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  1. Hello, does anyone have any nyc attomated announcement except the ones on error14646 openbve website. Please let me know i need alot of announcements Thanks, Michael
  2. Hello, i was wondering if anyone has any bus announcements (please exit through the rear door, assault......) please let me know Thanks, Michael
  3. Hah good B2/31 shots in brooklyn. You are in my turf! Hah:):cool:
  4. Hi can i hav a green flipdot animated sign that says B3 BENSONHURST HARWAY AV B3 VIA: AV U ALSO B36 MIDWOOD KINGS HIGHWAY B36 VIA: NOSTRAND/AV Z
  5. I also visited dc last week and took the red line from shady grove to chinatown and heard alot of "ding ding doors opening step back to allow customers to exit when boarding plz move to the center of the car". Also"step back doors closing" the 5000 series has same propulsion as R142 and r160 alstom
  6. When the becomes exp btwn sheepshead bay and kings hwy the (B3) should run in 2 sections. B3A Bensonhurst-Harway av TO Nostrand av & Av u B3B kings hwy sta TO bergen beach ( b3b goes on quentin till ocean av then turns on ocean till av u then the regular route)
  7. What r ure thoughts on the 5 train hijacking
  8. Hi ecsept b3k and f shuttle bus r there any more temporary timetables in history also plz post any r142 or r160 announcements here
  9. Can i create my own bklyn bus timetables like b678 or any random numbrr
  10. Hey guys anyone have any weird incorrect fail bus schedulez timetables as u know now im obsessed with bus timetable
  11. Thank u guys sooo much i searched all over and couldnt find them thanx:)
  12. Hey guys do any of u guys know where i can get old bus timetables or schedules like the b78 b37 b77 in pdf or anything???:eek::cool:
  13. mine look great one more b3 brown street b3 bergen beach b3k kings highway station location: av u and brown street
  14. hello id like to request fantasy sign b36 sheepshead bay b1 bay ridge b5 red hook b5 limited to red hook location: av z ,ocean parkway bkln;)
  15. We need the B5 coney island = smith 9 street station[via ocean pkwy/Bqe] limited only stopping at =stillwell av/coney island =west 5/surf av =brighton beach av/ocean pkwy =west av/ocean pkwy =av z/ocn pkwy =av u/ocn pkwy =kings hwy/ocn pkwy =av l/ocn pkwy =av I/ocn pkwy =18 av/ocn pkwy =church av/ocn pkwy =smith 9 st station ,,,,,,,,,,,,, school service to ikea terminal am rush
  16. on ocean av , av u B49 sb station sign it says avenue j B6 east ny or bensongurst B82 sunset pk or midwwod[should be B11]
  17. :cool::eek::confused:hey guys i know this sounds silly but how can i get any bus timetables.except by on the buses themselves b/c they only have them 20% of the time a lttle help please
  18. can i have bus b3 via avenue u b3 brown street also r160 sign b 57 street b brighton local b 6 ave express;)
  19. i have a feeling that the d will return to brighton on kings hway(B) take a look on the renovated platform. please comment:cry::cry::cry::cry::confused:
  20. can i have a black station sign - brown street station also nostrand avenue station (Mx)<R>(<Q>(Q6Av) manhattan only thanks also side lcd sign r142a 5 lex av exp 5 kings plz 5 eastern pkwy exp and r160 sign to forest hills via qns blvd lcl 6 av\brighton lcl
  21. i sware i have a school there at bay pkwy which i take to c.i transfer to to sheepshead bay i saw it too 3 days ago it was the(A) to 168 street
  22. mkoyf


    send me all r142/143/160 sounds videos finds bars animated please where does dave160 get the destination bar for m train to bay pkwy(Mx)
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