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  1. For the N-Judah, they were running buses between Ocean Beach and Church because of construction on the Sunset Tunnel this past weekend. There were probably LRVs on the Market Street tunnels, albeit, a pretty short run. For the F-Market, they're running buses between Ferry Plaza and Castro due to the Super Bowl festivities that are running for two weeks. There are still streetcars on the Embarcadero from the Plaza to Pier 39.
  2. -insert blah about not being posting things for awhile and whatnot. I need to lurk through the forums a bit harder, like how I used to do it before- So recently, (more like 4 months ago) I have moved from the "small" city in Stockton, to the City by the Bay, San Francisco so I can continue my education. Sadly I can't drive, so I go for the next best thing (kind of but close enough), public transportation. Now, it's nothing like NYC in terms of size, but there's enough to get the job done. I do plan to take more pics (if I remember) of other buses, especially the newest addition to MUNI, their XT60s, which have been tested and put into revenue service just recently. I just need to find the time.... So for now, a mix of 40-footers to 60-footers of Neoplan, Orion and New Flyers buses and Breda LRVs.
  3. (It's been awhile since I posted here...) So one day as I walked to the mall from school, I noticed a sign that one of our BRT routes are getting 60-ft buses. I kept thinking what kind of bus they would get...a Nova, a NABI, a New Flyer... Well, I finally saw one in the wild (excuse the fail shot, I was in a car when this came all of a sudden). It's one of the six Nova LFX's San Joaquin RTD purchased for BRT service. At least it's not more Gillig Hybrids (which is 100% of its fleet now. No more Gillig Phantoms in this bus system anymore). I plan on getting shots of its maiden run tomorrow. This is the sign I saw. I did not know that Stockton is one of the smallest city to get 60-footers: These shots is from their social network: And...back to the Gilligs:
  4. These three songs have been repeated on my phone over and over again... "Always"-Erasure "The Edge of Glory"-Lady GaGa(I highly expect this video won't play here...its VEVO...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S08KonZiew4 "Speak With Your Heart"-Cash Cash for the game Sonic Colors. And no. I don't play Robot Unicorn Attack nor am I a little monster.
  5. My favorite lines were all lines running the QBL back in the early 2000s(with their old equipment) and the (7)/<7> lines.
  6. I think its time for an update...please don't be stupid.
  7. I've taken these pictures from as far back as last year to just a few hours ago. Thought you might want to see something else than NY and NJ for a change Some shots are a fail btw. Most were taken while on the freeway. Bus to a casino
  8. In N Out is considered fast food but the quality of the food is great. Ah dang it! I want In N Out now...luckily I don't live too far from one.
  9. Oh my (G)eepers. I will never see the the same ever again. Not saying that R68s are a bad thing to be on the
  10. Well...its getting better. Before, it was a crime-ridden city like Oakland. and the somewhat to Vancouver...well...city limits. Then it was an hour ferry ride to Victoria, BC (I should've added that to the list) and Buchart Gardens (too much pretty flowers!)
  11. Lived: Elmhurst, NY (whoo!) Tampa, FL (ok...) Stockton, CA (gah...why did my family move here?!) Visited: US: NYC, NY Philadelphia, PA Hershey, PA (I know its not a city but its an awesome place) Orlando, FL Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Los Angeles, CA Las Vegas, NV(and its neighbor, Henderson, NV) Flagstaff, AZ(small, small city) Fresno, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Sea/Tac, WA Reno, NV *other intermediate cities in CA* Outside the US: Vancouver, BC(ehh...somewhat) Manila, Philippines (hey...that's two!)
  12. High gas prices? Pfft... its high as it is like back in 2008, but the reason why it went so high is different. Though I could believe that we'd be seeing $5/gallon in the next few weeks (maybe a few days in SF... I've heard its at $4.90/gallon!...and then some. I may be exaggerating a bit...I'll check it out this friday when my dad and I will pick up my mom from the airport.)

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