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  1. I digs the pics 100%!!!!!!!!!
  2. I honestly don't like em. don't know why the MTA went that route to do that to the 188's. maybe it's me. idk.
  3. your videos are always full of info. for those tourists who've never ridden the subway before. but it's cool tho, madd respect and much love! keep up the good work!
  4. your pics are always the bomb-diggity man!
  5. i only got to ride on the R110a once, from Allerton to Nevins on the , but saw them a bunch when I was in pre-k. even saw them from time to time on the when it would go to Nereid. I rode the R110a once on the from Allerton to Nevins, but I saw the set a lot when I was in pre-k. even saw a set on the once headed to Nereid.
  6. how I miss riding the R110a on the back in the early 90's!
  7. why do people wanna do this to our beloved subway system?
  8. see I never got the opportunity to ride the R110B because when I was younger I was closer to the than I was the . I honestly never even seen it in person. I only know about it through pics. I got the opportunity to ride the R110a tho because my preschool was right off of Allerton, so I got to ride the R110a when it was on the and sometimes the . Through the years though, growing up, I've heard and learned about the mechanical breakdowns of the R110b and then found out why the R110a went out of service for good.
  9. I was 3-4 years old when I first saw the R110a. had to be between 1993-1994. I would see them on the train. I used to call them the "Silver (2)" because that was the only time in my life that I saw a subway fleet not being the redbirds on the train. Sometimes they used them on the train. I was fascinated by them. They looked so cool to me. I honestly wish that the MTA had more of them. To me, they seem to fit the train. I even remember the prototype model that was at the transit museum. I believe it was 5 cars long. I think they had the exterior destination sign have the to Flatbush Av. I
  10. you're very descriptive in your videos. kudos!
  11. i haven't been on here in years! good grief! i'm back now! hello to all!

    1. Turbo19


      Welcome back!

  12. i just remember when i was little, going to Allerton Av. seeing the and the . to me, i always saw the go from 238th St-Nereid Av. Bx to Flatbush Av. in Bklyn during rush hours. the always went from Dyre Av. Bx to Bowling Green Manhattan weekdays and weekends. now i never remembered a because to me the never had a diamond. the and the stayed the same
  13. ok, maybe i'm late, but does anyone know what the R188's are gonna look like??? or sound like???

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