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  1. Rules: we put a song right here. Title, artist. Album optional. Feel free to include a youtube video of the song: I'll start: What About Now - Daughtry
  2. I founds teh culrpit! http://i.techrepublic.com.com/blogs/lolcat-attack.png
  3. LOL like responding to my posts?? That's such a good thing to do with one's life. Anyway. More randomness: find the integral of x^2 ln x dx. Really random indeed.
  4. Handles don't need to reflect on something that has to exist in America. Btw, you too just lost the game.
  5. Nice to meet you, person with a handle of a train line that doesn't exist anymore
  6. Oh hey AWWang. This is the random thoughts thread!
  7. Stop bullsh*ting, Megabus. Just because you like Wal-Mart or that some people don't like its spread does not mean that protesters would demonstrate on railway tracks. Get some sense in your brain before posting.
  8. Why of course. By now, many netizens and losers of the game know what /b/ is.
  9. Damn it, I lost. You like the /b/ train, don't you. lolol
  10. Damnit!!!! But you know what I'm referring to right? lol
  11. If this post ends in an even number, the game is over.

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