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  1. Are you sure it wasn't 142's? I work the baseball special most of the time and they usually layup some 142's in CCY due to lack of room at Woodlawn. It sure would be nice to run into a R160B in CCY.
  2. Ahh the Mickie D's by Engine 234 house if I am not mistaken? I am also a fire buff I always honk the horn when I am on the D and go by the firehouse there the guys wave lol. You should have came by the on Monday they had me there and we got rerouted over the at Bergen for a stalled at West 4th. :mad:
  3. Hey there everyone newbie here found the forums thru a few co workers of mine. I am a road extra CR in the B division I am usually kept up north on the ( and . Well hope to share some nice transit stories with all of you take care for now.
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