What is the pay rate like in training and once your done ? I heard that they need people and always have the opening on their site but I rather hear first hand from an Engineers experience if it is worth applying for.
  5. They asked why you wanna work with Metro North, with me they gave a me a few job scenarios and asked me how I would overcome them or how I would react.
  6. I had the interview already before they gave me the results to my attention exam I guess because I am a Train Operator lol. They told me I should hear back from them very soon good luck to those who go on the next step.
  7. I doubt we are getting tested for sleep apnea on Friday. That would be done after a medical is done plus you have to wear a machine while your sleeping. This test is only about 20 mins from what i was told.
  8. Well good news for anyone following this post I got a call Thursday morning to go and take the next step of the hiring process I gotta take an Attention Exam next week the lady on the phone said it will take about 20 to 30 mins.
  9. Hey guys been a while I passed the exam, and did my background that crap was a real pain in the ass with the W2s. I had an issue where I was hired by a company and they changed thier name a few times. The background company was a real pain in the rear about it but they made a notation of the company changing their name and said its completed.
  10. Ya I was in the back on the left side as you enter the hall, 3 people showed up late they were sent away but one of them ran in like he ran a marathon to get there.
  11. Did you see the people that came late and got turned away that one dude looked like he ran from Brooklyn to Manhattan only to be told he was too late.
  12. I was there the signal and rule book part was a breeze for me, I just love the psychological / personality part at the end lol.
  13. Damn they really going to make sure this is given to us on the deadline date lol August 24th at 4:59PM watch lol.
  14. Did anyone get their email with the study materials yet ?
  15. He said it was different he got the test at the end of his training and it was mostly signals and definitions ours can be different. He said things changed after the cheating scandal that happened.
  16. I talked to a friend who is a Conductor for Metro North he said that the test he took was 70 questions and made the same suggestion that I seen everyone else say is to put the signals on flash cards and write them out repeatedly.
  17. I still haven't received anything yet as well I really wanna start studying now and be well prepared.
  18. Be smart with your money I made that mistake of getting a Muscle Car when I could have put my money into better use like saving for a house. I had a student T/O recently and he had already bought a brand new car lol.
  19. Its a risk all the time when you drive, but TA doesn't wanna hear that it took you 3 hours to get home late night after getting off from Stillwell to go back home in the Bronx to get only 5 or 6 hours sleep. Only to wake up not well rested to go do that early PM job somewhere just as far being Extra Extra specially in the B Div is rough when they send you to locations far away from home. Just plan accordingly I am always at work an hour early even to this day I got a pick job I am still an hour early.
  20. Umm if you yank the cord on a T/O who went BIE I guaranteed that C/R is going downtown and will be explaining himself or herself.
  21. I love being a Train Operator more than a Conductor for sure less time dealing with the public is always a perk. How don't you meet the requirements to be a Train Operator the test is Open Comp. I will say being a Conductor first then moving to Train Operator has it's perks as you already know the rules and regulations of NYCT and have knowledge. So if you were in a class of people from the Open Comp list you already have a good lead on stuff.. Well I have a car I made sure I was prepared because I do live all the way uptown on the 2 line and when I was put in the B Div I definitely did not wanna sit on the train for two and a half hours if I got sent to Far Rock. You can save up for a hooptie like a good 4 cyl car lol. Just keep taking all those exams you never know what can happen.
  22. I mean if you don't get your proper rest it can be tiring. Only when certain issues arise we may get stuck doing overtime depends on the situation its not like 8 hours of forced overtime maybe 1 or 2 hours like i said it depends on the situation.
  23. I did 4 years as a Conductor from what you said about working in the Hospital scene you know that this system runs 24/7 365 days. Being a Conductor for me in the beginning was fun and rewarding as I always wanted to work on a railroad but this is a subway system. The training was pretty simple and straight forward I think the hardest part of training for Conductors is maybe remembering the proper procedure in cutting out a door the right way and remembering the circuit breakers were a bit tricky for me. The rules and regulations are pretty simple to remember and follow as well the tests were easy as long as you study the materials. Ask questions to whatever you don't understand your Instructors are there to help you. The first practical will be in the yard with door cut outs and I think I did like 4 pretend station stops then they hit me with the door problem lol. The second practical you will actually be going down the road with an out of service train where you will simulate a few station stops and then they will hit you with the station where the train operator stops the train short of the proper car stop marker. The next one will be the station over run and the Instructor will tell you ok what do you do if the train operator over runs the station? I think the hardest part of this job for me was the dealing with the Crew Assignment while on the Extra Extra list when I got hired I had no option and was put in the IND/BMT (B Div). I lived close to all IRT lines but I did not complain and waited until it was time to pick to transfer the heck outta the IND/BMT. Also trying to get a day off for important things when you request a day off we have to put it 20 days in advance and then you will have to check the bulletin board for the day to be approved. Sometimes that important day may not get approved and lots of people get upset about this procedure so be prepared. As for the customer service part we deal with a lot being the conductor you will hear lots of griping from customers specially since you will close the doors of trains as you were trained and get cursed out by customers. They will be really confused when weekend GO's are running so make sure you make those service change announcements. I can't tell you how now I am a Train operator and I worked with some special conductors who DON'T make service change announcements that gets me so mad, but I will make them instead so that we don't get complaints. In the end the job has good pay, and great benefits I hope my story helped and good luck.
  24. Yea you have to call them to verify your spot, they will tell you that you will get that second email to give you the time to be at the location. Then the second email said you will be mailed materials to study, don't delay brother call first thing tomorrow morning and good luck to you.
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