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  1. Can I get a 2Av T colored (U) train (U) 5:25 pm (U) To 9 Avenue (U) The next stop is (U) Kings Plaza/Marine Pk thanks
  2. anyone notice how its a R160 train??
  3. there used to be a subway service advisory creator what happened to it and if theres a luminator generator EXCEPT HELEN thanks
  4. Hello. Can you play NYCTA routes and trains on Trainz for Ipad. If so how, cuz i can hack into the root files just where do i paste the route/train Thx
  5. If you find out how please let me know, THANKS
  6. Hi, I dont have trainz for pc but I do have it for ipad/iphone etc. is it possible to get NYCTA routes and trains on the app. I have a jailbroken ipad that i can get into the root files for the app. Is there a place where i can paste the files thanks
  7. Is it possible to run any of these routes in trainz for iphone/ipad/android My ipad is jailbroken and i can get into root files is it possible to paste the route anywhere
  8. this occured at 8:00pm at nostrand av and avenue u. bus was assigned to flatbush depot. cannot post pics here due to tech dificulties. write ure email and i will send them to u
  9. Open one of mysterious2trains timetables in inskape then on the left there is an 'A' icon click it and when you hover on any text in the timetable you see a box around it, double click it and you can edit it to your preference.
  10. Is ot possible to have these routes on the ipad version
  11. These are beautiful pics. Love the one at Coney Island
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