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  1. Since today 9/16/2020 is the 10th Anniversary of the R44 retirement in the subway I decided to put together some footage I have of the R44. Enjoy
  2. Here is some footage I took of the R42s on the (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)(J)(L)(M)(N)(R)(W)(V)(Z) and other Note footage on the and are very shaky Enjoy
  3. 10 years ago today back on 8/28/09 the last R40M pair is retired from passenger service after the AM Rush hour on the car # are 4484 & 4485. Here is a video I put together of the R40M on various linesh https//youtu.be/t9DnzqylmxE
  4. R179 3161-3158 on the Has the same chime as well.
  5. Back On June 12, 2009 The last R40Slant made it last rounds on the after 41 in a half years of service. The Last R40Slant made the 19:52 (7;52pm) out of 207St on the and arrive at Far Rockaway at 21:30 (9;30pm) The consist was N 4425/4424-4415/4414-4398/4399-4257/4256 4433/4432 S Here is footage from that day. Bonus R40Slants on the (A)(B)(C)(D)(N)(Q)(W) And Other
  6. As of right now 4989,5108,5123 & 5085 just enter the scrap lot at Eastchester
  7. I was just informed 5011,5106 and 5120 just left the depot for scrap about 10mins ago under their own power
  8. 10 years ago on 4/13/09-4/15/09 R30 8337 Was removed from Transit Tech High School and replaced by R42 4736 & 4737 Here are some videos taken those nights
  9. 10 years ago today on 3/24/2009 the R160s went into service on the . Here are two videos from that day.
  10. 10 Years ago today 3/18/19 Back on 3/18/09 The last R38 ran in service on the Car # was 4099/98 in a mix consist with R32s. Car #4099/98 was reef on 4/16/2009 just off the coast of Virginia. Today the only saved R38 Is 4028/29. Here is a short video I took of the R38 between 2007-2009
  11. 10 Years ago today back 2/14/09 the R42s & R40M made there way to the . The R42 & R40M would last on the until sometime in July 2009. At the time the R42 & R40M was already at Jamaica Yard but only on the . They wouldn't hit the until 7/1/09 but that another post for another date Here is a video and a photo of the R42s on the Both taken on 2/14/2009
  12. 10 years ago today on 12/22/2008 the R160s went into service on the (E). The consist of the first r160 N(9237-9236-9235-9234-9233-9242-9241-9240-9239-9238)S Note this was the first time the 9200s cars hit service
  13. I vote for the 5th photo of the Williamsburg Bridge
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